Once upon a Lifetime

Sailor Twilight

Blue Jacket
Sep 23, 2015
Twilight Realm
There's legend that if a soul is in trouble in the Human World, that troubled soul will reach out to a foreign being and ask for help. Usually, those foreign beings take their hands and help the soul that was in need. But lately... 

The foreign beings have been misbehaving.

Instead of taking the hand of troubled soul when it reaches out, they allow it to sit there for a generous amount of time. They allow the souls to reach a near death state when they decide to take their hand. But when they do..​

They do the opposite of help and actually take the soul to the Spirit World. ​

The foreign beings laughed, all of them, at the pitiful humans. At how they were so helpless that they always desperately ask for help from them. How they were so powerless that they couldn't help themselves. 

That was until she met him.​

A roleplay for Lelouch and I! We are still in the process of working this out and our characters, but yeah!​
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