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Sep 3, 2015
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Camelot's Factory. The Diligent Knight.

Spinal knocks on a large metal door and turns around to speak with his partner, Xenx'i.

"A little unusual that they're letting us do a mission without a Fang, huh?" he asks.

"Not really. They sent Drago on his own about 2 weeks ago." she points out.

"And sent Jcoss later as a precaution."

"A necessary precaution. He was protecting his sister. You can't trust someone with that kind of emotional responsibility."

"Debatable. I'd say we're more likely to do a good job with that kind of temporary stress."

"Regardless, we're simply here to speak with the Royal in charge. Not too tasking, subjectively speaking."

"He's a Lord as well. Supposedly, the most level headed one out of them."

The doors, which are far larger than they first appear, begin to open. The dragons walk in and notice that every machine has at least two engineers working in near perfect sync. None of these workers seem to have noticed that they've walked in either.

"Jeez, they're acting like machines. I wonder if they even take breaks." Spinal wonders out loud.

"They're efficient workers. No need to judge them for that." Xenx'i argue.

"I haven't even seen one breathe yet. That's not normal."

"By your definition. Really, there's no such thing as normal."

"For someone's personality, I agree. Biologically, no. There's definitely a standard."

{Attention workers. You may begin your hour long break now. Thanks for your hard work.} says a group of speakers around the room.

The workers all sit down and go to sleep in their spots, back to back.

"They even sleep efficiently..." the Black Scale groans.

"I still don't see the problem. Even if they are weird, it's how they are."

"What's that smell...?"

Spinal looks around and notices a pink tint to the air. He slams his palm into the wall and warps the material into three masks. He hands one to his teammate and puts the other one on himself.

"There seems to be a toxin in the air. Put that mask on. I don't care how heavy you think it is."

She puts it on and glares at him.

"With my abilities, the weight isn't a problem. I'm not Drago." she angrily points out.

"Whatever you say. I don't really care about how you feel about your powers. I already know how they work."

"You don't know everything about them. Stop acting like a living encyclopedia. It drives my patience."

"Everything irritates you. What's one more thing?"

Spinal runs along the hallways, checking sign after sign as he goes. Eventually, he finds one that says "Administrator's office" on it. Opening the door, he finds Xenx'i already inside.

"When'd you get in here?" he asks.

"Right after you left. I can track other people through their shadows. Or did you not know that?" she points out.

"I already knew about that ability! I'm asking why you didn't immediately contact me to let me know where our target was!"

He rushes over to the scientist laying on the ground and puts a mask on him. He starts to check to his vitals after that.

"Damn it! I'm not a doctor and we need to know his condition! Why didn't you radio me as soon as you found him?!" he demands.

"I didn't think about it. We don't even know if he's even in critical condition or not. He seems to be fine to me." she says.

"I didn't realize you were a doctor! ...just go see if you can find anyone else. Take a mask."

He slaps the ground and wakes up the scientist.

"...what happened? Where's the Net Keeper?" he asks, rubbing his head.

"Who's that?" Spinal asks.

"So you don't know everything..." his partner interrupts.

"Oh, bite me!"

"Ahem?" the scientist reminds them.

"Right, sorry about that. You were saying?"

"The Net Keeper is exactly what it sounds like. It's someone who maintains our computer network and keeps the factory running smoothly. I noticed an error in our filtration system and messaged him to ask what happened."

"What is that pink gas?" Xenx'i inquires.

"Concentrated Iodine. Speaking of, these masks aren't really necessary. Iodine can burn your skin, but the amount in the air is nowhere near enough to cause harm. I assume the workers outside are fine?"

The two dragons pull off their masks and nod.

"The workers out there have been "modified" to be as efficient as possible. It's about time for their break, so they won't be much help to you."

"If the gas won't hurt us, why would we need the help?" the shadow dragon asks.

"To capture the Net Keeper, of course."

"You believe he caused the leak?" the male dragon asks, confused. "You think he betrayed the factory?"

"Well, I sent him a message concerning the leak and never got a response. He's usually very good about that." he explains.

"I'll find him, then come right back." Xenx'i says before sinking into her shadow.

"Where is the Net Keeper's office?" Spinal asks.

"You'll leave this office and take a left. Enter the building directly ahead of you. Follow the path right, then skip the door on the left and go into the first door you see in the next room. It'll be directly left of another door at the end of the hall." he explains, getting up and dusting himself off.

"Sounds like a boss room...alright! We'll be back with the Net Keeper. Then, we'll need you to answer a few questions."

"Of course."

Spinal nods and slaps the wall before running to meet up with his teammate.

At an unknown location...

"Go ahead and try it~" a familiar voice says.

A figure across the table cuts a piece off and tries a bite. They chew slowly and swallow. Someone else stands by a closed window, tightening their fist in front of their stomach.

"It's delectable. What do you call it?" the other person at the table asks.

"Oh, it has an unofficial name that I'm not allowed to say. If you help me out, I can get you a lot more though~"

"You disgust me..." the one at the window growls, annoyed.

The first one to speak laughs to themselves before licking their lips.

Back at the factory, Spinal had just passed an area with a sign that said:

{Due to the inefficiency of the previous guards, this area will be undergoing maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation.

~Sir Tien, head of the factory

As Spinal turns the corner, his partner for the mission pops out of his shadow.

"Did you find him?" he asks.

"No, the power's out to that section of the building. No light means no shadow for me to trace. I'd be guessing." she replies, frustrated.

"No worries. I know where we're going."

"Of course you do."

"Shut up and follow me."

"As opposed to?"

They arrive at the door they were given directions to. As Spinal is about to open it, Xenx'i grabs his wrist.

"Don't open that. Put your mask back on."

Spinal does so, then looks up at his now flying partner putting her mask on.

"More gas." he finally notices.


"It's coming from this room, so I'll seal the door."

"What about the Net Keeper?"

"I'll create a pathway for the gas to escape after I make some canisters from the room next door. We'll go in once it's safe.

"Or I could go in-"

"Xenx'i, I need you to go turn the power back on. We haven't seen any broken wires or heard any sparks, so someone just shut off power to this part of the factory. I can't see in the dark, but you can."


She leaves as he goes in the other door.

The Shadow Wing flies through the corridors looking for a sign that says "electrical." After going back into the previous room, she finds the door her partner was told to skip and goes in. Inside is the plant's generator.

The power turns on as Spinal is making a chemical canister for the gas. He sees a knight on the ground covered in emerald armor with blue gauntlets, boots and helmet with a vertical eye in the center. Spinal walks over and slaps him in the face, waking him up.

"Yo! Are you the Net Keeper?" he asks.

The knight sits up holding his head.

"Ugh...Net Keeper? No, I'm in charge of this facility. My name is Tien." he answers, opening his eyes.

"You're Lord Tien? My partner and I were sent here to meet with you regarding a meeting with our R&D department."

"Of course. You're Kisuke's protege, right? I'd love to help, but I'm busy wi-where's the Net Keeper?!"

"We were sent here to find him by someone in your office."

"Was he a Caucasian male with a goatee?"

"...he IS the Net Keeper, isn't he?"

The esteemed knight simply nods as Xenx'i comes back in.

"His name is Attou. I messaged him about a leak in the factory and he said he'd take care of it."

"The Iodine?"

"That's always there. We produce salt for the countries of Bern and Camelot, so we use a lot of it. The leak is in the next room over. I came down here to check his progress when I passed out. I believe some escaped from under the door."

"I sealed it off and will contain it as soon as I can."

The Black Scale taps a wall and a cylinder pops out of it. He puts his ear up against it.

"I put one of these up in your office before we left and have been leaving a line as I ran to connect it. That guy didn't really look trustworthy."

"Don't let this incident cloud your judgement of him. He's an excellent worker. One I will deal with myself."

He stands and grabs at nothing before leaving the room.

"It appears he took my blade."

The dragons follow him out of the room and to his office. On the way, a man wearing red and silver armor with a claw strapped around his fist and energy surrounding his entire other arm blocks their path.

"I do apologize, Hiro. I simply do not have the time for this right now." the knight stops and points out.

"Make time. We're fighting right now, regardless of your problems." Hiro replies in an unusually high pitched, robotic voice. He goes into a kickboxing stance and taunts the knight.

"You two are capable fighters. I assume?"

"Of course!" Spinals answers. Xenx'i simply nods.

"Then, I will be back momentarily."

He walks towards the knight in front of him and is met with a punch from the energy arm. He swiftly avoids the punch, kicks out his leg and throws Hiro across the room before continuing on his way.

'Damn. And I thought knights couldn't fight without a weapon...' Spinal thinks to himself.

He and Xenx'i block off the path towards Tien.

"You can't defeat me. Neither one of you has the warrior's spirit!"

'At least stand up and say that...' the young dragons think, looking at him up against the wall on his head.

He jumps up and charges his right arm. He points it at them and unleashes a ball of red and orange energy at his opponents. They duck to each side and Spinal puts up a wall to keep it from going down Tien's path. The ball strikes the wall and explodes.

"My weapon is the Psycho Blaster. It covers my entire right arm. It builds up kinetic energy in a sphere that I can launch as a weapon. I build up the energy by simply moving my body."

"...why would you explain all that to us?" Spinal questions.

"Because I am a true warrior and fight my enemies straight up!"

He charges at Spinal and swings his claw for his head. The Scale claps his hands together and touches his arm. He puts it up to block the blow before swinging at his opponent. Hiro grabs his fist with his other arm and shocks Spinal before jumping back to gain momentum for a stab. The hardened dragon punches it down, but it shocked to find that it didn't break. They spread out and look each other down.

"Your claw didn't break. why's that?"

"My claws are made of hardened rubber covered in steel. It absorbs the impact and-"

He's interrupted by dark tendrils shooting up from a magic circle beneath him and wrapping him up.

"You people talk too much." Xenx'i proclaims from behind Hiro.

"What is this?!" he yells, trying to break free.


"What's that?!"

A tendril wraps around his mouth.

"Something to shut irritating people up."


A battle cry from the administrator's office is heard as a large, yellow pillar of light is seen. It had a blinding effect and was gone before anyone could open their eyes.

"That sounded like Lord Tien!" Hiro yells.

"That guy was the one we were sent here to meet? I thought he was head of security or something." Xenx'i says.

"That would be me." Hiro corrects with a smile.

'...of course it is...' they both think to themselves.

They see Tien come back with Attou over his shoulder, his sword strapped to his back. He gently places him on the ground and kneels over to Hiro.

"I have to go to Bern for a meeting now. You're in charge until I get back. These young dragons will help me remove the toxic gas before we leave so you won't have to worry about it. Is that alright with you?" he instructs.

"Only if you accept my challenge when you return, Lord Tien." Hiro replies.

"Of course. Now, let's get you cleaned up. If you wouldn't mind letting him up, I would appreciate it."

"Oh, are you sure?" Xenx'i hesitantly asks.

He simply nods and she removes the tendrils. He jumps up and cheers. He hugs the dragons, causing a look of disgust to appear on both their faces.

Tien, Hiro and the dragons remove and contain the toxic gas. They bring it with them to Bern. Attou is cuffed and brought as well. He seems to have been affected by the gas and will be treated by the doctors at Bern.

Somewhere that can't be revealed yet!

*loud snoring*
The magician known as The Sorcerer of the Dark, Negative, is sleeping in a chair with a newspaper over his face when suddenly, another mage appears! She takes the paper off his face, puts a blanket over him and walks out the room chuckling.

A/N: This chapter will be receiving a minor update later, so feel free to check back in a few weeks. The 3 characters from the "meeting" will be revealed later obviously. Feel free to guess. Their role is special. XD


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Sep 3, 2015
The respawn menu
Chapter 11: Bern Attacked! Silence before Chaos!

"Where's Drago?! Tell him to get his mopey self out here and hang out with us!" yells Dark from outside.

"Be a little more sensitive! Our dad is still alive! How would you feel if you went through that?!" Maka says, smacking her brother.

Right as they're about to fight, Spinal speaks up.

"Probably the same way he feels about being reminded why he's in such a bad mood." he says, sitting on a bench.

She quiets down.
Dark punches her.

Spinal glares at them as they're about to start it back up.

"...sorry." they apologize.

He sighs. "We'll know more when the panda comes back out. Why can't you two just be patient like Yami?"

They both look over to see the navy colored dragon standing on the roof, eyes closed. Two symbols appear below the twins and freeze them. Loopy comes busting out the door at that moment.

"Dark! Maka! *suddenly starts whispering* I'm this close to cheering him up when you morons come by screaming. Keep quiet until we both come out or you're staying twinsicles, understood?" she warns before thawing them out and heading back inside. She hits Spinal's shoulder as she's heading in.

The black dragon sighs again as he stands up. He walks over to the twins and taps them on their shoulders.

"Let's get going before she gets mad again." he suggests, walking past them. "Getting booted out of my own house..." the scale grumbles.

The Twins gulp and finally move from their frozen positions. They look up and see Yami is gone as well.

"I know!" Maka cheers. "Let's head to the Courts!"

Drago is sitting on his bed, staring at a black scale when Loopy walks in.

"Sorry about that. They mean well, but are a little over-zealous sometimes." she defends, sitting next to him.

He doesn't say anything back. His tail lays on her back as he continues to look at it.

"Take as long as you need. Minato said you could have the week off to recover. And I'll stay here as well." she says, hugging him.

He rests his head on hers, a soft growling being made.

"This is a troubling development. Where is its current location?" The Bahamut asks her Stealth Commander.

"His last known location was in the forest of Marzanna, if Loopy's report of seeing a skeletal dragon there is accurate. I used up too much energy protecting Drago from the attacks of two high level mages to place a tracker on him." Jcoss explains.

"To revive Almia in such a manner, how he must feel right now...this will not be forgiven! Find them and bring them in!" she roars.

Sukichu is thrown aback by The Lady's anger, not knowing her to blow up so quickly, even if it's completely justified to do so. She's acting as if one of her own children were the one attacked. Knowing their Bahamut and how she sees her citizens, that might not be too far off the mark...

The group of young dragons return to the Gospel Courts to kill some time.

"Obstacle course for one." is all Spinal says while putting some money on the table.

"Two. I'm going with you." Dark adds in, following him after putting some bits down.

"I'm going to Arts & Crafts! Care to join me?" Maka asks, excitedly.

Yami shrugs her shoulder and follows the eager dragon.

The male dragons are stretching before the obstacle course begins.

"Which course did you pick anyway? Moderate?" asks the Twin.

"Advanced." replies the Black Scale.

"Makes sense. Why are you even using the obstacle course? Your magic makes you damn near invulnerable."

"I could ask you the same. Your defensive magic is better than mine."

["Course Begin"]

Their path becomes a single, narrow, straight line. Spinal and Dark Armor/Cloak up respectively, then run forwards. Arrows fly at them only to break against the lead dragon's skin and bounce off the Mirror Scale.

The path becomes whole and bumpy, the land deforming as they run. The arrows are replaced with iron rods that Spinal starts smacking away. They continue to bounce off Dark, though he adjusts his body to angle it off away from the rods.

"Things get harder here..." Dark says to himself, no sound coming out.

The rods begin to spin as they launch out into the course. Dark focuses his cloak to bounce them into the ground and give them footholds. Spinal slaps three and melds them into a shield.

Right as they're about to get to the final part, sirens blare and the course shuts down.

The Arts & Crafts section of the Courts is divided into differing sections covering all forms of the entertainment department. From pen & pencil to acoustic practice rooms, you can master your craft in anything. Age groups have been made so no one goes home seeing something they didn't want to. Access to the sections is free. All you have to do is buy a base and rent your supplies to get going.

"Do I want to paint, draw or ohh, I know! I can try sculpting! I've always wanted to and now I can!" Maka cheers, deciding her destination.

Yami rents a flute and heads straight to a practice room, knowing full well what she wanted to do.


Maka is chipping away at a large marble slab she bought and finds that she has an innate talent for this. Without any distractions, she realizes the similarities it has with her wall magic. She stops working when she can't hear her music anymore. She slides down the ladder to check her boom box when the siren blares.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" a cackling laugh is made on top of the Courts.

A knight covered in bone motif armor and wearing a top hat jumps down from the roof as the young dragons run outside.

"No one can match my awesomeness!" he yells, running towards the main city.

Luxtra walks by the Courts when she sees him running off. She finds the group and asks them to accompany her in a series of signals...followed by her simply waving them over.

"Lady Bahamut, there appears to be a man running around the city, using some kind of magic to turn everything silent. Claims that you know him." Masamune says walking in.

"Bonef. I spoke with him previously. Of course he's causing trouble. Why is he here?" she asks.

"Camelot just put out a bounty on Bonef, the Skeleton Knight, for deserting their military. Since it's not a very common name, I'll assume it's him." Sukichu proposes.

"Why go so far?"

"I don't know. Sir Tadashi wouldn't give any more details than that. Said deserters deserve to rot for some nonsensical reason."

"Find him and alert me immediately. I'd like to have a word with him."

"Yes, Lady Bahamut." she complies, bowing.

"We have another guest to Bern as well. They informed us of their arrival beforehand though." Masamune adds.

"That was kind of them. See to it that our uninvited guest doesn't bother them."

"That won't be an issue, Lady Bahamut."


Luxtra and her tag alongs find the knight hip thrusting at passing dragons and demanding beer from everyone else. She calmly walks up and taps his shoulder.

"What the hell do you want?!" Bonef rudely asks.

Luxtra tries to speak sign language, but gets cut off.

"Just talk, you idiot! Just because you can't hear me doesn't mean I can't hear you!"

Unable to hear him, she reflexively asks with her words.

"Can you please remove the magic from the area?"

He removes the spell from her only.

"What are you, an idiot? Then, people could hear me!"

A tick mark appears on her forehead.

"I know. That's the point. Your actions demand you be arrested, but I'm su-"

"What the #@%& did I do?! Stop exaggerating things!"

A second tick mark appears.

"Removing people's sense of hearing can cause major accidents. It's not something you should just be playing around with. Allow me to take-"

"That sounds like their problem! Things have to stay silent, otherwise my enemies will find me!"

"An area covered in your magic would probably indicate that you're there..."

"I knew you were stupid, but this is incomprehensibly dumb! Removing the sound barrier means they'll hear my awesomeness! Bring me to your boss or at least someone more intelligent than a wooden plank!"

She starts squeezing her fist in anger, fire showing up in the area.

A knocking is heard on the door. Loopy gets up and heads downstairs to answer it.

"Coming!" she announces before whispering "Who is it now...?" in an annoyed tone.

She opens the door and gains an irritated look.

"What do you want?"

"I heard about everything. I'm here to get him out of his funk."

"I'm already handling it. Why would you even care? You two hate each other."

"My eternal rival is not allowed to sit around, moping all day. Once we're both ready, we must engage in glorious battle!"

"Eternal rival...?"

"I'll kill him!" Luxtra roars, fire surrounding the area. "He'll be an actual skeleton by the time I'm halfway done with him!"

Spinal, Dark and Maka are holding her back.

"Let me go! I'm gonna flame broil him! No one that insensitive and uncaring deserves to walk around healthy!"

"Let it go, Lux!" Maka yells, pulling back from behind her.

"You'll get arrested for it yourself!" Spinal argues, pushing from the front.

"I'll take the blemish to my record!"

"No need! Tell them I attacked you. I'll even make it true." Bonef says, pulling out a bone rapier.

"A sword duel? Then, I shall fight." Masamune says, walking up from behind them.

"Doesn't matter who. I just need to get some energy out while I wait for your boss."

"From this moment on, the talking ceases."

"Did orchestral music just start playing?" Dark asks, everyone looking around.

The Hero's Fang pulls out his blade and teleports behind Bonef to kick him down. He slashes, easily destroying the Knight's shield.

Bonef swings his blade to clash with the black and silver dragon before the latter cut into him. He kicks up at him, only to find his opponent gone.

Masamune reappears in front of him and sends an energy slash at him. Bonef blocks it, sliding back with his blade.

"That's some swing..." points out the skeleton knight.

"I heard that! His magic is fading!" Maka shouts. "Keep it up!"

Bonef scoffs and breaks his own arm. "Argh!"

The silver haired knight takes a step back to figure out the situation.

"My blade is a breaking type that increases in power as my injuries increase! This boney blade is the Muramasa and you cannot defeat it!"

Masamune teleports and Bonef slashes behind himself to find no one there.

"Your blade is the Death Bringer. Its power transfers your injuries to your opponent. And I said no more talking. Heartless Angel."

Masamune begins to use a flurry of teleports around his opponent, slashing him in a different pressure point every appearance. Then, he appears in front of him and hits him in the head with the butt of his sword. Sheathing his blade, he walks to his fellow dragons.

"I used the dull side of the blade. He's not moving any time soon, but he'll live." the wielder of the One Winged Angel explains.

"May as well take him into custody now." Luxtra reluctantly says, fixing her hair.

"Lady Bahamut wishes to speak with him personally."

"Why? Does she know him?"

"For Intel. That's all I can say right now."

A large skeletal foot stomps down on Bonef as an undead dragon steps out from between two buildings.

"That thing is here?! Minato and Drago couldn't take it out working together!" Dark yells, not having been inside the building to see what happened.

The undead dragon king looks around as if confused to his whereabouts.

"Almia!" A thunderous bellow calls out.

The two fangs move to each side, allowing the Guardian Dragon to walk by. He looks down at her, then droops his head lower.

"According to Jcoss, you shouldn't remember me or this town. Lo-let me clean you up first." she says, raising her hands.

All the debris and random gunk that had built up on him walking around the past few days just slides off before slamming into the ground, cleaning a good portion of his body.

"Now, do you remember me?"

"Lambda..." he softly growls.

"If your memory is becoming that clear, then your soul must still be with you, albeit trapped in your body. I'm gonna bring the sick degenerate to justice for doing this to my predecessor." she says, rubbing his snout.

"Why is he so big? Do all dragons grow that tall?" Maka says in amazement.

"This is getting boring. I can fix that." Negative says on a nearby roof.

He begins to draw symbols in the air using his hands as black and blue energy surrounds them.

"Circus of Fire!" The Chaos Sorcerer casts.

An orange hula hoop wraps around Almia's neck. He jerks his head up in surprise and starts looking around frantically. He looks down at Bonef and his green eyes become yellow. He unleashes a mighty roar that brings the younger dragons to their knees. Shadow tendrils come out of the ground and wrap around the fangs and their leader.

"What happened?!" Lambda yells.

She looks around and sees Negative nearby.


She launches herself up at him when she's cut off midflight by her dead predecessor dragging her back down with a tendril. The dark Mage laughs as she's pulled down.

"Make a perimeter! He does not leave this block, understood?!"

They nod and start up their magic. Yami starts traveling to nearby houses to get anyone out who hasn't already left. Dark and Spinal cloak/armor themselves respectively while Maka puts up a giant wall around Almia.

"He's already dead, so full force, guys." Spinal says before jumping over the wall.

The Bahamut known across the land as the Dark Aether smashes through the wall and smacks Spinal down, cracking his body.

"Argh! That's why!"

"Fair enough." Dark answers.

Swinging his tail, he smashes the rest of the wall down, not caring about the damage he's doing to himself in the process. Maka stumbles and drops her arms. The rest of her wall dissipates and she falls over trying to make another one.

"Sis! Damn it!" Dark roars, cloaking her to prevent any damage from happening to her.

Negative looks to the side and mutters something, putting a barrier up. It blocks a sound wave as Almia's limbs are frozen to the ground. The tendrils release the dragons who get their bearings back.

"Suki!" Lambda calls out.

Sukichu and Loopy run over to the group.

"Spinal is hurt! The rest of us are just exhausted!" Dark yells.

"Got it!" Loopy confirms as she runs over and grabs some water to start healing him.

"It's not that bad..." he says, trying to get up.

She hits his head with a pipe.

"Then stop moving before you make it that bad!"

The Lady raises her arms and clenches her fists, pulling slowly down. Almia is being forced to the ground and finds himself unable to move.

"Black Well!" she yells.

A crater appears below him as he's forced to the ground, slowly rising. Dark energy starts swirling around him.

"Masamune, Luxtra!"

"Yes, Lady!" they yell, jumping in front of her.

Masamune pulls out his blade and Luxtra breathes fire at the dragon from above. The gravity adjusts and the fire swirls around the target. She releases the heavy gravity and Masamune teleports under him to unleash a blade beam. Almia raises a bit before landing back down hard due to the gravity increasing again.

"We could use an Alexander right about now..." Lambda points out, watching Sukichu seal the undead dragon.

[In the Magic Clan, members are split up into four categories depending on their practice. While not having official ranks, Merlin and his higher council take priority in disputes. The greatest higher council in Magnolia's history being Shineman's Covenant of the Seven Lights.

Phantom: Masters of Black Magic, these Mages specialize in offensive magic. Known as Phantoms due to their dark nature, they are typically very aggressive. Might means right and the end justifies the mean for this lot. Negative and Fullblue are examples.
Alexander: Usually pacifists by nature, these clan members prefer to wield the White Magic of healing and holy energy. Named after the original wielder of White Magic, the Royal named Alexander. Incredibly potent against dark magic. Kanoke appears with a big grin.
Meta: Believing balance to be essential to truly mastering magic, Red Mages use both Black and White Magic. Splitting their focus between both prevents them from being a master of either though. Because of their magic combinations, they're known as the Meta. Kat is poking Vale.
Fury: Those who choose to focus on a sole type of elemental magic are called the Furies. Not caring if magic is White or Black, these Mages focus on mastering their element. Because of the nature of their spells, they try to stay by large quantities of their element. Shaara is seen sleeping.


"Some dragon slayer. Helping the lizards." Negative comments, looking at his familiar assistant.

"Coming from the Mage who's entire plan involved one." Freak replies, standing next to Drago. "Where's Vale? I'll assume she's how you got that thing in here."

"I honestly don't know. She was supposed to be here by now. My new project shows great promise though."

"I thought you couldn't control the undead?" Drago adds in, pupils going vertical.

"Not through the mind, but the heart works just as well. Especially when the target has someone close to them and a dead body so close by...hehehehahahahahHAHAHAHA!!!"

He gets cracked across his jaw and launched to the next building.

"I'll kill you!" Drago roars, eyes yellow. He jumps after the dark Mage and kicks him across the face, the kick speeding up through a boost, sending him across the floor.

"You'll be fun! Gyahahahaha!"

The Dark Sorcerer blasts him back with a ball of chaotic energy. He continues to keep blasting Drago into the ground before being blasted by a sonic boom from Sir Freak.

"Two against one hardly seems fair. You'll need at least 3 more people of your level to make this interesting for me!"

He's wrapped in a sphere of wind.

"How about one of a higher level?" Jcoss says, floating in, holding Vale over his shoulder, a bit cut up.

"That explains what took her so long. Oh well."

He erupts in a ball of explosive energy and finds himself out of the sphere, albeit a bit burned.

"It seems your beast has been made immobile." Freaks points out, looking below.

"Watch your mouth, blood sucker. That's still my dad." Drago warns.

"I don't care. I am a dragon slayer! You're all mostly the same to me."


"My rivals hold a special status, but we'll discuss this later. Negative, we need to talk."

"Yes, I suppose we do. However, I don't think these fine citizens will just let us walk out of here." Negative obviously states.

"We'll be getting you guys out of here." says a voice from somewhere in the area.

A sandstorm whips up and covers the area. A yawn is heard in the area before Jcoss disperses the storm. The Mages, the knight and even Almia are all gone.

"Find them. Bring them back here. Inform Saber and Morgana of what happened here. Let's get to fixing up the town...again." commands the Guardian Dragon.

"Yes, Lady Bahamut!" they all comply.

Drago lets loose a booming roar, then speeds off.


"Loopy, I know you want to help, but we have injured." Sukichu interrupts.

"Only Spinal is hurt. Drago is probably more messed up than any of us after that barrage he took from Negative." Jcoss points out.


Loopy flies after him in worry. Lambda flies up to speak with Jcoss.

"Minato, what happened up here?"

"Drago seemed to have inherited his father's berserker gene. It was less dangerous to allow the Magician to use his energy up than let him rampage."

"We'll have Lio take a look at him. I want a meeting of the Fangs in my chamber tomorrow. Understood?"

"Yes, Lady Bahamut."

"Negative, you idiot! What were you thinking?!" Morgana yells at him.

"I decided to have a little fun. That's all. I don't like being cooped up. Ah!" the dark wizard responds, some alcohol on his wound.

"Don't do stupid stuff and you won't get hurt." a wavy haired female Mage wearing purple shades lectures.

"Z, can the mental beat down wait until later? And why aren't you just using your white magic to heal me?"

"Orders. Not allowed. Why don't you use yours? Oh, right."

"Enough! No more of your random strolls into Bern! If not for Shaara and Fullblue, you'd be locked up right now!" Morgana continues to yell at him.

A half asleep Mage wearing brown and red robes waves. He's laying next to Sir Freak, who's sitting quietly.

"How will I entertain myself? Vale is knocked out and Freak probably won't be allowed into Camelot for a while."

"I don't care! Just don't mess with the dragons! Jeez, Neg!"

Morgana walks out and slams the door behind her.

"I'll be fine. My mission involved bringing Bonef back for execution. His dying simply sped up the success of my mission." Freak corrects.

"Good. She forgets who she speaks to. She is only Merlin because I allow her to be."

"Let Morgana enjoy her power for now. Magnolia will follow her lead, but the Covenant stay faithful to their leader." Shaara says, holding a Ruby.

He heads to sleep shortly afterwards. Negative starts laughing before flinching again.

"If you sit still, it'll go by faster."

"If you used some white magic, it would also go faster."

"Same to you."

Z bandages his cheek before walking out of the room.

"You okay, partner?" asks the Silent Killer.

"...get some rest. We're gonna need it."

A/N: Well, after a couple technical difficulties, this chapter is done! Revealed some magic and one new member, plus another member who won't be showing back up. Some old characters will be coming back next chapter, so I hope you look forward to it. nun


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Ch 11B: The Silent Dark Wind

"Things are working out far better than expected! That idiot, Bonef, showed up in Bern and is causing troubles for the dragons. We can sneak in no problem now." Kumori points out, a bat on her arm.

"Cloak the beast. No one will be able to see or hear it coming now." Negative orders.

Kumori begins muttering something under her breath as black streams of magic start flying around the Former Bahamut. A shadowy veil overlaps his body, making the area he's in seem covered in a generous shade. Not noticing their presence, the beast keeps walking, forcing the Crazy Vampire to move while she casts.

"The Cloak of Hayabusa is around him. They won't know where it is until it wishes to be seen." she confirms for him.

"We won't be able to speak once we're in there thanks to that bumbling fool and Freak not being here. If you find yourself in any danger, you're on your own. I'll be far too busy to keep you from getting chewed up."

"Of course. As the former head of our research department, I make it a priority to learn all of the information as I go along."

Kumori jumps and glides to the next building to keep up with the undead king.

"At least it's a cloudy day..."

"Everything is going a little too perfect. Z, you there?" Neg asks.

"You know I am." a voice says all around him.

"You should stay with Kumori and keep her out of trouble."

"Oh?" Some scribbling is heard and a tan skinned female Mage holding a giant pencil appears in front of him. "And here I thought you liked the sound of my voice~"

"You know I do. Kumori is an idiot though. She'll do something crazy and get herself in trouble. I can handle myself."

"My top priority is keeping you safe. I couldn't care less about the rest of the clan in comparison."

"Hmph, fine then. Stay out of sight."

She bows.

"Of course. I am everywhere and nowhere~"

She writes a spell mid-air and turns invisible.

Negative smirks and walks towards his destination.

"Where is Negative?" Morgana asks Fullblue.

"He left. Said he was going to go pick up his assistant."

"Has Freak recovered already?"

Blue shrugs her shoulders.

"We haven't heard from Camelot. Since Freak is one of theirs and not ours, they more than likely wouldn't feel a need to inform us of his recovery. That's the only reason I can think of."

"No need to worry then. We'll give him about 30 minutes, then head over to Camelot to see what's taking so long."

"As you wish."

Blue bows her head, then goes back to her writing.

"I'm so bored...how long do I have to cloak this thing?" The Crazy Vampire asks herself.

She looks around and sees a few people walking around the main streets.

"Couldn't hurt to have a little fun. Night Raid."

She sends out a few of her bats to the streets below. One grabs an ice cream cone from a child's hand and brings it up to her.

"Mmmm, strawberry." she says, licking it.

Another bat steals an ice cream cone about to be given out and hands it to the girl, who was about to start crying. She smiles and takes it.

"No problems as long as I'm not caught, right?~"

"I'm sure this is very entertaining for you, but knock it off!" Sir Krill says, being passed back & forth by the bats.

Kumori just giggles and keeps going about her mission. She finds a short dragon working on an antenna and licks her lips.

"If you find yourself in any danger, you're on your own." Negative's words ring.

"What's one dragon? I'll be out of here before anyone else shows up. Bloody Stream."

She sends out a red whip and covers his mouth with it, pulling him to her. Licking her lips one last time, she bites into his neck, causing his spastic movements to slow down. He raises a hand to her stomach and compressed air shoots from it into her. He pulls the magic binding off of his mouth.


Having knocked the wind out of her, he pulls her off and backs up a bit, stumbling.

She wipes her mouth and gets up.

"Don't go too far. I'm not done eating and I'd rather not have to chase my meal."

"I...don't...run." he adamantly replies, causing her to smirk.

She gains a twisted smile and licks her lips yet again.

"Good boy. Let me enjoy my meal~"

He raises his arms up slowly only to find a group of bats grabbing them and pinning him to the ground.

"Don't hurt him too much. I don't want to waste his blood. It wasn't the best, but wasting subjects goes against my principles."

A gust of wind blows her bats back to her as Sir Krill lands next to the young dragon.

"I'll take care of him! You just get her!" the orange knight says as he grabs the youngling.

Minato lands in front of them.

"My pleasure. Take Blak to Lio's place nearby. She can get him to the hospital a lot quicker." he says without looking back.


Sir Krill hops down and trips over something he can't see. He doesn't fall, but can't see whatever it was that did it, so he keeps going.

"What're you doing here, Kumori? I can't let you leave after what you did."

"None of your business, Jcoss."

"All these years and you still won't call me by my first name. Very well, I'll force it out of you."

A tornado whips around him and he vanishes.

"Typical ninja..."

"That looks like Jcoss's magic. Kumori can't handle him on her own. She'll need your help." Negative writes out in the air.

"Then, you help her. I'm not stopping you." Z replies.

"I'll be maintaining the cloak over the beast while you two are fighting him, so I won't need any help."

"And if another Fang appears?"

"I'll get our big, slow friend to help me deal with them."

"He won't listen to you."

"I know, but I've already planned for that. Trust me on this, Z."

"Alright, but if you get hurt, I'm not making your healing painless."

"Then I won't get hurt."

Some quick stepping is heard before a jump.

"I guess Bonef's magic doesn't reach this far out. Lucky for me!" Kumori announces.

She launches a red whip that's caught by Minato. He looks around to see a bunch of bats releasing sonic waves around the area.

"I can hear you just fine."

"A good effort. Not good enough."

He smacks her whip aside and comes in close. She brings out another whip and swings it sideways, wrapping around his torso and shocking him.

He grits his teeth and places his hand on her gut.

"Air Shot."

Compressed air slams into her stomach and she stumbles back.

"That was a lot stronger than the last one! Gotta stay-"

"Air Shot."

She looks up to find his palm to her forehead before flying to the side and avoiding it.


Some scrubbing is heard.

"Thank you will suffice." Z says, showing up next to her.

"Two on one hardly seems fair." Minato points out.

"You're just as cocky as Negative." Z says, knowing what he's about to say.

“Please, I'm far cockier than him. And just to prove a point. Wing Blaster.” Minato says, green energy surrounding him.

“That doesn't sound very assassin like.” Z states. “Nevertheless, White Out.”

The Typhoon Fang opens his wings to reveal two magic circles on his wings. The pencil wielding mage draws a circle on the ground and a white bubble shield surrounds them. He flaps his wings and launches a green eagle of energy that disperses as it hits the shield. The shield seemed to take no damage, but its assaulter vanished.

“Good luck. I have to go.” Z states, drawing a portal.

“What?! Where are you going?” Kumori argues.

“To grab backup. This plan is clearly going to fail. We need help.”

Z jumps through the portal and her shield dissipates. The Crazy Vampire sends bats in every direction hoping to land a hit.

“Night Raid! Night Raid! Night Raid! I've just fed! I can keep this up all day!”

Minato bursts through the bats from behind her, wraps one arm around her and places the other on her.

“Air Shot.”

The force knocks the wind out of her and she falls unconscious. The silver ninja throws her over his shoulder and stares at her.

“Sorry Vale. I don't have all day to play...this time.”

“What do you want?” Drago asks.

Sir Freak had shown up at his door talking about his “eternal rival.”

“I came to your town to warn you of an attack by my master, Negative.”

“Why would you do that? Why wouldn't you just help him?” Loopy asks.

“The big people are talking.” Freak replies without looking.

“You wanna be a Freaksicle again?!” Loopy threatens. >BU

Drago pulls her in close and stares The royal down down.

“She's right. Now answer her, tomato sucker.” he says.

“Master Negative's plan makes no sense. He's attacking your city despite a mage being the one who controlled me. He pretends to control that beast while actually just following it around. His plan will fail because there is no plan! He knows who assaulted me, yet attacks another! I cannot blindly follow him.”

“Wait, you know who it was that controlled you?!” Loopy asks.

“My memory is fuzzy at best of the incident, but my master insisted he knew who it was and that it was a mage.”

“He won't sell out one of his own, even if they did attack him. He'd rather handle it himself, no?”

“Precisely. Which is why this attack on Bern confuses me so much.”

“What beast?” Drago asks, tone flat.

“The skeletal beast from that witch's lab, butt sniffer.”

Without a word, the Emerald Dragon places Loopy on the couch and heads outside. The latter runs after him and hugs his back.

“Please wait for me…”

“Loopy, I-” he starts before getting kicked in the groin.

“I said no fighting until you're fully healed!” >8U

Drago falls to the ground as Freak reaches for his own.


“Now, I'm gonna go grab DLady. You don't move until I get back!”

Loopy runs off as Drago goes limp on the ground. Freak just stares at him.

“That made coming here worth it.”

After the battle…

“Negative's new plaything is putting a giant wrench in our plans.”

“That 'plaything' was once Bern's leader. You will show him some respect.”

“A lizard king is still a lizard.”

“Now now, you two. Our goal must see fruition. I can practically taste success...and all the benefits that come with it~”

“Have you located Almia's hiding spot for the Soul?”

“Not yet. We're running out of places to search, so it must be close. How is your assassin coming along?”

“Quite nicely. The Bahamut will end and start anew in his flames.”

A monitor shows the current location of Almia's corpse and the screen next to it shows an armored red harpy.

A/N: This chapter probably seems all over the place and I apologize for that. It basically explains all the stuff that happened in the background of Ch 11.


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The Knight Awakens! Missing Dragons?

“My people will not allow this to pass. I will not die today.” Itsuki says, chained to the wall.

“Oh, yes, you will. You're only still alive because my associate believes doing so will draw the others here. If it had not been for that, you'd already be filling my belly.” Fullblue argues, grabbing his chin.

“The Void, right? I know you're sick, but attacking the hospital seems like a low blow.”

“Not the hospital. Just you. And not only you~” she sings as she leaves.

“...that's not good.”

“Any word on our missing citizens?” Luxtra asks.

“Not yet. We may have found a piece of evidence to their whereabouts though. A red feather, large enough that only a harpy could have shed it.” Minato reports.

“Red harpies are unfortunately common.”

“Correct. Our research shows that it doesn't match any harpy on our records. Though, much to my chagrin, our records on harpies are pretty lackluster.” Kisuke reports.

“And Sukichu?” Luxtra asks.

“Has already left for the Great Canyon with Maka and Blaksun.” Minato reports.

“Blak is already healed? Am I to assume Lio is taking the news about Itsuki poorly?” Lux asks.

“...yes, ma'am. Drago and I will be following up on a rumor and checking out the Misty Oak Forest.”

“Negative. That forest holds a powerful illusion that could trigger his recently reactivated Berserker gene. Take Loopy with you. Her ice magic could assist you with the fog causing the illusion.” Luxtra orders.


“Lady Bahamut!” yells a blue and silver Dragon coming in.

Lambda looks over to him, but says nothing.

“Chronicle, what is it?” Luxtra asks.

“Eruner has woken up!”

The Fangs stood up straight, then looked towards their leader. She nods and they rush out to head for the hospital…

“It's so hot out here…” Maka complains.

“Stop complaining. Imagine how it feels for Suki. At least you're not a frost dragon.” Blaksun argues.

“It's okay, Blak. It's hot for everyone, even the harpies who live here. There's an oasis on the other side, so we just have to make it there.” Suki points out.

They pass by a hole in the cliffside that appears to have a sign above it.

“Great Canyon Oasis...this is it?!” Maka exclaims.

“Probably just named after it. Lets check it out.” Sukichu states.

They head inside and find a surprisingly clean bar. It appeared to also be a small convenience store carrying food and pharmaceuticals. A mage wearing a tattered desert cloak, a swamp shaman and a knight with stone armor sit at a table while being waited by a black raven harpy. Four people sit at the bar having a small discussion. They walk up to the counter to find a wingless, black scaled dragon cleaning a cup.

“How can I help you today?” he asks, putting the cup away.

“We're searching for the Great Canyon Oasis...the actual oasis. Think you can help us out?” Sukichu asks.

“You've made it this far, so it's not much of a walk at this point. That'll be 15 bits each for the rest.” he says with a smile.

“What?! You money grubbing-!” Maka starts.

“Gotta make a living. Selling information was actually one your citizen's ideas.”

“We'll pay. How much for a map of the area?” Sukichu requests.

“Don't pay him!” Maka interjects.

“Maka. No need to cause a fuss. It's how things work around here.”

“If Drago were here, we'd already be throwing hands!”

“Drago what?” asks the bartender.

“Ridley. You know him?” Sukichu asks.

“Hahaha! My name's Chrome! Come to my office. A debt needs to be repaid.” he says walking to the back. “Guru, watch the shop.

A chef with white wolf ears comes, salutes and stands at the bar. The dragons hesitantly follow him to the back of the restaurant. The 4 knights having the conversation start laughing before the girl on the left notices the dragons leaving. She taps the male next to her and points.

“How are you feeling?” A tan dragon asks Eruner.

“My head is killing me, but I feel like I'd be in worse condition without your aid. I thank you.” the knight responds.

“You're quite welcome. My name is Lio. I'm the Fang in charge of the Medical Corps. I'll need some information from you if that's okay.”

“Gladly. Let's start with the man responsible for cutting me down. The Dragon Slayer in charge of Camelot's foreign policy, Sir Tadashi.”

“Sir Tadashi? That confirms a lot of my suspicions.” Minato says coming in. “Am I to assume the mage Fullblue was in on it?”

“Correct. I walked in on a meeting between him and the mage Fullblue. They were discussing the practice of feeding on Dragon meat. Appalled, I knew I couldn't just exit the bastion, so I went upstairs to act as if I never witnessed it. The witch was waiting for me up there.” Eruner explains.

“You said Tadashi cut you down.” Lio interjects, confused.

“Correct. The fox used her magic to summon some more assassins to attack me. I struck them down with ease before Sir Tadashi walked up and cut me down with his Pandemonium.”

“Pandemonium should cut off your senses. How did you know it was Tadashi?” Kisuke asks.

“The ability you were told is a lie. Pandemonium actually turn the fears of its victim to light. My greatest fear was my armor failing me. I fell victim to my fear and it happened.”

“What's your plan now? Gonna let the dogs loose on him?” the research head asks with a smirk.

“Royal Clan protect one another, blood and honor. He lost that when he assaulted me.”

“Not to interrupt, but you said something about dragon meat?” Minato asks.

“You're looking for a red harpy responsible for dragons going missing? I could give you a map, but I doubt Syn knows what's going on either.” Chrome points out.

“Why is that?” Sukichu asks.

“I've seen the harpy in question. He comes in and sits by himself in the corner everyday. Orders a single glass of water. Stares out the door until he leaves.”

“I guess that's a little strange, but how does that keep us from learning about him?” Blak asks.

“Harpies are incredibly social creatures. They also believe any amount of work should be rewarded. I'lI assume he never leaves a tip?” Maka explains.

“Absolutely correct. Even the harpy that works in my establishment is a server to meet a lot of different new friends. She makes pretty good tips too.” Chrome confirms.

“She may know of a banned citizen. We must speak with her as soon as possible.” Sukichu interjects.

“Alright. You're almost there. Follow these cliffs to the right…”

Minato heads downstairs to an emergency room on the first floor.

“Drago, you in there? I'm looking for…” he starts, walking in.

He finds the young dragon encased in glass everywhere except his head. Loopy is feeding him some applesauce.


“Hey, Jcoss!” Drago greets.

“Don't act like this is a normal way to find someone…”

“Had he stopped trying to break out of his room, this wouldn't have happened.” Loopy lectures. ò3ó

“...I'm gonna find out eventually, so I'll just get it over with. What happened?”

“When I left the last battle, I made it to the outskirts of town before passing out. I woke up in the hospital and tried to break out cause they wanted to give me a shot.” ouo

“How are you encased in glass?” the exasperated fang asks, gripping his forehead.

“You should rest , Sir Eruner.” Chronicle says.

“I have been resting. For weeks, I have allowed myself to slack off. No more.” Eruner replies, getting dressed.

His armor destroyed, the knight puts on some clothes given to him by the hospital. He straps his blade to his side and slings his shield over his shoulder.

“You were discussing some missing dragons when you came in. Who all is missing and for how long?”

“They started disappearing before the summit. Within the last week, we've had 3 more kidnappings. Those were Itsuki Predator, Al Dragonia and Spinal Hohenheim. Stolen from their home while helping out at the hospital.” Lio states, tightening her grip on her clipboard.

“Yes, that term does seem more appropriate. If Sir Tadashi is involved, I have an idea where you can look. However, I must report this to my King with haste. The Knights of Camelot will not allow even one of our own to tarnish our honor!” Eruner says before leaving the room.

“These Royals sure are interesting.” Lio thinks aloud, checking off on a list.

“It seems I've underestimated them.” Fullblue states.

She looks at the security cameras to find that all three of her catches had escaped. One set of chains is melted, while another is dripping with water. The last, however, is missing entirely.

“That's not a good sign.”

She rushes out of the security room and down the hall to check for a trail. She passes Negative, who just smirks at her.

“Blue, you didn't lose the lizards, did you?” he chuckles.

“It wasn't me. Those chains should have been mythril. They shouldn't have been capable of using magic!”

“Calm down, my glutinous amethyst. Everyone has to go through evaluations. Especially when they break the rules.”

Her eyes go wide at that and she looks back at him, only to have to catch a purple gem and a hairpin.

“Are we gathering the Covenant?”

“Indeed. You, however, managed to annoy me recently with your capturing of Freak. This is a test for you. Enjoy.”

“Where are you going?” Blue asks, clipping her hairpin on.

“To gather our other allies. Z is grabbing Lich, While Freak is earning his place. My plan is almost complete, so everyone must be present.”


Fullblue bows and continues searching.

“Drago, you have a visitor.” Maka announces, walking in with a clipboard.

“Hey, big bro! Long time, no see!” Kat says, walking in.

“Hey, Kat! It's great to see you!” Drago replies. “I'd hug you, but...yeah.”

“I'll get you out. No worries!”

The blonde mage touches his head, then they disappear in a poof of feathers, reappearing in the middle of the room.

“Your magic is cool.”

“Gotta love the Phoenix. Let's go!”

Kat runs out the room, Drago in tow.

“Where are we going?”



“...someone desecrated dad's grave.”


“Here we are. The Harpies' nesting grounds.” Sukichu announces.

“The Great Canyon Oasis…” Maka and Blak stare in disbelief.

In front of them was a breathtaking view of a series of giant lakes. They weren't sure how far they extended, but it didn't currently matter. Their destination was near the front.

“All this water came from the tundra region north of here. Where Loopy and I are from.”

“Wait, you're telling me we could have gone around that hellhole and came straight here?!” Maka yells.

“It was faster to come straight here then go around and come back down, right?” Blak assumes.

“Yup! We didn't have time for that.” Suki confirms, walking towards their destination. “Besides, even if we did have the time, we couldn't have gone that way anyway. Not without Kisuke or Lio.”

“Why's that?” Maka asks.

“Thanks to a pact between my home village and the village in the Misty Oak Forest, we're not able to use it as a travel route. Kisuke and Lio are from there, so they're allowed to visit home whenever they wish.”

“And there's no point in bringing them if we didn't have time to go around anyway.”

Sukichu nods and stops at a set of iron doors. Two harpies wearing grey dragonfly armor hold up razor fans in front of themselves.

“State your business.”

“We wish to speak with Ambassador Syn. She knows we're coming. I am Sukichu Panda of Bern.”

Suki pulls out an ID and they step aside, letting them in.

“I thank you for your kindness.”

The doors close behind them and they find a series of hallways with seemingly no walkable paths leading to them. At every passageway though, were signs with directions in every known language. The Sapphire dragon proceeds towards the main chamber while her assistants follow, Blak having to help Maka through the area.

“I wonder what Drago did for that guy.” Maka thinks out loud.

“Let's ask him on the way back.” Suki says, smiling.

They arrive to find Syn sitting on her beanbag with a smile and a red phoenix harpy perched above her, staring them down.

“No need to worry, my quiet friend. They will not hurt you. This is a friend of mine.” Syn speaks up.

“...” he simply looks away.

“There's no need to fret, I assure you. You'll be unharmed, I promise. Okay, Genome?”

A/N: Kat's back! Haven't seen her in a while! Next chapter gets dark. Hell, Dark might even show up! You'll finally get to meet the last member of Shineman's Council too! Literally, none of that might happen. ouo

Also, name drop, plus four more members! They'll be revealed at a later time, as always, so no worries!


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The respawn menu
The Phoenix Takes Flight! Mystery of the Fog!

“Syn, we need to ask your help on an extremely dire situation.” Suki says, bowing.

“Of course. Anything for a friend.” the harpy leader replies.

She does a short nodding bow, then flies down to meet them from her seat. Genome follows, never taking his eyes off the dragons.

“How may I be of service?”

“We believe one of your harpies is assisting in the abduction of several dragons.”

“And by ‘believe,' she means we know for a fact they did.” Blak corrects.

“And where do these accusations come from? Have you any proof?” Syn requests.

“A feather found at the most recent crime scene indicates a red harpy helped the kidnappers succeed. We were hoping you could help us figure out who it was or at least assist in narrowing our search down.” Suki explains.

“Do you currently have the feather?”

“Yes. We got as much as we could out of it, so we assumed you could do better.”

Sukichu motions for Maka to hand her the evidence in question. The young one starts patting herself all over before starting to freak out.

“I can't find-oh, there it is.” she says with a sigh of relief.

She hands it over to Syn, who stares intently at it. She has one of her guards deliver it to another room.

“I assume you have a report?” the Harpy leader requests.

“Ah, yes!” Maka announces before handing it over.

“Make a copy of this.” Syn orders before giving it to someone else.

“She didn't even look at it. This might not be good.” Blak thinks.

“When they come back, we’ll know exactly who did this, so until then, relax.” she says with a smile. “Take a seat anywhere. Sorry it's not furnished. We tend to find couches inappropriate for the throne room.”

“That's alright. We’ll manage.” Suki replies. “I was wondering about the throne room though.”

“It's nice, right? Brand new.”

“It just...doesn't seem your style to have one. You always hated the idea of thrones.” Suki questions.

“Every other leader has one. It was simply high time I caught up.”

“Magnolia doesn't have a throne, nor the machine city of Andropolis that Camelot watches over. Even my hometown of Yukidaru lacks a formal leader.” Sukichu explains.

“And their situations matter not to me. This was my decision and I'm sticking with it. You worry too much, my friend. The results will be back soon, so relax.” Syn says, trying to reassure her.

“Sure, Syn. It's been a long day.” Suki laughs, scratching her head.

Syn puts her hand on the blue dragon’s shoulder and leads her to a resting room. Suki whispers something under her breath and Blak nods.

“Do they know we’re here?” a worried knight says from the ceiling.

“I'm not sure, but we go under the assumption we've been compromised when it comes to dragons. I'll take no chance.” another replies. “Everyone, prepare to leave.”

“Come on, Geets! We’re tougher and there are more of us! We can take them easily.”

“I agree with Grey. We can remove them quickly and quietly.” another says.

“Nothing about you has ever been quick or quiet, Zet.” Geets argues.

“But Geets. We’re stronger now. You don't have to worry about us.” the female knight argues.

“This is neither a combat mission, nor up for debate. We wait them out or leave.”

“Why do either? They don't think we’re enemies.” Grey points out.

“Until we come popping out of the shadows like some ninja. Since you lot want to argue, we’re heading back. Grey, open a portal.”

The young mage sighs and recites an incantation before creating a portal they all walk through.

“Why is that the one you always need the words for?” the female knight asks.

“Hey, teleportation is difficult. I'd rather not mess up and we pop out in the middle of Lycia.”

Their leader just sighs and gently pushes them both in. The portal closes behind him and Blaksun looks up.

“Oh! The offer extends to all of you. Not just Suki.” Syn says, coming back in.”

“Neat.” Maka cheers, heading in.

“The Royals left.” Blak says bluntly.

“What Royals?” Syn asks.

“The ones that were hiding when we got here. They just left.”

“If there were any here, they'd be welcomed as guests. They would have no reason to hide.”

“How many were there, Blak?” Suki asks.

“Four. Four voices anyway. One of them was possibly a mage.”

“You're sure of this?” Syn asks.

“My Air magic may not as refined as Minato’s, but I'm positive they've left.”

“In that case, I'll need your assistance.” Syn requests.

“Of course.” Sukichu replies with a smile.

“It's actually kind of pretty.” Loopy says, looking around the forest.

“I guess so…” Jcoss halfheartedly responds.

“The mist in the air is created by manipulating water droplets through magic. This is more advanced than even Suki is capable of.” the tiny dragon points out in awe.

“Sukichu has used illusion magic before…”

“Not to this scale. The rumors state that the mist covering the entire forest comes from a single source.”

“I'm not one to completely dismiss a rumor, but that one is a little difficult to believe.”

“Aye! Right you are, laddie!” says a booming voice from in front of them.

Jcoss starts whipping up some wind while Loopy runs forward.

“Lich!” she cheers.

She jumps up and hugs the blue frost mage in front of her, who pulls her into a tight hug.

“‘Appy to see ya too, lass.” he returns.

Jcoss slowly calms down his current while the other two release from the hug.

“Where's de otha wee lassie?”

“She's busy with another mission. Why are you here?” Loopy asks, head cocked.

“I've been requested by Master Shine to return to Magnolia. I can't say no more than that though.”

“You've said too much as it is.” Z says from behind him.

The pencil wielding mage is drawing some runes on the trees, dispersing the fog in their area.

“Who's that?” Loopy asks.

“Where are my manners? This is Master Z, Head of Magnolia’s Alexander Arts.” Lich introduces.

“Yo.” Z greets and smiles.

“...weren't you involved in the attack on Lycia?” the snow dragon asks.

“I was there, but I never attacked anyone. Not the purpose of a white mage, ya know?” she laughs.

“You attacked Bern? I protect Bern under Shine’s orders. It's a good place with great citizens.” Lich argues.

“Not my call, nor has it been Shine’s for a while. If you have a problem, come back home and complain about it in person. I don't know why we’re even still here.”

“Considering you can teleport, I've been wondering the same thing.” Jcoss points out.

“Well, for starters, I can't teleport.” Lich explains. “Also, just because I’ave to return home does not mean mah job is put on’old. I'm grabbing a friend of mine to watch over Yukidaru while I'm away.”

“You've really calmed down over the years. I'm not sure I can call you Wrath anymore.” Z says, smiling.

They all fall to the ground to find a white harpy with glowing yellow eyes in front of them.

“When did we start floating…?” Loopy groans, getting up.

“I got tired of waiting, so I created a platform to carry us through the fog. Not sure what happened to it…”

“I removed it.” the harpy says.

“Ploep! Just the bird I been looking for!” Lich announces.

“She's a member of the covenant, Lich. She's coming home too.” Z points out.

“Then who am I supposed to get to watch Yukidaru?”

“We’ll send someone. That area will be our responsibility soon anyway. May as well start a regular patrol.” Jcoss states.

“That's nice’n’all, but who will watch it until then?”

“We’ll get Garu to watch it. Just tell him he needs to guard the Southeastern entrance. The Misty Oaks will protect the West.” Ploep suggests, eyes closed.

Z puts some shades on her feathered friend.

“We’ll remove the curse. I can do it once you're home since I've recently learned how. You can thank Kumori once we get back.” the white mage suggests.

“And that's a great idea. We can grab him on our way out.” Lich states.

“Curse?” Loopy asks.

“I know you don't want to think it's one of your own doing this, but we’re certain it is.” Sukichu argues.

“Not only is it one of ours, I've known who it is for a few days now. Hairball, report.” Syn commands, hand out.

“Yes, sister.”

The harpy wearing a robe hands her leader a folder. She then hands it to Sukichu without even opening it.

“Wait, what?!” Maka yells. “Why didn't you tell us?!”

“It does seem counter-productive, but I'll take it had something to do with the Royals present?” Blak asks.

“Even more than that. Genome left for a foreign land strong and willful, only to come back a frightened child with no remorse.” Syn explains. “What they did to him is beyond inhumane. It's the work of the devil herself.”

Suki’s brings her hand up to her mouth as tears start to fall.

“We couldn't risk that happening to anyone else.”

“What did they do to him…?” Maka shakily asks.

“They killed him. Again and again and again. They would torture him, kill him, allow him to revive himself, then start over.”

“That's sick.” Blak states, head lowering. “We’re doing something about this, right?”

He lifts his head up to see Sukichu forming a cold mist around herself.

“Oh yeah. Our next stop is Camelot.” she declares.

“There's nothing you can do.” says Genome as he floats down. “There's nothing anyone can do...so I'll handle it myself.”

He bursts into blue flames and launches himself out of the building.

“Genome!” Syn yells, flying after him.

She reaches the roof and stops, her friend almost out of sight. She hops down and grabs Suki, talons freezing in the process.

“He isn't thinking straight right now. You have to stop him from attacking their fortress. He’ll never make it through.” she pleads, voice cracking.

“Of course, my friend. I'll see to it personally.” the Fang agrees.

“Seems she loved him.” Blak whispers to Maka.

“Remember how I said harpies are very social creatures? Syn loves everyone. She sees her kingdom as her family. Every elder is treated like her grandparents. Every child is seen as a sibling. She probably sees Genome like a little brother. And after what he already went through, I'd imagine it's like seeing your loved one picking a fight with the one who put them in a hospital.” Maka whispers back.

“Syn, according to your report, they tortured more than one citizen of Bern years ago. Who was that?” Sukichu asks.

“I don't know his name. He was a young dragon from Lycia.”

“Mind if I take a copy of this report with me?”

“You can take that report. We have dozens of copies. Why, might I ask, do you need it?”

“I'm gonna compare this to a report back home. I'll send the results.”

The Fang of the Frozen Sea walks out without another word.

“The Petrafire curse?” asks an old werewolf.

“Yes.” Ploep answers. “My friend said she could fix it back home, but since you're the source of this fog, I was hoping you had the power to do it.”

The wolf wears a wooden armor with leaves sticking out the top. Holding a pipe in their left hand and a cane in their right, they eye everyone in the group.

“You're the source of this fog? Sukichu, Luxtra and myself combined don't have that kind of magical power.” Jcoss questions.

“You're right to be skeptical. To cover such a large forest with a dense, never ending fog and do so as casually as I appear to be seems to be impossible. The work of fairy tales...which normally include talking dragons, lycans and magicians.” the old mage smirks.

“Humor proves nothing.” The Tempest Fang argues.

“Right you are! However, to answer my young lady’s question, I can remove the curse.”

“Awesome!” Ploep cheers.

“Not right away though. I need you to do something for me first. Take the path to my right and he-”

Before they can finish, the white harpy walks back to Z and Lich.

“They're not my problem. If you won't help me, I'll have my friend remove the curse. I wouldn't want to hurt any citizens in there with it.”

“You can't. They're unaffected by Stone Magic.”

“...oh? You mean I could have stayed there this whole time and not worried about walking into a random traveller?!”

“I suppose.”

She stomps her way over to the town in question as everyone just watches her leave.

“You're not gonna help her?”

“I’ave to keep Yukidaru safe. I'm going to go grab Garu, then come back.” Lich states, leaving.

“This is not only not my problem, I really don't care about whatever town is back there.” Z points out, shrugging.

“My mission involves you and literally none of these other people.” Jcoss says.

“I haven't gotten a word in edgewise since we got here!” Loopy yells. “And I'm the only reason we can even see in this fog in the first place! I have to concentrate, so I can't say much…”

“Oh? I'll help you out then.” the lycan replies.

Suddenly, the mist covering the ground in the forest disappears. Behind the source are wooden paws in a standing position, but the upper half is still covered in mist.

“You have that much control over the mist?” Jcoss asks, sweating a bit.

“Of course. Not bad for a thousand years old, huh?”

“You've lived a millennia?!” Z yells.

“Yup. They called me Cherry. I trained your Almia, your Pac and your Gohan, among others.”

“You're older than most of our kingdoms!” Loopy exclaims.

“As much as I love being reminded of my age, you should go help your feathered friend. I'll answer any questions after that.”

“...I need to bring her back to Magnolia anyway…” Z sighs.

“If you're willing to answer our questions, I see no reason we can't help. Come on, Loopy.” Jcoss reluctantly agrees.

“Got it!”

They follow after Ploep into Delrosa.

“Any actual idea where we’re going?” Itsuki asks.

“No clue! If we keep going in a straight line long enough though, we should end up outside!” Spinal responds.

“Uh, guys? I'm more than sure we've passed that door seven times at this point.” the water dragon points out.

“Maybe it just looks familiar. These people probably don't consider design choices while making their goddamn torture chambers!” Spinal argues.

“No, I agree with Al. We haven't run into a single bloody guard or even turned since we started down this stupid hallway! I'm stopping.” Itsuki retorts.

He jumps and slams on his feet, creating a dust cloud.

“What are you doing?!” Spinal yells back, only to run into Itsuki from behind. “What the cluck?!”

“I knew it! We've been running in circles!” Al boasts.

“But how!? We haven't even turned since we started!”

“It must be that red headed witch! She has the ability to create portals, doesn't she?” Itsuki reminds them.

“In that case, I have an idea.” Spinal says.

He points the spear he had been carrying forward and tries down the hallway again. It stabs into something that cannot be seen before a burst of magical energy is absorbed into the spear. Once destroyed, they find four mages wearing black and red, white, purple and blue respectively directly in their path.

“They got out! Alert Master Blue!” Blue says.

“No way! We’ll tell her after we take them down!” Red says.

“We’ll present her with their corpses as a gift!” Purple says.

White launches a steel girder at the dragons. Spinal stabs the spear into the ground and his palm into the girder, splitting it down the middle.

“Burning Fist!” Red yells before throwing a fireball.

“Al!” Spinal orders.

Al soaks himself in water and jumps into the fireball, dispersing it.

“Poison Gas!” Purple exclaims.

He releases a cloud of brown gas towards the dragons as Red cocks his fist back.

“Burning Fist!”

Spinal slams his palms down and puts up an earth wall before Itsuki surrounds them all in a green sphere. The fire hits the gas and ignites it, filling the hall with flames. Blue puts up a pipe made of ice to subdue the flames, melting in the process.

“You don't stand a chance! We got home field advantage, lizards!” Purple taunts.

“Until it turns against you.” Spinal adds.

He claps his hands and slaps his own chest, hardening his body to a diamond like state. He slams the floor and the walls surrounding the mages come together with a crunch.

“Ew...that's gross.” Itsuki says.

“I have to agree…” Al adds.

“Let's clear them out the way and keep going.” Spinal orders.

The wall bursts open and the quadruplets are surrounded by a steel shell with dents in it. It falls to either side of them and they stand up, cheering.

“You're no match for the Four Rocket Bros!” They exclaim.

“Enough of this.” Spinal tiredly states.

He grabs the spear and walks towards them. He cuts a fireball and a cloud of poison gas in half, smacks a girder to the side, then stabs into a torrent of water with it.

“What's that thing made of?!” Blue yells.

“Good question. You were holding us prisoner with it.”

“That's diathryil? How’d you make a weapon out of diamond and mythril?!” Red questions.

“Thanks for the info.”

Spinal cuts them down, then pushes them to the side with the floor. They make their way past before a black portal appears before them.

“I can't just allow my meal to escape. It's even still kicking and screaming. That makes this so much better.” Fullblue says, stepping into the hallway.

“Who's screaming?” Al asks, sweating.

“You can't hear it? Listen closely~” Blue sings.

The Nine Tailed Void flicks and flips her wrists repeatedly before bringing them both in front of her body.

“Don't let her finish! Take her down!” Spinal commands.

“You're not my target.” Fullblue states.

She spreads both hands apart vertically before moving them 180° clockwise and bringing them back together, purple and blue magic surrounding them.

“Please, Master Fullblue, no! We can still capture them!” Blue pleads, falling into a void with the others.

He tries to crawl out, but he's on the bottom of the pile. Attempting to kick his brothers off, he falls into the void with them before it disappears. Blue lets out a small burp of fire, gas and water before licking her lips.

“Kicking and screaming~” She purrs.

The trio of dragons stand there, frozen. Al’s legs start to shake before he drops to his knees and begins blabbering to himself.

“Those were her teammates. Ate them. Eat us. Not possible. Still happened.”

“Well, the quickest way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach~”

“That's a man's heart, you sick bimbo.” Itsuki corrects.

“You don't say?”

She sends her hand through a portal and a puncturing noise is heard. Spinal’s eyes go wide after he turns around to find a hand going through the medical dragon’s torso, holding his stomach. It pulls back through and she holds it in front of her.

“I appear to have your stomach now, but I still don't have your heart. Let's see how bravado tastes.”

She bites his stomach and tears the flesh from it before swallowing.

“Seems you had a pretty healthy diet. Too bad you have to go.” she taunts.

Itsuki just smirks and flips her off.

“You're barking up the wrong tree, bitch.”

He falls to the ground and takes his last breath.

“Ate Itsuki. Eat me next. Need to run. Nowhere to run. Must run!” Al cries before charging.

Spinal bonks him in the head with the spear, knocking the wyrm out.

“Crap. I can't fight her while I'm protecting him. Can't risk a longer battle with no more healer. May as well go down fighting.” Spinal thinks to himself, readying his spear.

“Here?” says a voice beyond the wall.

“Yeah! Go ahead!” responds a higher pitched voice.

Suddenly, the wall smashes through to reveal Drago and Kat standing there. The emerald dragon jumps in and grabs Al and Itsuki’s body before Kat releases a wall of blue flames to force Blue back.

“Stop gawking and let's go!” Drago yells.

He jumps back through the hole with Kat and Spinal in tow before landing on a Spellbinder surrounded by a circle made of Phoenix symbols. She recites an incantation, then they all poof into flames and disappear.

“She's getting better.” Blue notices, extinguishing the flames. “Let's see how she does against a real Phoenix.”

She's kicked in the stomach and knocked back. The fox looks up to find Genome staring her down.

“I will get all of you back for what you did to me. I'll start with you.” he threatens.

“Great timing. I love it when my puppets return home.” she taunts.

“I am no puppet! I have no strings!”

He covers himself in blue flames and launches a bird shaped missile at her. She creates a portal that absorbs the phoenix and releases it back. Genome burns and disperses the flames.

“You think flames work on me?!”

Fullblue is no longer in front of him. A hand touches his temple as yellow magic enters him.

“Let's reapply them.”

His eyes go blank before returning to normal.

“At least something positive came out of this. They should be happy. I'm doing all the work, even with Negative interfering. Lazy-”

Genome bursts into flames as ashes fall to the ground. He stands from the remains, wings spread wide.

“So, this isn't the Dark Sorcerer’s plan. What do the Royals have to do with this?”

“I wonder how you taste. Maybe you're like chicken? Hmm, who knows?”

“Don't ignore my question! What do the-?”

“Mostly nothing. Only a few are actually a part of it. I'm feeling generous, so I'll even give you their names.”

She disappears into a portal and Genome can hear whispers echoing down the hall.

“...what I say, you'll do. I'm putting my strings on you.” he finally hears at the end.

Some glowing yellow chains attach themselves to and stills Genome’s movement. Fullblue gently bounces over and bites him in the neck.

“This is actual Puppet magic, so you're not breaking out of this one. Have your revenge. Their names are…”

A/N: I'm not a huge fan of death, but I understand its necessity. Added another member and introduced another form of magic.
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