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Nostalgic Games


Black Jacket
Many of us have those certain old video game titles that we can't help but hold onto from their deep roots of our childhood. For some, it doesn't matter to them if the game they love isn't a masterpiece; they hold it near and dear to their hearts.

What are some games that hold nostalgic value for you and why? You needn't list them all at once either; you can post plenty!


Green Jacket
Prehistoric 2 was probably the first game I played.


Green Jacket
My first game was a resident evil game, I was interested in it but had no idea how to play it.
I then played A bit of Spyro, which i enjoyed but never finished.
And then I played the crap out of SpyHunter and SpyHunterII very good action/racing games.
And finally the only other game i hold dear as a nostalgia game was Jac and Dexter: Precursor Legacy, which me and my sister had managed to turn into a 4 hour science full playthrough. It was fun but I kinda feel like we got too good at it.


Blue Jacket
Banko Tooie :D i am able to play it now thanks to rare replay on the xbox one! :D


Blue Jacket
A nostalgic game for me would be the original Spider-Man game for the Nintendo GameCube because that was the first game I played on my first console that I owned. Memories =)


Black Jacket
Pokemon Leafgreen. My 7 year old self LOVED this game. I had I think 300+ hours invested into it.

I also have a lot of arcade-style games that have nostalgia value to me.