Reality Vortex Tales - The Rogue Breaker


Green Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
Reality Vortex: The Rogue Breaker

One Year After Doctor Doom's Defeat

"What you're seeing now is live footage of the devastating conflict brewing in midtown-"

The city streets had been abandoned in their entirety; rubble cascaded down from the skyscrapers looming over the center square of midtown Reality Metropolis. The city itself had been a monumental achievement in the last year alone, erected by the culmination of so many people within the new reality coming together to build something greater for their lives. Yet for the first time of inception, the current atmosphere threatened the existence of the city itself. Helicopters of the newly established Reality News Network floated above to get the golden shots of the source behind the smoke and fire rising in the center. The familiar reporter stared down with wide eyes, the woman turning her head and waving at the pilot while shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Get us closer Chad! This is the story of a lifetime!!"

"Alright Stacey, hang on!!"

The camera rolling on the side of the helicopter jerked a bit as the craft descended down, billowing waves of unseen heat blasting past them in their flight. On the ground itself stood two figures in the midst of strewn out debris of tables and chairs. The first figure stepped back, a look of immense terror and fear in the humanoid snow leopard's eyes. The silver fire shined so brightly it could be seen off the leopard's yellow pupils; the splendor of Ultra Instinct's glow only outdone by the tense glare of Vegetto staring down his opponent. His upper blue gi had ripped slightly to his right shoulder, the rags of the cloth floating inside of the aura that swirled around him. His gloved hands were balled into fists, the sharp silver eyes never once wavering off of Tai Lung across the way.

Stacey slowly raised her microphone up to her face, speaking with excitement as she trembled in her speech.

"This Stacey with Reality News with a development we've never seen before. The power used to defeat Doom was not a man or was a transformation! That form...that glow...that is, indeed, the true Vegetto!"

Across the way from the two warriors facing off with each other was another cloaked and hooded figure. The blue metal for his skin clearly indicated that he was not human; his glowing orange eyes lifting up from the rubble he just crawled out of. He shook his head to get his eyes straight, but the widened stare remained at the sight of the fully transformed Vegetto.

"No way...he wasn't lying. It really is him."

The voices seemed to radiate from no where in particular, accompanied by mystical smoke and sparkles floating within the open space. The aforementioned Tai Lung stared up in both awe and fear at the generating cloud a few feet in front of him, the snow leopard swallowing hard. His two bodyguards that had followed him into the room looked on with perturbed stares as well, yet all three soon turned their attention to the older mountain goat that sighed heavily.

"This is your future, Tai Lung."

Tai Lung's expression of terror instantly morphed into furious rage, his slits for eyes glaring down the Soothsayer and balling his paws into fists.

"Tell me how to stop this. Now."

The Soothsayer's firm stare remained unfazed by the snow leopard's ominous command, her eyes turning back up to the cloud after a small pause. Her hands shifted, swirling the clouds around. The smoke rose and soon took shape in the form of a recognizable Saiyan warrior: Vegetto. The fused fighter stood with his arms at his side, the smoke swirling around him indicating the same silver fire of his Ultra Instinct transformation. Another cloud formed opposite him by a few feet, depicting the image of a battered and heavily damaged Tai Lung clutching his side. The image prompted Tai Lung's eyes to widen, momentarily glancing between the visage and the Soothsayer. The old mountain goat heavily sighed before speaking once more.

"You must abandon your current path. This broadcast from the future will be televised. A hero of silver fire will be your end, if you do not change your ways."

Tai Lung's glare only sharpened in reply, his cold and predatory voice ringing out lowly in the room.

"Who is he? The real Dragon Warrior?"

The Soothsayer shook her head from side to side once.


Her arms raised, the smoke dispersing away to leave the floating image of the transformed Vegetto the only focal point in the room.

"The Rogue Breaker."
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