Review of Gits:SAC


Blue Jacket
Mar 2, 2016
ky, usa
Just thought I'd go ahead and plop this here. I'll post the next one in a little bit.

From that point on, I'll post a new one once every week till the forum is caught up with my channel. At that point, you'll just have to wait till I get my next vid made lol  :p 

Be warned my earliest videos were of pretty bad quality in comparison to what I can do now. Anyways, heres my review of Gits:SAC (made April 22nd, 2015, almost a yr ago!)  

Nice stuff, Script! I would recommend lowering the music next time (unless you already did that in your future videos). It makes me wanna see the anime now! xDD Loved the little ending bit you did.

"What the truck is this sit?!" That made me lol.

Nice job! Keep it up! :D
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