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Sep 4, 2015
Name: Raditz

Age: 78 (physically 56)

Gender: Male

Race: Saiyan


Personality: As Raditz enters his twilight years mentally he has become more mellow and now only seeks greater strength for limit testing. Having become an ally of the Z-Fighters his outlook on life has changed and now he believes in fighting for good. Has great pride in his strength and Saiyan heritage. Still prone to impatience and becoming a hothead. Casually comes off as sarcastic and blunt.  

  • Saturday Crush
  • Double Sunday
  • Shining Friday
  • Black Monday
  • Day's End
  • Mastery of SSJ1-5, Mystic, Inverted, Dread forms
  • Wielder of God Ki
  • Master martial artist
  • Universe buster
Biography: TBA
Name: Ale

Age: Over 100 (Physically 20s)

Gender: Male

Species: Lupan (God of Destruction)

Appearance: The Lupans are a race of anthropomorphic canines, their appearance is similar to the grey wolves found on earth. Ale is 6'4 and is physically imposing due to him being the most powerful being in Universe 5 and from his training as a destroyer from Cukatail. His general attire are the garments worn by other destroyers, his pattern and coloring looking very similar to Arak's uniform. He wears silver rings on his arms, a silver choker, silver anklets, and a silver earring on his right ear. This indicates his status as a destroyer in training since official destroyers wear gold instead

Personality: Disciplined, speaks few words, curious. As a member of the warrior clan of his race Ale has a natural instinct for battle and as such has a drive for fighting. His divine training has allowed him to see his perspective of life on a whole different scale. He seeks peace for his universe like his Hakaishin superior, Arak, and views destruction as a last measure. He is dedicated to whatever he is tasked with and this drive is what will help him in his vision as Hakaishin of Universe 5.

  • Lunar Blast
  • Judgement
  • Eternal Strike
  • Finger Beam
  • Hakai
  • Master martial artist
  • Wielder of God Ki of Energy of Destruction
  • God of Destruction strength
  • Universe buster
Biography: TBA
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