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Sep 3, 2015
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Spirited Embers

Spirited Embers is set in the Sinnoh region some point in time before the timeline of Platinum. The protagonist in this story is a young trainer who just began her journey into the vast world of Pokemon. This story chronicles her adventures as she grows more aware of herself and the world around her, facing challenges and many obstacles. Yet, she also encounters bonds with people and Pokemon along the way.

.: Prologue :.

A young adult stares out of his house's window, watching his childhood Pokemon Charizard play around with his daughter and her young Shinx. Her Shinx became a part of the family on Satomi's 10th birthday, but as she wasn't yet allowed to become a trainer, it hadn't evolved as she aged for another 2 and a half years.

"Nova, you don't have to stand watching them all day. Fefnir can keep an eye on her." Interjected a woman's voice. This was Eve Vesuvius, Nova's wife. She worked much of the week as a Pokemon nurse at the city's Poke-center in Sunyshore city. 

"Kyuu!" Her Audino tugged at his jacket, beseeching him to help them with preparing dinner for the night.

Nova sighed in resignation. "Alright, sorry... I was just thinking about things." He had been brooding over the recent argument he had with their daughter. She had been throwing more debates for being allowed to explore Sinnoh on her own the older she got.

Being a rather protective father and seeing the crimes of Team Rocket while Satomi grew up made him worry about it a bit too much. That was where he decided it was best for them to move from Johto with his adoptive mother. After Satomi was born, he tried to put off the idea of letting her go on her own for a while. It just kept growing longer with time. And he was running out of it. Deep down, he just wanted Satomi to be his little girl a bit longer and be able to baby her a little bit more, as did Eve.

"Hmm! It's not fair, Fefnir!" Satomi and the Pokemon took a break from their horseplay to sit under the shade of a large tree. She had taken a seat in front of the Charizard and used him as a support for her back while her Shinx named Leo curled up in front of them.

Satomi puffed her cheeks out in a pout.

"You and Papa traveled together when he was a kid too, right? Why can't I?"

Fefnir shrugged with a high toned growl before nuzzling Satomi's cheek to make her feel better. "Char..."

"Maybe it's a parent thing..." she mumbled defeatedly. "I just wanna go out and see everything like he did. And Mom too." Satomi reached over to pet Leo, who purred in response. "Papa's probably mad at me for yelling at him. He doesn't seem to like when I ask about it. If I don't apologize, I don't think I would have any chance by then..." she mumbled to herself.

"You take a nap, Fefnir, I'll go and say sorry." Satomi got up and went inside, leaving the Pokemon to their devices.

Nova stood in front of the stove stirring some pasta, muttering to himself while he read Eve's sauce recipe. 

"Tamato berry?... that woman sure likes her spices..."

"Papa?" Her voice made him snap out of his cooking zone and he lifted his head to look behind her. 

"Oh. Hey, sweetie." Nova said, no expression on his face.

"I wanted to say sorry for yelling yesterday... I shouldn't have done it. Sorry..." Satomi looked at the tiling on the floor.

"It's nothing. In fact, it got me thinking about things." Nova replied. Satomi raised a brow.


"Yeah. You're just growing up is all. A little too fast, I think." Nova said. "But I was around your age when your Nana let me travel on my own. So withholding that opportunity from you, if you wish it, isn't right."

"Does that mean...?" Satomi's eyes widened expectantly. 

"I have to consult with your mother regardless." Nova added. "We would need to plan for it as well. Sunyshore's seas have Tentacruel in them, and the current's much too strong for you to even attempt to cross."

"Oh boy oh boy!" Satomi started jumping up and down in glee.

"What's going on here?" Eve stepped back into the kitchen clutching a manila folder pertaining to her work. "So loud..."

"Mom, mom!" Satomi ran over to her mother and tugged at her sleeve. "Can I go out on my own like all my friends? I wanna be a trainer and travel around Sinnoh! Pleaaaaase?" She poked out her bottom lip, making puppy eyes.

Eve glanced over at Nova. "Did your father say yes?..." he nodded silently. Looking back at her daughter, Eve ran her fingers through Satomi's hair and sighed a bit. "I guess I can't hold it off anymore... given your Papa and I were trainers when we were younger. That was how we met."

"Really!? Oh my gosh oh my gosh! Thanks so much, Mom!" Satomi hugged her mother as tight as her little body would let her.

Eve looked at Nova and smiled rather defeatedly. "Guess we need to start planning things out for it..."

The following week, the family was together planning how they would travel all the way down to Twinleaf town and what they would be doing, and what they would teach Satomi.

Of course, Satomi seemed to know a bit already, but they wanted to make sure she knew the basics. They didn't have to worry about how Satomi would travel, as she and Nova always spent weekends camping in the forest near Sunyshore for Nova's work days. He always brought her with him along with Fefnir for travel.

Once they reached Twinleaf town inn, the Vesuvius family spent one last night together. Since Satomi was a rather cuddly type of child, the parents hugged her between them for comfort before the morning.

"Our baby really is growing up..." Eve whispered, her eyes getting a bit watery. Nova wiped his wife's tears with his thumb, looking about the same.

"I know, honey..." he looked at the sleeping girl, snoozing away peacefully in their arms. "But she'll fly off sooner or later. All the same." Nova rubbed noses with Eve affectionately. "Satomi will always be our little ember."

"That's true, Sunflower~" Eve smiled through her tears. "It seems like yesterday we first held her in our arms..."

"She'll be back before we know it at any rate. I know so." Nova heard a quiet purring noise emerge from nearby. "Hm?"

The purring came from Satomi's spot, but there was a lump under the bed covers moving about. Shinx popped his head out from under the bedsheets, yawning a bit. "Shi...~" Leo nuzzled Satomi's chin.

"There you were. And I thought she kept you in the Poke Ball." Eve giggled.

Nova pet the little Pokemon, yawning himself. "We should be sleeping too. The flight back will be long."

The next morning, the family had breakfast and left the inn, Nova and Eve walking with their daughter around the town.

"Alright, have you got everything?" Nova asked. "Map, food, raincoat, tent in your backpack?"

"Papa, I got everything!" Satomi puffed her cheeks out.

"Not everything, sweetie. Forgot your flashlight and your Papa's old Pokegear. I'm surprised it still works." Eve said, placing the flashlight in Satomi's backpack and putting the orange Pokegear around her neck. 

"When I get bored enough I go on repair sprees." Nova bluntly stated. "Besides, I prefer to hear your voice rather than read letters. Not to mention my penmanship is worse than it used to be."

"Alright Papa. Is your new number in here?" Satomi squinted her eyes to look through the screen. "Couldn't you get me one of the newer ones?"

"They don't make them in Sinnoh. So that's one of a kind." Said Nova. "Now, make sure to drop us a call when you step into town so we know where you are. Keep us updated, and you remember all the basics, right?"

Satomi nodded. "Don't worry, Papa! I'll be okay." She grinned up at him, earning a ruffle of her hair from both her parents.

"My little girl is going out on her own... I'm so happy!" Eve gushed like the usual doting mother would.

"You ought to stop by and meet the Professor here. He's quite the influence." Suggested Nova.

"Okay! He can probably give me some pointers and stuff too!" Satomi began walking towards the busier area of the town where she presumed Rowan's lab to be at. She waved at her mother and father. "I'll be home before you know it! I love you, Mom! Love you, Papa!"

"We love you too!" Nova and Eve said in unison. "Make good decisions!"

Fefnir stood behind them, waving as well, and making a short roar to the girl. Satomi turned around, and Fefnir grinned, blowing a spout of fire before flapping his wings once to give Satomi a boost of energy. She laughed and took off, everything she needed right in her backpack.
Sup dingloids!?!? I finally got to writing Chapter 1. Enjoy!

Also, a foreword: While this is Gen 4, any Pokemon that have been retyped as Fairies will be typed as such. Mega Evolutions, however will not be in this. The reasoning stands that as Mega Evolution is a rather recent phenomenon being studied by Professor Sycamore. Of course, Fairy type moves in itself won't likely have much of a presence. Also, any and every Pokemon in Platinum can be seen/caught. Enough of my blabbing. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Helping Hand

Satomi watched her parents climb onto Fefnir’s back and begin their flight back to Sunyshore.

“I'm gonna miss Mom and Papa.” She said to herself. “Alright, Leo, let's get you some fresh air.” Satomi reached into her backpack and took out her only Pokeball, tossing it into the air. “Come on out!”

The capsule opened, releasing the Shinx that had been resting within it.

“Shi….” Leo yawned, shaking his head before looking up at Satomi and meowing at her curiously. Where were they now?

“We’re in Twinleaf Town. It's just you and me from now on. C’mon, we're supposed to go see that Professor.” The girl started her walk, with Shinx following behind and sniffing at the air curiously. “Though it doesn't look like he'll be in this town… I think Papa had it wrong.”

Satomi decided to ask around the town and see if Rowan really was there or not. As she didn't know much about Professor Rowan, she didn't really know where exactly his lab was. Even more so since she has been only around the East Coast of Sinnoh.

“You're looking for Professor Rowan? I believe he lives in Sandgem town.” One stranger said. “You have to go through Route 201. Take the right. The left path is Lake Verity. I saw him stopped there earlier today.”

Satomi nodded and looked at Leo. “Alright, then let's get going!”

“Nyaa!” Shinx bounced on its paws happily.

Once they left Twinleaf, Satomi looked to the entrance of the lake. She was curious as to what was at that lake.

“Wow!” She said once she entered the lake’s forest. “It's so quiet and peaceful.” To pass the time for a quick rest, Satomi skipped rocks along the lake water while Shinx drank from the lake water.

“Auaaaauuu!” Came an echoing cry.

“Hm? Where did that come from?” Satomi didn't see any Pokemon in sight, but she felt like they were being watched.

“Shinx?” Leo sniffed the air in one direction before hiding behind Satomi. “Myaa!”

“Leo, nobody’s there… what's wrong?” Satomi said half-heartedly. “Hmm… let's get going. I think the quiet is playing tricks on us.” She stood up and picked Shinx up into her arms.

As she had no Pokeballs to catch things with, she just cruised through the tall grass with Leo, coming across a few Starly here and there. Most of the time, they scurried off in a hurry or were tackled before flying off.

“Not too far from here…” Satomi held the map in her hands when a girl ran past her, bumping her shoulder.

“Scuse me, comin’ through, got business to do!”

Satomi couldn't register what the girl looked like, much less who she was or where she was going. She decided to follow however, since Sandgem town was supposed to be in that direction.

And she was right; though it was a very tiny town. Not much aside from a few homes here and there with a Pokecenter and a Mart. One building stood out to her though.

“Maybe this is where Professor Rowan is?” Satomi asked aloud. Leo mewed at her and started bounding towards the building.

“Leo, wait up!” She chased after the Shinx and stood in front of the door. “... Is he in there?” Satomi opened the door and stepped inside, looking around at the interior.

It looked to be a laboratory; various machines and bookshelves with people in lab coats congregating and talking about some data on their clipboards. Towards the back, she saw a young raven-haired man speaking with an elder one with white hair and a thick moustache wearing a sweater vest over his shirt. The both of them appeared to have just gotten back, the younger man carrying a number of parcels in his arm and the elder placing a suitcase on a table.

“Hello~ are you here to see Professor Rowan?” Asked one of the female assistants, adjusting her glasses. “Just in time, too! Any earlier and you would've missed him.”

“Oh, uh yea-” The door burst opened right behind Satomi and in walked another person towards Rowan with little hesitation.

“Professor, Professor! I almost thought you wouldn't be here at all today! Had to go run more errands while I waited for you to get back!” The voice, oddly familiar to Satomi, belonged to a girl who was about 3 or 4 inches taller than her with long black hair that hung down the upper half of her back. She wore a striped black and white shirt with a dark red bandana scarf around her neck.

“Forgive my rudeness, but what might be your name again?” The young man next to Rowan asked.

“Burgundy! Just like the color! Don't forget it.” Burgundy replied.

Rowan seemed to just look at her with a neutral expression before making a small smile obscured by his moustache.

“I presume you're here to begin like many other Trainers, no?”

“Yeah yeah! I even spent the last week thinking about which one I'd pick.” Burgundy nodded excitedly.

“Lucas, might you take her to the table where we have our latest three baby Pokemon?” Rowan asked, opening his suitcase to inspect a few papers and notes.

“Yes Professor. Here’s where we tend to give new trainers their first partner Pokemon.” Lucas led Burgundy over to a metal table as the other assistant walked with Satomi to greet Rowan.

“You have another visitor, Professor.”

Rowan looked at Satomi and tilted his head. “I've never seen you around here, young one. Did you move here recently?”

“Technically I'm not from here. I live over at Sunyshore City.” Satomi replied. “Me and Leo are starting out too.”

“Hmm… you didn't come all the way down here by yourself, did you?” Rowan asked, quirking an eyebrow in concern.

“Nah. Mom and Papa traveled down here with me. They dropped us off in Twinleaf earlier today.” Satomi said.

“In that case, I can now properly introduce myself. I am Professor Rowan. Here, we study the evolution of Pokemon in Sinnoh. And what is your name, young lady?” Rowan’s tone came off as stern, but his expression gave off a sociable vibe.

“Satomi Vesuvius, sir. And this is Leo, my first Pokemon.” She said.

“Pleased to meet you both. Might you be interested in a second partner? You already have one, but the offer is there for you.” Rowan said.

Satomi pursed her lips in thought before shaking her head. “No thank you. I think someone else can have a chance at their first partner. Leo’s already taken that place. It's only fair to let someone else have the chance. Do you have just these three, or…?”

“Very well. And yes, I do. But these Pokemon are adopted from Daycares and Pokemon breeders across Sinnoh. Sometimes, Trainers will find an egg with their starting Pokemon at the Daycare and decide to let the owners take the egg instead. In turn, they hand the eggs over to me so I may give them a proper chance at bonding with a Trainer like their parents.” Rowan explained. “That way, they have the potential to grow and mature properly. Releasing them into the wild often results in them coming back. Baby Pokemon imprint rather easily on the ones they first see.” He chuckled, turning to see Lucas and Burgundy over at the table.

“There he is! I'll take this Piplup.” Burgundy said with a smile.

“He's all yours! If you want you can nickname it.” Lucas suggested.

“A nickname…. Hmm….” Burgundy let the Poke Ball roll out of her palm and onto the floor, sending out the little penguin Pokemon in question.

“Pip?” Piplup blinked and looked up at Burgundy. “Peep, Peep!” It waddled over to her and tugged at her leggings.

“How cute!~ I'm your trainer from now on, so we're gonna be best friends! Hmm… you look like a Jotoni, so I think that will be your nickname.”

Piplup chirped happily, waving its flippers around at its new name.

“Aaw, he's so cute! Can I pet him?” Satomi asked.

“That's fine. Say, you've got a Pokemon too! Why don't we test our Pokemon out in a battle?!” Burgundy suggested as Satomi knelt down to pet Piplup. Leo sniffed at Jotoni curiously before nuzzling him.

“Hmm… okay. But it can't be in here, we'll make a mess. Leo plays a bit rough sometimes.” Satomi nodded. She never had a real battle with another trainer before so she looked towards Rowan.

“You don't need my permission, but I just emphasise that you both take measures not to needlessly endanger your Pokemon.” Rowan said. “It is imperative that a Trainer protects and loves their Pokemon as much as their Pokemon protect them.”

“Right! We'll see you soon-- wahh!” Burgundy grabbed Satomi’s arm halfway through her sentence, dragging her out the front door.

“Don't keep me waiting! Now let's get to Battling!”

“Shinx?” Leo mewed in confusion. Jotoni also seemed rather perplexed.

. . .

Burgundy dragged them out of Sandgem town into a clearing near the end of Route 201 leading into it.

“Here we are! Now nobody can see you lose or anything, so you won't have to worry about being embarrassed that I beat you.” Burgundy grinned, as if what she had just said wasn't condescending in the slightest.

Satomi looked at the other girl, confused, before looking at Leo. “Alright, you're up, Leo! Ready for your first real battle?” She smiled down to her Shinx encouragingly.

“Myaa!” Leo’s tail flicked as he made his stance firm.

Piplup confusedly stood and flapped his flippers up and down. “Peep!” It seemed a bit nervous and intimidated by Shinx for some reason.

“I'll go first! Jotoni, use Pound!” Burgundy shouted. Piplup sprung forward with his flippers outspread in front of him, one raised to land a hit on Leo.

“Give it a good Leer.” Satomi interjected.

Leo responded with a deep glare into Jotoni’s eyes, stopping him mid-attack.


“What're you doing, Jotoni?! You gotta hit ‘im!” Burgundy seemed annoyed by Piplup’s sudden sheepishness. “Don't let it get to yo--”

“Now, tackle.”

Leo threw all of his body weight into his attack as he shouldered Piplup rather roughly, his paws in Piplup’s face.

“Pip pip pip!...” Piplup wiggled its flippers in distress, falling over and whimpering.

“Come on! Get up!” Burgundy shouted at Jotoni. She seemed angry that Satomi was winning so far.

“I don't think it really wants to fight…” Satomi looked at Jotoni worriedly, Leo having gone over to sniff at it.

“You think we should stop?! That isn't how battles work, you know!” Burgundy clenched her fist in annoyance. “You won't win! Get up and hit it!”

Piplup managed to get back up and charged again, and landed a light blow on Shinx.

“Retaliate with Tackle.” Satomi suggested. This time, Leo was playing a bit too rough. The Shinx charged into Piplup again, but playfully bit at Jotoni’s cheek. “Shii!!”

Piplup stumbled from the impact once again and fell over, looking dizzy.

“... I think we're done now.” Satomi looked at Jotoni and watched Leo bound back over to her. “Leo, you ought to be more gentle how you play.”

Shinx’s ears drooped as he looked at the ground sheepishly. “Myaa…”

“Ugh, I knew I should've at least trained you a bit first. It was stupid to rush in thinking you'd win.” Burgundy muttered, returning Jotoni into its Pokeball before starting to walk away. “I guess I'll head over to the Pokemon center.” She looked at Satomi over her shoulder.

“You better watch out, cause next time I'll have way more than just this silly old Piplup!” Burgundy said before taking off into the town’s PokeCenter.

“Next time?” Satomi looked confused. “What did she mean by that?” Leo yawned and whined at its bruised nose.

“I think I should get you there too.”

After spending some time in the Center without Burgundy in the vicinity, Satomi took it upon herself to buy a few Potions and Pokeballs while Leo recuperated in his Pokeball after the Nurse healed him up.

Satomi wondered why Burgundy acted so stern with her Piplup and so serious about a first battle, but didn't think too much of it. As she was heading out of Sandgem into route 202 to see if she would be able to get to the next town before sundown, she spotted a cardboard box with words written on the side in hurriedly scribbled marker.

“Free puppies” was written on the box.

“Eh?” Satomi crept near the box that had its lids flapping in the wind. She could hear quiet whimpers and rustling about within the box.

Inside the box were several young Growlithe puppies. They looked to be recently hatched, stumbling over one another and yipping quietly, looking famished and weak.

“Th-these are…” Satomi immediately felt terrible for them. Someone must've taken a bunch of eggs to raise on their own and abandoned them all once they hatched. Remembering Rowan’s words earlier, she knew how to handle the situation. “I have to tell the Professor!” She picked up the cardboard box with both her arms, finding it hard to walk with a box so full of Pokemon.

“Don't worry, I'll get you all help!” Slowly, she shuffled her way back into town, earning a few puzzled glances from the people outside, but she didn't care to stop and explain anything to them. Once she reached the lab, Satomi used her knee to knock hurriedly. “Please be in, please be in!”

The door did open again, and it was the Professor as she had hoped. “Satomi? What’s…” his eyes locked onto the box of Growlithe pups in her arms and they widened. “Come inside.” The professor said with no hesitation.

He directed Satomi to place the cardboard box onto the floor so the puppies wouldn't be frightened.

“You found them alone outside the edges of the town?” Rowan questioned. His tone was rather neutral as he tried to grasp the situation. Clearly it wasn't completely an innocent act given how hungry they all looked and how quiet their barks were.

“I didn't know whether or not to take it to you or to the Nurses here…” Satomi said, sounding guilty.

“You made the right decision regardless. I'll contact the current Nurse on duty to come and inspect them for any illness and to treat them accordingly.” Rowan walked over to the counter and rummaged through the fridge he kept in the lab. It had lunches belonging to him and his assistants, but he kept a container of berries for the Pokemon he gave to Trainers as treats.

“A few of these should help while we contact the Pokecenter.” He said, placing several Oran berries into a pestle and mashing them up.

Satomi looked at the pups, still trying to figure out what they were. “Are these Growlithe?” She didn't remember very much living most of her infantile years in Johto before moving to Sinnoh as an older toddler.

“Yes. It's rather rare to find wild Growlithe around these routes, but it isn't entirely uncommon. I suspect these were from a Trainer who abandoned them all.”

“There’s at least 5 in here! Are you saying they bred these and tossed them aside?” Satomi looked infuriated and heartbroken by the idea. The raven haired girl reached over and pet one of the pups, who sniffed her hand and licked it, nomming on the meat of her palm. They all whined quietly, ears drooped and eyes closed.

“It's a good possibility, but the chances are that we won't ever know.” Rowan returned to the box and took the pups out one by one. Setting down a bowl with mashed berries and water, the pups gathered around the dishes, hardly able to stand for themselves, dipping their heads into the dishes to eat and drink.

“They appear rather malnourished. Hopefully the nurses have Moomoo milk in their fridges. Or some supplements.”

After they ate, they all cuddled up amongst each other and laid down. The one that sniffed Satomi earlier barely made its way over to her, plopping its head into her lap, tail wagging a bit.

“It seems that one has already taken a liking to you.” Rowan commented.

“You think so?” Satomi asked.

“Experience.” He nodded. “I've had many imprint on me and follow me around the lab.”

“That's so cute!” she gushed. “That happened to Papa with Leo. He wouldn't stop following Papa around for days after we found him!”

Rowan smiled. “So this isn't your first rescue, is it?”

“I guess not. Though, it was Papa who helped. My mom’s a Nurse too.” Satomi said sheepishly.

“They ought to be proud of you.” Rowan stood up to grab the phone off the receiver at his desk, explaining to situation to the receptionist at the Pokemon Center. Shortly after, one of the Nurses arrived to take the Growlithe pups with her for full treatment. Satomi held the pup in her arms watching its siblings being placed in several different travel cages.

“We'll nurse them back to health and leave it to you for them to be adopted?” Asked the Nurse once they escorted her back with all the pups. Satomi watched from the other side of the hall at the Center, holding the Growlithe in her arms and gently rubbing its head.

Rowan paused before he responded, whispering something in the Nurse’s ear, causing her to look surprised before nodding. She made her way to Satomi. “I have to make sure they're all taken care of. Don't worry, feel free to stay the night here until the morning after we care for them all.”

Satomi reluctantly handed the Nurse the pup, watching it be wheeled down the hall and into a separate room with its siblings.

She was given a room to stay in for the night there, as Sandgem was a small town, the occupancy was very low. After showering and changing into her pajamas, she decided to phone her father and update him on all that happened.

“She looked angry at the Pokemon?... Hmm… I sense bad vibes from that.” Nova remarked.

“She's a rookie too, so maybe she just didn't think about how you might need to let them practice being outside and in the midst of wild Pokemon before you make them battle?...” Satomi seemed rather oblivious about it, as she was worried more about the pups.

“Oh. And I found a box full of those Growlithe puppies abandoned outside of town today.”

“At least yo-- wait, what?” Nova’s tone flatlined.

“Yeah… I took them all to the Professor and now I'm staying at the Center here for the night. It's too dark to go outside, and they said I could check up on them in the morning.”



Nova seemed to be mumbling incoherently on her end, but he seemed very angry.

“It's nothing, sweetheart.” Nova said after a deep breath was taken. “Why do you plan to check up on them?”

“Well, one got a bit attached to me I think. It was just so cute how he cuddled up in my arms! I just hope they'll all be alright.” Satomi said worriedly.

“I'm sure they will. After all, you're our daughter. I know you'll make good choices.” a pause was heard. “You will make good choices, won't you?”

“Yes, Papa.” Satomi rolled her eyes, but Nova could practically imagine it.


“Where’s Mom?”

“She’s sleeping to get ready for the late shift.”

“Oh, okay. Tell her I said hi, okay?”

“Don't worry, little one, I will. I love you.”

“I love you too, Papa. Good night.”


The following morning, Satomi saw that her day clothes were freshly washed. After putting them on, she made her way down to the lobby, asking for the pups.

“They're all recuperating well. We plan to have them back in Rowan’s hands soon so they can be adopted to a proper home.” The Nurse said. “Oh! Professor Rowan asked me for a favor. Hold on one moment.” She left into the same hall where the pups were being kept. Out she came wheeling the bed belonging to one of the pups. Satomi had left her hair ribbon with it for good luck. The pup had its nose nuzzled into it, snoring quietly.

“Rowan asked me to make sure this one went with you. That is, if you wish to adopt it…”

Satomi’s eyes were wide with tears of joy. “Of course! I'll take care of it with my life! Thank you so much!”

“Then he's all yours! Take good care of him. Rowan likely hasn't opened up his lab for visitors yet, so you may feel free to wait for him here and give him the memo that you'll be adopting this one.”

“I will! Thanks!” Satomi took the red ribbon from the sleeping pup and tied it back up into a bow atop her head. It didn't ever tame her messy hair, but it looked better with than without.

She spent much of the morning eating her breakfast and planning out her day of traveling if the day would permit.

“Man, I can't wait to get my first Gym badge! I'm so pumped!” she overheard a young man say.

“Isn't Roark the first one you have to challenge? But you've got a Chimchar man. You're already at a disadvantage.”

“Shut up! It's not like I won't catch anything beforehand. Sheesh.”

Gym badges… I never really considered actually going in and challenging all the Gym Leaders for badges. I mean, I've always watched people go into Volkner’s gym, but I'm kind of a scaredy cat. Satomi thought, looking at Shinx napping at the foot of her temporary bed. She had the Growlithe pup in her lap and was brushing its fur.

“I should give you a name too… hmm… Comet is pretty fitting. At least, you look kinda like one. So warm~” Satomi said, mostly to herself. The pup yawned and snuggled into her happily. “I wonder if you'll miss your brothers and sisters? Jubilife City is next, so maybe we can walk there together...”

. . .

Once Rowan entered the Center, he was greeted by the Nurse from the previous night. Satomi met with him and recapped him on how she ended up adopting Comet.

“So, you'll be taking care of that pup? I'll be sure that his siblings go to loving homes. Perhaps in the future, we can arrange a family reunion?”

“That'd be awesome! Hopefully, I'll be able to come down and do so.” Satomi said, slinging on her backpack. “We're gonna get going soon so we can head to the next town. I plan on taking part in the League. Wish me luck!”

“I hope you accomplish your goals, young one. May the light shine upon you.” Rowan shook hands with her and waved her off as she left Sandgem town with Leo following behind her.

“Our next stop is… Jubilife City! Let's hope we make it there by sundown!”
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