Reality Vortex Tales: Flower of Destruction


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015

Part One: Pollination

In a desolate wasteland, hordes of spectral behemoths are in pursuit of a man. Like moths to a flame, they cursed its name during their battle cry had leap into the air to swarm, providing little opportunity to escape.

Devour! Consume! Eat his flesh! They all cry. His flesh is the cure for our ruination! They all declared.

With ease, the targeted man dips and weaves their initial attacks and responded with a series of brutal blows and ripostes. Each impact was fatal; their flesh erupted into a fiery explosion, causing those near to be blown back from its shockwave.

After a quick recovery, the remaining behemoths stood by for the cloud of smoke to ceased. Within less than a minute, their enormous numbers dwindled down to just a dozen.

Cure! Cure! They shouted. Cure! Cure! They cry. Consumed him!

Once the smoke clears, the targeted man climbed on top of the mountain of bodies. His green blade drawn; he looked down at the remaining monsters scattered around below. His eyes void of emotion as he leaped to the air before free-falling downwards.

The behemoths quickly react by firing lasers from their mouths, but the man effortlessly dodges them. Holding a tight grip on the hilt of his blade, the man slashes several of them as he slid against the ground. Their bodies quickly collapsed into pieces before the man continues his onslaught. No matter what the behemoths attempts to do, they were quickly cut down in the most brutal fashion. A dozen shrunk down to one.

The lone surviving behemoth was overwhelmed with fear upon watching the man ripped the entrails of its fallen brethren’s stomach. Dropping the innards to the ground, the man turned to it to finish the job. The behemoth knew that escaping was impossible. To ensure its survival, the behemoth groveled to plead for its life. Begging to be spare and leave him alone.

Please. Begging. Live. It spoke. Spare. Spare.

There was silence after it spoke. A long silence. Did the man listened to its request of sparing its life? The behemoth was terrified of lifting its head to see the answer to that question. It wanted to remain there as long as possible until it could hear footsteps walking away. Moments passed and there was no change. The behemoth, feeling that it had no choice, lifted its head to face the man. Upon seeing his face, a green blade appeared and struck him. The final behemoth’s death was made as visceral as possible as the man continues to tear it apart. From the eyes of the behemoth, this man was a figure brimming with controlled rage.

After several minutes of slashing and hacking, the man withdrew his blade. He picked up the remaining bodies and tossed them into the pile. He pressed his hands together and said a prayer. “The roots have been cut.” After his prayer, the mountain of bodies suddenly burst into flames. The darkness from their bodies seared away as the fire rages on.

Lowering his hands, the man turned away from the scorching corpses and noticed a small girl with dark skin and elf ears sitting on a boulder. She has long, puffy blue hair and emotionless red eyes. Her clothing consists of a black gothic ruffles dress with puffy sleeves, white cloth socks, black leather boots and black orbit sun hat with a white bow wrapped around.

“What a splendid spectacle. Those creatures prove to be no match for you, no matter their numbers.” She clapped with joy. “Judging by your looks… you aren’t any closer to your mission, Vita. They have dark energy, but they were just mindless monsters filled with false hopes.”

“No… none of them is Jinaira.” Vita turned to the flaming bodies for a moment. “My search continues. Please tell me where I should go next, small one.”

“Please don’t call me that. I do have a name.” She tapped her chin for a moment. “How about you call me Elinora for now.”

Vita quickly nodded and agreed. “Elinora, point me to the direction where dark energy is most concentrated in.”

“That’s better.” Elinora turns her head in a different direction before deciding on a particular location. “There,” She pointed at north. “I sense a significantly large source of dark energy there. Perhaps that is where Jinaira resided in.”

“Thank you. I shall head there.” Vita bowed slightly before walking in the direction Elinora pointed.

Elinora jumped from the boulder and followed suit. She caught up to him and turned to the fiery pit they were leaving behind. “While it was not Jinaira… did the battle sparks anything else in your head? Like your memories or reasoning why you want to find Jinaira?”

Vita remained silent, then shook his head. “No. Nothing came to mind.”

“Pity. Let’s hope our next stop will grant some answers.”
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