Metal Gear Downfall: A Means to an End [Planning/Preview] [AU]

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Sep 4, 2015

Set in an AU scenario in 2022, Armstrong managed to kill Raiden in 2018, thus letting his plans to keep the War Economy up move forward unhindered. With the gears of war set in motion, conflict sparked between America and Pakistan. Due to their vast technological superiority, America had the upper hand. That was, however, until Metal Gears started to show up on Pakistan's side. The massive bipedal monsters tearing through soldiers with ease. As such, America brought in multiple RAY units to deal with the new menace, but it didn't stop there...

Eventually, the war broke out of Pakistan and spilled over into neighboring countries, drawing them into the fight. Alliances kicked in and the war saw a sudden, rapid spread throughout Asia. With both sides capable of developing Metal Gears, the war was mostly at a standstill. To break the status quo, the need for new variants of Metal Gears became apparent, and major technology firms around the world began to work on these new mechanical beasts.

Come the year 2022, new types of Gears have been developed. Of course, calling them Metal Gears would be hardly appropriate since they have left the role of nuclear capability and warfare. These new Gears included artillery platforms (Artillery Gears), Gears with high agility but little armor (Mobility Gears [RAY is rebranded as a Mobility Gear due to its lack of nuclear capabilities]), slow, bulking behemoths (Behemoth Gears) and more, including new Metal Gears.

You are a member of Delta Gear, an elite task force consisting of the best Gear pilots from across multiple PMCs. With multiple variants of Gears at their disposal, the group conducts missions that require insertion deep into enemy territory. However, some of their recent missions within Asia have been suspicious, having seemingly no use in supporting the war front. What could be going on? Why was the group being sent on these unnecessary missions? It would all come to them soon...
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