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Blue Jacket
Sep 5, 2015
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Do you wear makeup? If so what kind of makeup do you wear? What's your favorite kind of look, or do you just prefer to not wear makeup at all? What kind of facial wash or perfume do you just love? Share your thoughts about everything cosmetics here!  :heart:
I always use lip glosses and lipsticks because I pick at my lips a lot and red covers them over. So that's my most-used makeup. Besides that is CC Cream to conceal my purple rings on my lower lids and any acne scars I have.

I tend to use proactiv for acne or just whatever kind I have on hand. I found that some hotel facial soaps work really well to get my concealer off.

Very rarely do I use eyeshadow but I do that more than mascara. I don't like to doll myself up very much unless it's super important or a formaal event.
I like going the full shebang lately -- foundation, mascara and eyeliner, a little blush and lipstick. My favorite kind of lipstick has always been the matte ones -- I mean it is kind of the trend but they look nice and I just need to dab a little if I just want to go for nude colors BUT want some color to my lips. On my laziest, just BB cream, eyeliner and a dab of lipstick is enough.
I like to hold the mascara brush just in front of my lashes and blink while swiping it upwards so I don't jab my eye with it. Doesn't stop me from accidentally looking back up tho lol
I rarely use make up unless I need to do a presentation. Mostly Eye liner and mascara for me.
Yeah mascara is super tricky!! You can prep it up a little by using a lash comb before and after you apply mascara though, to minimize the mess and keep from smudging! That usually works for me!
My hands shake a lot when I do it.

I should throw it out there that I use a blending sponge for my concealer
That's pretty much how it works, though I use the spiked end to sweep the concealer across the cheeks. The drop side, I pat and blend.

Wetting it helps it blend in easier too.
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