RWBY: Path of the Damned

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
RWBY: Path of the Damned

The sound of bone chimes competed with the downpour of the rain overhead. A dark cloaked figure walked past the rows of upturned tombstones and empty graves.

"There was surely something you loved once."

Vaguely humanoid shapes in the darkness pulled corpses and skeletons out of their resting places.

"Jacen would do anything for power, the monster."

The figure pulled back his cloak, revealing strands of black hair being brushed back.

"(Ruby quote)"

A smile filled black eyes as the figure looked at a grave digger lying on top of a casket marked with a rose.

"Have you come to pay respects to the last great hero?" He asked. The figure merely replied by pulling forth a claymore with glowing runes on it.

"Finish it, then." The digger taunted. The figure raised a hand, and then clenched it into a fist. A rapier flew from the figure's side and found itself impaled in the digger's chest, who let out a final breath.

"Excellent. And now for the final raising." The figure commanded, looking at the strange woman in front of him. Her flesh was glowing and yet decayed, eyes glowing with a light blue power. Both the figure and the woman raised their swords, a black mist curling around the figure and snowflake glyphs around the woman. The mist burrowed itself into the casket, while glyphs appeared around it.

My champions, return to me at once! Obey!

This is the story of how the Grimm were exterminated, at the very cost of humanity. How millions came to be slaves under the control of a single man. How a single man's ambitions lead to so much warfare and hardship. This is the story of the Frozen Throne.

The figure stood staring at the headquarters on a rooftop, a skeleton at his side.

"Master, our forces are due to arrive at the city within the hour. There is no turning back." The frosty voice said. The figure nodded.

"We've gone over the plan. Let there be no survivors!" He cried. The figure looked up at the sun, early in the sky.

The sun began to dip over the horizon, as the figure and a small horde of undead soldiers stood around in the headquarters' main office, the figure resting into a chair and pulling out some files.

"At last, the Schnee Dust Company. Our chances have been improved upon this day." He said, putting his feet on the corpse of a white haired man.

Jacen, your secondary target is escaping on an airship! Hurry!

The figure flew from his chair, and a small detachment of soldiers went with him. Soon they were on a bullhead, all of them reloading guns, and in Jacen's case, his claymore and katana.

There is no such thing as a clean death. Every time of them falls, another rises in our ranks.

Jacen nodded, and looked out the window of the bullhead, seeing an army of the restless dead march across the land.

"The faunus workers, slaves in life, slaves in death." He said smugly. He idly looked out at a falling warship, carrying on it a hated enemy of his.

"James Ironwood is dead. Atlas has fallen!" Jacen proclaimed. The pilot turned towards him.

"Sir, Schnee's ship is up ahead." He refocused his attention on the airship now coming up. He looked behind his seat and nodded, to which the undead soldiers responded by firing at the window until it broke, and then focus firing on spots of the airship. Damage accumulated, and soon the engines of the airship had been crippled, leaving it to crash into the ground. The pilot of the bullhead lowered the ship after it, followed by Jacen getting out of his seat and grabbing his katana. The back of the bullhead opened right above the airship crashed and burning, halted on the ground. Jacen and his soldiers jumped down, landing on top of the air ships. Shrieks erupted from inside, and soon the group had breached in. There was a short massacre followed by an explosion, with Jacen getting up and looking at the dead company executives and soldiers, before looking at the company heir in the wreckage of the ship.

"You killed my men. Fitting for a Huntress. Weiss." Jacen taunted. She looked at him, full of rage, horror, and sadness.

"All this time, a faunus, a White Fang member was responsible for this attack... What won't you take from me!?" She screamed. Jacen laughed his bone chilling laugh as he picked up his weapons and discarded his cloak, revealing the ornate armor underneath.

"The Grimm Mask does not signify my allegiance to the White Fang! It signifies my status as a monster." He replied. Weiss generated a glyph behind her and charged at him, Jacen brought up his katana to block the rapier aimed directly at his throat. His weapon fell to the ground, so he brought out the claymore. Weiss and Jacen sparred, with Weiss managing to breach through his defenses of the heavy unrefined sword, and inflicted multiple stab wounds on him. Jacen however got a lucky strike, knocking her away with his sword. The two stood there, Weiss' aura depleted, and Jacen's completely spend and wounded. However they charged at each other, Weiss going for a killing blow but Jacen knocked her sword away with his strength, and breaking her arm afterwords. Jacen now had Weiss in his grip, her unarmed and left only with the right arm. She futility punched against him, but he grabbed the other arm.

"Give me a clean death, make it quick." She said defeated. Jacen dragged her over to her dropped weapon, and forced her to pick it up.

"After all the work I've been through today, I'm not feeling merciful. Besides, you're much more useful to me in limbo then in undeath." Jacen said coldy. Weiss' eyes went wide as she screamed, and soon her heart was pierced by her own hand. Jacen dropped the corpse onto the ground, as a black mist appeared around him, healing his wounds and reviving the corpses in the area into undead servants at his disposal. Weiss and him locked eye to glowing eye, and Jacen laughed.

"You are under MY command now Weiss. Though your hatred for me may remain, you are a slave to the Lich King! The Schnee line and Atlas has fallen! Victory to the Scourge!" He proclaimed.

Jacen sat on top of a paladin, looking at an island with an illuminated mansion, while the undead Weiss stood below him, glyphs surrounding her.

"Come on Weiss, we've waited months working on your summoning, while our forces have been busy with their invasions, every second we spend here is a second I'm not fighting on the front lines." Jacen said.

Careful, our plan requires Weiss, and the rest of her team. If she cannot do this properly, you will have to wait here until she can.

"I get it, I get it." Jacen muttered. Weiss's glyph intensified, and something happened coupled with a scream of the dead being forced back into life. The reanimated corpse of Weiss Schnee existed at the same time and location Weiss' own summon of herself was created, and the two were fused together in a strange way. The rotted corpse was healed, yet patches of skin had the white and blue glow of the summon, which overlapped with the regular undead glowing eyes, creating a very harsh icy blue to stare into. In Jacen and his master's minds, it was a beautiful sight. A perfect weapon, completely subservient yet stronger in undeath then they ever head been in life. For Jacen, it was almost a fitting bride. In the eyes of any decent man, it was the utmost abomination, a fusion of two states of undeath into one, cursed, horrible existence. Jacen hopped down and walked over to Weiss.

"I could almost marry you right now." He said.

Jacen! Now is the time! Obey!

"You brought me back!" Weiss screamed. But the two cringed at the voice in their heads' and looked towards the island, and set off upon it. They got into a boat where a man in grey and similair clothing hair sat in the drive seat.

"Ash. Take us for a spin." Jacen said. Ash nodded, and drove the boat towards the island. A man walked out in a red robe, katana in a sheath.

"Jump." Ash said, as Weiss stood up and generated a glyph below her, Ash and Jacen grabbed her hands and the three flew into the air as a fireball shot at the boat, destroying it. Ash and Jacen launched bullets towards the ground which the man repelled. Ash, Jacen, and Weiss landed on the ground. There the three stood facing the man. Jacen in his dark cloak and armor, black hair and eyes. Ash, wearing red and grey pants and jacket, his eyes the same, a furious read and deadly grey. The undead Weiss remained as she were, but in her eyes and face, horror and pain. Facing them stood a proud warrior, eyes the same furious red as Ash, dressed head to toe in flame red scales taken from an ancient mystical beast. A face mask concealed his face, but instilled terror into lesser men from it's form. Finally, the familiar orange hair was recently cut short, as if for a funeral.

"I forgot how fast you were father." Ash said mockingly.

"You will not address me in that tone Ash." The man replied.

"How long on the timer brother?" Jacen asked.

"Ten minutes." Ash said. Jacen sighed.

"Only ten minutes to kill you Drake, what a shame." He said.

"ENOUGH! FIGHT ME! HAVE AT THE GREAT AND POWERFUL DRAKE!" Their father yelled. He drew his katana at the same time Jacen drew his, Ash held aloft a bastard sword, and Weiss her rapier.

"Ash, Weiss, go deal with Sonja. This is my duel, my kill." Jacen said. The two nodded and split off. Drake moved to intercept them only to recieve an attack from Jacen, which he parried.

"You will die!" Drake said, and the two engaged in a series of attacks and counter attacks, but Drake had the advantage in speed. Jacen was slowly being worn down, yet the evil prince had a trump card. As Drake preformed another slash Jacen raised a leg and fired a fire dust crystal at his father, knocking the man back and the sword out of his hands. Jacen then sped forward, taking Drake's head clean off. The body slumped backwards as the head trailed off, and the sound of a woman's screams rushed all over the island. They were interrupted, but Jacen's eyes went wide when the house exploded and out stepped a woman with white hair, blue eyes, and dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, holding a bastard sword dripping with blood.

"Snow, how does it feel to have killed your own mother?" Jacen taunted triumphantly. Snow grunted and launched at him, and the two launched into furious combat. Each attack perfectly dodged or countered, every bullet shot met with another bullet. But Snow was much more worn out then her older brother, and soon she failed to stop a kick aimed at her chest, and was sent back a bit. Jacen dropped the sword and pummeled her into submission, before leaving her defeated on the ground. Jacen reached into his cloak and pulled out two pairs of shackles, and bound his sister.

"Since we cannot trust you to keep in Ash on the front lines, and I would hate to have to kill my own brother, we're going to drop you off at the Frozen Throne." Jacen said in a vile tongue.

"Today is the last day any may who lives has been killed in Atlas!" He exclaimed.

"It's cold, Jacen." Weiss complained.

"You're not supposed to feel pain Weiss. You can't." Jacen rebutted.

"Both the wind and my heart, frozen in ice."

"Your heart always was. Just like mine. Cold, uncaring."

"There was surely something you loved once in your life, before what happened." Weiss said, and Jacen pointed her face.

"My family, including my sister, whose a dead ringer for any Schnee." He said. Weiss looked away to the frozen landscape that was once Atlas.

"Who are we taking to him?" She asked.

"My uncles and Ash. Drake and Sonja's bodies were utterly destroyed, so no accidental reanimation."

"And what do you intend to do with them?"

"He promised me to erase Snow from her body, leaving behind only my brat. As for my uncles, they will serve, or they will serve in undeath."

"You're a monster."

"I may be a monster Weiss, but you are my undead bride." The caravan of the dead reached some sort of massive ice tower; Jacen and Weiss disembarked. On the ground the two looked as five men were pulled out from the carts in chains, an eldery father and his four sons, and one woman. Snow.

"WEISS! WEISS PLEASE, SAVE ME! I DON'T WANT TO BE ERASED!" Snow pleaded desperately. One ice queen to another. Two women who were chosen for the same purpose. To be remolded and placed under Jacen's control to serve as his greatest generals. Jacen merely spat on the ground infront of Snow, and the group began to ascend up the tower, the prisoners being held by monstrous undead. Soon the group reached the top, and stared at the ice block holding the glowing suit of armor that was their master, the Lich King.

Welcome home my champions.

Jacen and Weiss walked to the very front of the ice block and keeled down.

"My master, I have done as you requested. Will you uphold your end?" Jacen asked.

Of course Jacen. But first a word with Weiss. Do you not find it ironic, that a monster was responsible for destroying all the monsters you ever faced? The Grimm and the White Fang are exterminated. And soon their source will be. Man. Bring me Snow!

The undead brought Snow and shoved her onto the ground, followed by Jacen and Weiss taking an arm each and forcing her up, right infront of the Frozen Throne. Snow began to scream as the maddening whispers of the Lich King filled her head and stripped away the layers of her mind, until there was only an empty husk left, now in the full control of Ash.

It is done. Arise Ash, my newest general!

"All hail the Lich King!" Snow said but in the voice of a killer. Jacen, Weiss, and Ash stood up, with Jacen and Ash hugging each other.

"We're finally together, for good Ash." Jacen said.

"My brother, I've waited so long for this day." Ash replied.

Blackford, Mecha, Bleck, Michael, John. You all have the option of serving me. Kneel now, or die.

The five men were released by the undead and moved together onto one knee, and cried in unison.

"All hail the Lich King! Victory to the Scourge!"

Jacen sat tearing into some cooked meat in the middle of a forest, while the undead seemed to be in some sort of dormant state. He stared into the dying fire, his eyes reminded of something he had lost. In a tent near him Weiss laid awake, rolling across the floor.

"Go to sleep Weiss." Jacen said.

"It's hard when the dark is your enemy." She replied.

"What are you- AMBUSH!" Jacen said getting up. The undead rose from their slumber and Weiss burst out of her tent. The forces soon moved into a defensive circle, with paladins in the front, standard undead in the back, Jacen and Weiss together in the middle.

"I should've known I should've know!" Jacen muttered. "Time to solve one of your oldest problems eh Schnee?"

"Shut up Jacen." Weiss replied, as the White Fang started popping out of the wood work, taking on Paladins and the undead with superior nighttime sight.

Remember Jacen, Weiss is to have the kill of the cat. The amount of your forces are diminished restraining her are of no concern.

"Yes master." Jacen and Weiss said. The two stood, Jacen pained to see his forces being bleed to death, the kills to death ratio far too low for his liking.

"We should help..." He said.

If you are to defeat the two of them, you need as much strength as you can muster.

Jacen grunted, and the battle raged on. Soon, there were only a few undead left and a sizable amount of weak White Fang soldiers, but their leaders seemed to have disappeared from the firefight.

"Now." Jacen said, and he and Weiss sped off, slaughtering the remaining White Fang soldiers rapidly. Soon the entire area was littered with corpses.

"WEISS!" Blake voice yelled as she kicked Schnee from behind, launching her onto the ground. Adam tried to pull a finish blow of decapitation, but Jacen stood over Weiss, and the two's swords clashed.

"I see, the cat and the beast. How's the shipping going?" Jacen said in a non-serious tone.

"What!?" Adam replied, only to find himself crumpled on the ground from a swift dirty kick.

"Rule number one of combat, never get distracted." Jacen said in a pitting tone as he received a Gambol shroud whip to the back of the head. Weiss launched herself at Blake from the ground using her glyphs, only to speed right into a shadow clone and get sent flying through the forest.

"Weiss." Jacen said under his breath as he started to dodge Adam's slashes. He however barely dodged an attack from Blake and soon found himself being forced to repel the both of them, dodging for Blake, parrying for Adam. Jacen's movemnts suddenly changed, as if he were leading the two somewhere. Jacen fell onto the ground, and Weiss plunged his rapier into Adam. The blow shattered his aura, and Jacen put a few bullets into his stomach.

"I die, with my people..." Adam said falling over. Blake looked at Adam before preparing to attack, only to be restrained by the few remaining undead. Though Blake swiftly eliminated the survivors, Jacen's mist flooded the area, causing the dead to rise and hold Blake down.

"You die like an animal. Trapped, alone, and injured." Jacen said nodding at Weiss, who stood over the flailing Blake and ended her life.

"Beacon Academy. This was where I met her. I still remember that day like a fond memory. Although I wasn't grateful for it until I became undead, I still miss them." Weiss said looking at the school. Jacen put on his Grimm mask and looked at the undead waiting for his commands.

"Today is the last day for Beacon. Is Blake in position?" Jacen said.

She is there Jacen.

"Is Ash with Mercury?"

He is ready to end him.

"Do we have confirmation on Yang and Ruby?"

Standing in their tower. The armies are marching on Vale. Now is the time!

"Understood." Jacen said drawing his katana. He nodded at Weiss.

"We march. Onto Beacon." He said, and the two speed off, the armies of the dead following.

Ash in the body of Snow sat on a bed watching Mercury reload his boots.

"Why are you arming yourself?" She asked.

"The undead are coming. Stay here." Mercury said.

"I should be out there with you fighting."

"Please Snowy, stay here. I care about you too much. Jacen would do anything for power, the monster. You saw what he did to your parents."

"You know, I never liked that nickname." Ash said in a different tone, and grabbed her sword. Merc's eyes went wide as she swung at him, before putting a few bullets into his side. Mercury kicked Snow and fired himself, using compressed air blasts to knock her into a wall.

"Snow! Fight his control!" He said.

"Lover's gone lover boy." She said pulling herself out of the wall. Mercury roared and tried kicking Ash again, only to get a few sword slashes, a depleted aura, and a lack of prosthetic legs. She looked at Mercury laying on the ground, and kissed him as she slide her sword between his chest.

"It's funny. She always loved you." She said.

Jacen. Mercury is dead. Engage secondary target.

"Come on Weiss, let's go pay an old friend a visit." Jacen said as he held off a number of trainee Huntsmen and Huntresses, while Weiss did the same. Jacen took the head clean off of one, got stabbed by another, and broke the neck of a third before unleashing the mist that raised the dead, and those dead demolished the trainees sent to stop the two.

"This battle isn't over, but there's little left." Jacen said. He, Weiss, and their army marched onwards. Jacen, Weiss, and a small amount of the undead broke off towards the dock while the majority were going for the tower. There Yang and Ruby were helping people into a bullhead before turning and seeing the group.

"Ruby. Get in the ship." Yang said. Ruby opened her mouth before jumping in.

"What? No goodbyes? No 'this'll be the last time you see me?'" Jacen mocked. The bullhead took off as Yang engaged Ember Cecilia.

"Jacen, this is the end to your rampage across Remnant." Yang said.

"That, that line dosen't seem like you Yang." Jacen answered. Yang ran at Jacen's troops, quickly destroying the lot of undead he had brought.

"I hate how my men are nothing but cannon fodder." He said as the two traded attacks.
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