Scare the Cashier Game


Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
cyberia cafe
Some of you may have heard of this game before, but for those who haven't, it's a pretty easy and fun game.

Rules: You're at Walmart. You buy 3 things to freak out the cashier. You can post in here more than once of course. 

I'll start: Trash Bags, Shovel, saw
Lamp Oil, Rope, Bombs
A barbie doll, a condom, and a leather belt
A toaster, a waffle iron, and a ball gag
Piano wire, Super-glue, and a shaving razor
A motorcycle, a small ramp and rope. Lots of rope.
A Mr. T Action Figure, A traffic cone, and a bottle of brandy
A pear, a nutcracker, and some fireworks.
50 shades of Grey, Any of the Twilight Books, and whole lot of booze
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