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Sep 4, 2015
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Aprox 150~ years after the Valentine Day's Plot never officially happened.

In the last twenty years, monster attacks have been increasing on cities mostly located in Europe, and Canada. As a result, the United Nations consulted a bunch of X-COM nerds to design a program to deal with this. From this the Physic Occult Hunters were created, dedicated to handling the defense of sieged cities, track monster movement, and exterminate when ready. Rather recently the group has experimented with two controversial projects. The Lycan Rehabilitation Program, and the He Who Fights Monsters Project. Both have come onto fire for being unsound ideas that could lead to civilian causalities if they ran unchecked.

This is a story about a squad of P.O.H. soldiers investigating monster dens and cities seeking out information regarding the Pale Woman, an information construct or something, who has left behind clues in the form of video and audio logs surrounding research into the inner workings of the monster packs and the "Control Melody." P.O.H. leaders consider any info from the Pale Woman highest priority of R&D.

Programs related to P.O.H. squads
*Elimination Mission - The majority of P.O.H. soldiers are hired solely to be air dropped into situations, guns a blazing, and cleanse areas of any monsters in sight. Whether it's abandoned trailer parks in the woods, or cities full of power under attack.
*Psychic Research Initiative - Historically, there has been three kinds of Monster Hunters. Weapon Hunters, Occult Hunters, and Psychic Hunters. The first one used explosives, guns, any sort of physical force to reduce a monster to a pile of smoking flesh. The second specialized in hunting magic users, or using magic against monsters. The third were the rarest, capable of seeing the minds of their enemies and destroying them. P.O.H. seeks to create as many psychic operatives as possible via testing. The primary problem is people going mad with power.
*Lycan Rehabilitation Program - The majority of werewolves are feral beasts which were never human to begin with. A good number of people are infectees who haven't completely lose their minds yet, called Lycans. Physically the same as werewolves, with sufficient therapy Lycans can learn to deal with their new bodies and be reintroduced to civilian life or work with P.O.H. Some people criticize the group for allowing Lycans to roam free as people, disturbed by the idea of living with monsters.
*He Who Fights Monster Project - Despite the psychics, despite modern day guns, despite all the technology, humans are still fragile compared to the monsters they fight. Though the quality of the end result depends on the surgeon, some people sacrifice parts of their humanity to have a better chance at killing, or surviving. Secondary hearts and organs to survive impalement, hardened scales in place of skin to prevent damage, or enhanced eyesight to improve accuracy. The more enhancements better done, the more likely a person will lose their sense of self. It's noted psychic operatives imbued with enhancements are much more likely to lose their hold on their humanity, but if they can hold on, they are some of the most deadly soldiers ever created.
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