Path To Enlightenment [Cuki/Zenta's Story]

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Sep 3, 2015
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Yep. We're going to do Cuki's official story. Well, it's actually Zenta and Cuki's story since Zenta plays a big role in this story aside from just 'teacher' figure. I want to test myself, and this story is mostly a free adventure type of story. Similar to Behind the Thorns, Path To Enlightenment will be primarily sketched drawings. Maybe, later on, I will fix up lines and whatnot but for now, I don't have time and I don't want to completely stick to one panel forever. I'm trying to fix the errors I did with Behind the Thorns (Don't worry, I'm still working on it!) and see what I can do with Path to Enlightenment. I think it'll be a ton of fun, especially since I'm reading a ton of books that give me a ton of inspiration such as Journey to the West, Sea Wolf, and The Long Ships.

Characters like Zenta, Cuki, Avalon, and a few others will be present in this story, including the Four Divine Beings and what they each represent. This story primarily focuses on balance as a theme and you'll find some apparent hints and some not so obvious. Compared to Behind the Thorns, this story is a little more spiritual, metaphysical, and theological. It focuses on adventures and how to overcome trials in life and atone for your sins with the help of those around you. It will have many references to ancient proverbs and legends around the world. It also stems back to the lessons I had when I first took martial arts when I was young, so I'm sharing that knowledge with you guys! It's way more light-hearted compared to Behind the Thorns, but that doesn't mean it's not dark in some instances. 

Disclaimer: For those who are curious, THIS VERSION OF CUKI AND ZENTA ARE NOT THE SAME ONES FROM REALITY VORTEX. This will not be connected in any way, shape, or form to Reality Vortex's Cuki/Zenta. This is purely the story I want to convey from beginning to end. There will be a few 'easter eggs' for the lols but it will NOT be canon to RV's Cuki/Zenta. Their personalities might be a little different so don't assume they will do certain things simply because it happened in RV.

So, just like my previous Story Thread, let's give this one a shot too! I believe I will be updating this one a lot more frequently than Behind the Thorns because of how much I love drawing Cuki and Zenta and I get to practice a lot of my other monster-drawing abilities here!

In a large and vast universe, a creature going by the name of 'Zenta' travels endlessly to help those in need. Along his way, he encountered four very special beings who he decided to take under his wing as his students. Because of Zenta's experiences, one of the students, Cuki, vows to be as strong as him one day and continue his legacy. Passing down his knowledge to the next generation, Zenta teaches Cuki the various forms of martial arts he knows as well as guide her through the many obstacles of life. 

Cuki is one of the legendary 4 Divine Hosts selected by the Divine Beings themselves. These Divine Beings shaped the various universes that they live in and hold a vast amount of power. They each embody the Four Harmonies that make up the existence of every living thing and vow to watch the Mortals as they grow and evolve with the gifts they have bestowed on them. However, Cuki and Zenta will meet many people with many truths and ideals of the good, and bad, side of Mortals. 
Pages 1-3 of Path to Enlightenment. Please enjoy! Please let me know if you cannot read my writing or do not understand what is happening! You guys are also free to post in this thread!



Told you I'd be fixing more pages soon. No, I did not draw that cup. It was a premade object I imported to save myself some time. I'll probably upload page 5 tomorrow if homework doesn't torture me.

Yep, two more pages! I personally like the spider lady and the effect I did. Kinda ominous in my opinion.


So I've been looking up tips and tricks to drawing better angles and in different perspectives. They may not be perfect but at least I'm venturing out of my comfort zone! Also, BOLDER PANEL LINES. YES, PROGRESS.

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