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Sep 3, 2015
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Name: Asuza Faerie

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Sanguina, Paradice

Position: Rouge Mage / Ex-mercenary

Height: 5'06"

Weight: 117 lbs

Species: Human


Personality: Asuza is a short-tempered young lady who is also an enigma. Her serious demeanor has her come off as sarcastic and blunt, but she can be kind of a softie when she wants to. Her greater attributes come down to being loyal, focused, and channeling her quick wit into strategic ways to outsmart others. Asuza's adaptability to a situation can be hindered by her temper that is easily provoked, and wanting to get even may end up overpowering the need to play things smart. In the face of danger, she won't attempt to pick a fight she can't certainly win but will do so if pushed to stand up for herself or the defenseless.

Special Ability: Inferno Bolt - her entire body is surrounded by flames and magical energy is focused into her feet for a burst of speed. This speed allows Asuza to strike more recklessly in addition to gaining the temporary ability to levitate in midair for limited flight. By colliding with the target head-on, she can inflict severe burn damage through close combat. However, the sheer heat of the fire also causes her physical damage from the recoil. It is a latent ability she has never mastered.

Magical Attacks:
  • Teleportation: only performed over short distances and relies on Asuza to know where to teleport.
  • Fire Walls: Walls of fire are summoned to essentially trap her and the opponent in a ring of fire, but this is negated if the opponent is capable of flight or water.
  • Burn-Barrage: These otherwise normal physical attacks using her hands or feet are enhanced by her ability to surround them with flames at will. Her hands (or feet) are engulfed in flames to allow her to punch, claw, or kick the opponent and cause added burn damage. [She can use this technique to also fire off fireballs repeatedly and send out crescent-shaped fire waves from swiping her arms forward. Takes the least amount of energy overtime, but wears down her stamina through prolonged use.]
  • Burn Bolt: Asuza gathers flames into a medium-sized fireball and focuses magical energy at the base of her palms to launch the fireball at a high speed. Where it hits, it bursts apart into multiple embers. Burns badly on exposed skin and can damage armor.
  • Fire Spume: An orange fireball is fired onto the ground beneath the opponent The spot ignites, flames bursting directly upward. It requires precision and focus to land, so she rarely uses this trick since she can easily hurt any allies with it.
  • Cursed Flower:  She produces extensive amounts of fire from her hands and manipulates it to surround the enemy in flames and engulf them from the front. The formation resembles a flower.
  • Sun Shower: Energy and fire is gathered into a large sphere, bursting into smaller fireballs. It covers a wide range, but saps a lot of energy. Should only be used on groups of opponents for maximum use. Alternatively can be fired in form of streams of flame arrows.
  • Infernal Cyclone: A combined attack with the manipulation of air to weave a wind tunnel embedded with Asuza's magical energy that can sustain her flames, creating a cyclone of fire enveloping the opponent.

Asuza was raised by a family of well-off mages who were best known for their pursuits in white magic, many having received some form of education from the Sisterhood or its alumni who left the fellowship. Many of them found their studies in using magic to help others or their environment, such as learning water magic to clean polluted areas. However, Asuza showed a natural inclination to fire-- excitedly, she showed her pyromantic tricks to her schoolmates but the family elders were concerned. The element of fire was a hazard to practice with magic; unlike the other elements, fire had no flow to it and could only grow in intensity to them. Her mother disapproved of it and often would chastise Asuza for paying less attention to her studies. Being treated as an outcast by her osn family, she ran away at 17.

In her travel, she came across a group of people who were like her; lost and had felt no purpose. As an underground crime group, she joined them out of a strange sense of kinship (though the leader thought having a pyro mage would work pretty well). Members of this group also operated as under-the-table mercenaries who came and went as quickly as they took on the job. Although much of their activity was found to be concentrated in Desolate Lands, they were exposed when a headhunting mission in Paradice went wrong. This syndicate existed for a few years in secret but was forcibly disbanded in the short time Asuza was a part of it after Valerie captured one of the members who wasn't as careful in staying secretive; Valerie turned her in to a local prison around the Desolate Lands but failed to capture any more. In time, the group began to come apart. At first Asuza stayed, but was convinced to abandon it.

She began to live as a normal citizen again in Paradice after this group fell into obscurity since there weren't many leads. Her best friend is Megumi, a nomadic Desolatian who openly operates as a mercenary but only takes jobs that don't have too much risk other than providing her the adrenaline rush of battle. They share living quarters out in the woodland countryside of Paradice.
Name: Okawa Ashthorn

Age: 35

Gender: Female

Birthplace: ???, Paradice

Position: Magic Society (idk about ranking enough to pick)

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 130 lbs

Species: Human


Personality: Okawa has no children but exudes a motherly personality in the way she speaks to those younger than her. It's hard to make her angry because she has a lot of patience. She's courteous and flexible, loves to help others, and offers her advice when she feels someone needs it. Although she has a generally cheerful and laidback personality, Okawa knows when to drop it and get serious as the situation calls for it. But she wasn't always this way: when she was a novice mage, she had always felt that there was a pit of darkness deep in her heart that made her vulnerable to choosing a path of malice. It wasn't until many years passed that she could accept it would always be a part of her and couldn't be ridden of; but she did learn to control it while she was finding her place in the world as a young adult. It was these years of experiences that made her who she is now.

Natural Summons: Sayer - a Spectral Raven who became Okawa's familiar when she began to study white magic. He has a ghostly, shadowy aura that solidifies into a corporeal body when summoned. He tends to disappear into the shadows or thin air as an apparition of the night. As her familiar, he serves to increase her magical ability in addition to detecting the presence of evil manifestations and scouts for her when guiding her through unknown territories during her travels. While Sayer does not speak, he is able to communicate through telepathy, although he prefers speaking only to Okawa. He also guards her from the temptations of evil spirits around Paradice. Okawa believes that Sayer will be the one to guide her soul to the Afterlife.

  • Wand: handmade of ebony wood with a petrified blue butterfly at the handle's end. It boosts her casting power and allows for more precise control of the harder spells to cast.
  • Broom: Also made of ebony wood but tinted purple, this special broom comes with a saddle for Okawa to sit on to travel distances in a short amount of time. The broom bristles are bleached white with beaded strings around the end holding star-shaped charms. It is unknown where it goes to when she doesn't need it, but with a mere whistle, it sails right on over.
Magical Attacks:
  • Cosmic crash: orbs of light magic crash down from above, one after another like a meteor shower. Wide range, but saps energy the longer the duration.
  • Moon Beam: a large amount of light magic gathers up at the tip of her wand (or her hands), and fires a burst of glowing purple. A linear attack that saps the energy of those caught in its range.
  • Arcane Hand: A giant hand is conjured made of a shimmery translucent force of magical energy and moves according to Okawa's hand movements.
  • Radiant Shield: Conjures magical energy to make a bubble barrier or dome barrier.
  • Transmutate: Raw materials present in nature can be manipulated to form structures/items of the same material using earth-focused magic.
  • Radiant Dagger: An arcane incantation is made to conjure streaks of energy-daggers that slash across the target with swift strikes.
  • Gungnir's Spear: a giant spear is created from a combination of hard light and Okawa's magical energy, able to move independently of Okawa without her needing to physically make contact with it. Several Gungnir Spears can be generated simultaneously and fly at long range to deal high-speed piercing blows.
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status:
  • Magic of Misfortune: Ranges in what she curses you with, but the hex in question wears off eventually. (She usually uses it on particularly bothersome customers who want to pick a fight with her.)
  • Tangled Terrain: Plant life can be manipulated to reduce the dexterity of the opponent by restricting/limiting their movement or agility. Must be done on an open field/environment.
  • Illusory Repose: A torrent of glowing (purple) translucent butterflies manifest and swarm a target (or multiple targets) to the point of obscuring their eyesight of the battlefield. Made of magic, these insects flutter their wings to unleash a close-range powder that puts the enemy to sleep until their slumber is disturbed or the spell ends.
  • Pure Restoration: White butterflies of translucent magic manifest and touch the wounded areas before dissipating, allowing for the healing and reconstruction of damaged tissue. This skill is boosted when her familiar is present.
  • Punishing Nightmare - Okawa casts a swarm of black-colored butterflies that surround the opponent and obscure their vision until their surroundings are almost completely consumed by darkness. If they are awake, the butterflies subject them to hallucinations by reflecting their inner darkness back onto them. If they are sleeping, their dream is subject to manipulation by Okawa in order to obtain information.
In her early 20s, she joined the Brotherhood of Black magic as a novice seeking to become a strong mage. However, the more black magic she studied, the greater the temptations of darkness became to the deep confines of her heart. She became arrogant, easier to aggravate and was often practicing it for combat purposes but there were instances where it felt like she was falling to the control of her darker side. Just like how things tended to go following the rumors around the Brotherhood's tendency of producing Warlocks/Witches. Okawa became afraid of herself; in a bid to save herself from giving in to the darkness she felt in her heart, Okawa left the Brotherhood and traveled around Paradice for about 2 years. Surrounded by nature alone, she was able to look inside and confront her inner demons while becoming attuned to the living things around her. But becoming acquainted with death and the supernatural was also something she felt necessary to accept the darkness as a part of her since it never truly left despite her best efforts. Encountering evil spirits or ghouls inhabiting graveyards, Okawa no longer feared the darkness and in turn, it no longer ruled her. After meeting her familiar in a spontaneous visit to a graveyard on a job to purge it of misguided spirits, her next decision was to join the Sisterhood and learn white magic so that she could embrace her new spiritual identity. By the time she turned 33, she spent the same amount of years at both institutions. 

Her last years at the Sisterhood were spent studying potion-brewing and enchantments alongside tutoring novice mages, but she was also working a part-time task of tutoring a young mage upon the request of a wealthy family. The money gave her enough funds to pursue her independent studies, so she gladly took on the extra work. Unfortunately, this home-student of hers ended up a runaway, which devastated Okawa since it felt like losing a child. She left the Sisterhood shortly after in pursuit of another journey of travelling, although this time, she visited other parts of the world.

A mage with a high skillset and former rank of Wizard from her education of both institutions, Okawa temporarily retired from the Sisterhood to run her store, the Arcane Apothecary. After White Space, Okawa decided to become active again, joining the Magic Society once more to lend her ability. Her demon shopkeeper Lilith runs the apothecary now.
Name: Vala

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Birthplace: Coldwick, Desolate Lands

Position: Rouge Mage / Beast Slayers Guild

Height:  5'5"

Weight: 107 lbs

Species: Human

Appearance: [font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]
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Special Ability: 

  • Magical Staff: A silver staff with the end shaped to resemble a crescent moon. A purple crystal ball also seems to float inside its curve and never falls out. The ball can be detached from the staff and be flung toward an opponent before returning to its floating position. It's used to help channel her energy into casting spells.
Magical Attacks:
  • Moon Slicer: Sweeping motions of tge staff are made to create crescent-shaped energy bolts that travel a short distance. 
  • Moonblast
  • Twilight arrows: Vala transforms her staff into an improvised archer's bow, pulling back on the string to fire bolts of magic energy manifested as light arrows. Once the spell ends, the bow shifts back inti her staff. She cannot cast other spells while doing this.
Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status:
  • Cursed Mark: There is a curse seal on Vala's body. Usually this isn't visible at all, but sometimes, Vala is overcome with agonizing pain followed by a spreading of symbols all over her arms and legs, reaching up to her face. This is temporary, and occurs at random, before the seal ends up receding back to its 'inactive' form. Strangely, this curse grants her a larger pool for using magic.

  • Magical barriers: depending on how much energy she casts into them, these often manifest as bubble-like casings that she can surround herself with or others. Boosts defense, but are prone to breaking once enough damage builds up (physical or long-range).
Vala is one of the last living descendants of a cursed family line in Desolate Lands. Many years ago, in an olden town that isn't even on most maps anymore (although it still exists, strangely enough), poverty was at an all-time high and chaos began to ravage the lands; the breakdown of Desolatian Society was maddening for those unable to cope with the end of life as they knew it. Vala's ancestors, however, were not content with living like this and refused to accept their impending fate. Unwilling to succumb to losing everything they had worked so hard to achieve in the wars, they sought for a solution. Albeit, one they would come to regret. 

The family had no mages in its lineage, so their lack of talent for the magical arts required desperate measures. Maddened by greed, they turned to the dark arts for a much more efficient means to an end. After performing some ancient ritual, they were able to successfully summon Arakos; a genie demon said to grant wishes. The family only wished for one thing: a life of riches, so that they could have a comfortable life and indirectly become one of the more powerful members of the village as a result (money IS power after all). Arakos, amused by their greed, granted their wish, but in exchange, they were to give him compensation of equivalent value: when the age of war was over, they needed to simply pay back the amount of they spent. If they did this, they could keep a happy life. Unfortunately, this never happened; the family head needlessly bought things like a stately mansion and filled it with pricey items and artifacts from other regions, while other members wasted it away gambling in the casinos of Paradice. By the time the major wars throughout the Desolate Lands were over, their greed was their downfall. Arakos came back to the land of the living for his payment, but was enraged upon finding that they couldn't uphold their end of the deal; Desolatians were simply too poor to buy any of their useless trinkets, and anything else they had, the family lost in gambling overseas from desperately trying to get the money together. If they were wise and didn't give in to their greed, it would have been easy to pay back what they owed and have plenty left over.

As punishment, Arakos cursed all who would carried even a drop of the head's blood: "You and your descendants will pay the price for your greed; if you cannot pay with money, you will pay with your lives." Each member of the family was inflicted with a seal on their body that drastically reduced their lifespan each time it became active and spread through their body. On average, Vala's family members never lived past the age of 30 due to the curse sapping years out of them, getting increasingly painful and debilitating. Those who married into the family also had to bear the burden of the curse, although they were usually afflicted with very bad luck. The descendants were often parents at a very young age, usually leaving their outsider spouses to take care of their cursed offspring in their passing.

This happened shortly before the schools of magic in Paradice officially forbade the practice of what was now called Ancient Magic. Vala does not know that her cursed blood was a consequence of using such forbidden magic, even though her family unwittingly served as a textbook example of why these kinds of magics should never be used in modern day. Regardless, she wants to live a long life like everyone else, so she stubbornly is training herself in magic to one day defeat the demon and break the curse.
Name: Megumi Ota 
Age: 19
Gender: Female 
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 120 lbs
Species: Human

Megumi is usually confident in herself and isn't as serious in what she does. She loves to fight and enjoys sparring. Which can inadvertently get her into mischief. Sometimes, she can be snarky or taunt others just to get a rise out of them. Otherwise, she's laidback and outgoing, and is far easier to befriend because of how loud she is.

While Megumi is also capable of being a little rough with others, she can be reasoned with. Generally, Megumi has a tomboyish way of acting and manners/formalities aren't really a thing for her. She will however show her respect to those she admires or considers authority. Otherwise, she acts in open defiance.

In battles, she is confident in her own abilities and can come off as arrogant because she sees it as nothing more than a game to win like cat and mouse. She especially enjoys putting herself in danger because it makes her feel the thrill of fighting.


Name: Magiana Faerie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Sanguine, Paradice
Position: Novice Mage | Sisterhood of White Magic
Height: 5'01"
Weight: 102 lbs
Species: Human
Personality: She's a shy, naive girl who actively seeks the approval of parental/authority figures since she suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Her loose control over her emotions and reactions to things makes her cry very easily when put on the spot or under pressure. Despite this, she is extremely difficult to anger, but usually blames herself before anyone else.  

Weapon/Items: A practicing wand given to her by Aquario, her current mentor.

Magical Attacks:

Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status:


She is Asuza's younger sister who was left to pick up the pieces of her running away from home; Magiana's studies were met with apprehension because her mother, the family head, had reservations about how they would turn out. Unexpectedly, Magiana didn't exhibit any natural talent for elemental magic like her sister's affinity to fire. Even so, their mother didn't allow her to practice magic unless it was with the Sisterhood after she reached appropriate age. 

Magiana is now studying white magic as a novice mage under Aquario, with hopes of becoming strong in her own way... including being strong enough to find closure with her sister who she has not seen since cutting off ties with the family.
Name: Olivia Hawthorne

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Birthplace: ???, Desolate Lands

Position: Mercenary/Rouge Mage

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 108 lbs

Species: Human


Personality: Olivia is a pacifist by nature and only draws first blood if she is attacked with no way to reason around defending herself from an approaching threat. Befriending others is what she'd rather do than just fight, mainly radiating kindness to a fault.

  • Whip-lasso: ivory and blue colored leather with a black handle. Used as a lasso much of the time, but doubles as a weapon. It is kept coiled and attached to a belt she wears under her cloak.
  • Enchanted Book: A strange book attached to the belt containing what is presumably different incantations or spell instructions written in a runic language only she seems capable of reading, claiming it to be a family heirloom.
  • Gauntlet: Worn on her right arm, this power glove has a series of symbols carved into the metal to allow Olivia to cast her magic. Its main purpose is to cast runic circles on the ground.
  • A velvet bag attached to her belt containing a set of pink seaglass with different runes inscribed to them.
  • Key ring holding keys fashioned by hand from pyrite/fool's gold. Some glow with a purple aura in direct moonlight.
  • Portable Altar: She carries with her a wooden box that contains what essentially allows her to turn any flat surface into a ritual altar in order for her to seek divination or pray to any deity that may be watching over her.
Natural Summons:
-Star Spirit Capricorn: A horned celestial being that serves Olivia's commands and can fight for her if needed. She is able to switch from her land form to her Sea-form (mermaid tail in place of legs). She is a commandeering and bossy kind of entity who isn't as naive as her master. Olivia can summon her at any time, but only briefly or until Capricorn takes enough damage to the point of being unable to maintain a corporeal form.

Magical Attacks:

Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status:
  • Mirror Shield: A single rune stone (Shield) is placed in the palm slot of the gauntlet to cast a circle on the grund that can be extended to a radius of 2 yards around Olivia. A force-field is generated to deflect magical attacks, but is easier to break from physical attacks.
  • Runic Lantern: Provides a bright light to guide her through total darkness. An essential skill for Tomb Prospectors.

Olivia was raised by a coven of families who called themselves Tomb Prospectors; too widespread to be called a Guild, they explored the Desolate Lands for generations in order to seek what was left over from the days of war in abandoned or closed-off places. The most experienced members of the families would go on extended expeditions through abandoned battlefields or ancient labyrinths left behind to decay. Mainly they wanted to gain knowledge in hooes of putting it to good use, but only came across artifacts of varied value. However, to protect themselves from the dangers of what may lie in wait for them at these tombs, the prospectors operated by the use of Runes. 

A more versatile alternative to traditional magic of Paradican mages, the Tomb Prospectors enchanted tools like their gloves and weapons with symbols of an ancient Runic dialect to protect themselves and perform their arcane studies. They believed it was an ability bestowed upon them by a divine force rather than a latent ability humans can awaken on their own, so the Prospectors incorporated aspects of the nature around them in ceremonies and rituals as a sign of gratitude. As such, any monsters they encountered were approached with pacifism rather than drawing blood as a warning. The prospectors either worked to calm the monster's rage or outright leave the area they intended to enter. Only in instances where their lives were truly threatened would their divine guardian permit the use of Runic Magic for lethal force; a mantra Olivia still lives by.

Once Olivia reached the age of being able to accompany the other Tomb Prospectors, she set out to travel other continents to see what the world has to offer. She felt unfulfilled exploring the ruins of the past and wanted to try and find a way to improve things in the present instead.
Name: Celeste
Age: Bears a humanoid age of 19 years in appearance, but her true age is about 40 years.
Birthplace: Shina Ania
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Species: Shapeshifter (Monster)
Appearance: Her humanoid form is how she prefers to get around and avoid drawing attention to herself. Celeste's skin is an olive-light skin tone with multiple scars on her arms and legs. The nails on her fingers and toes are elongated. She appears to wear some kind of dark colored toga or sleeveless robe, partially obscured by the black hood-like fur pelt she wears on her head. From under it, her hair and fringe seem to curl out. At the top of the pelt pop out a pair of black fluffy wolf ears. Between the top and bottom parts of the toga is a small gap in the fabric for her black wolf tail to come through.

In the dark or when she uses her magic, Celeste's eyes glow a light shade of blue. Normally, her eyes are a slate-gray color with the pupils to be rather small. Sometimes she hides her face with an unidentifiable tribal mask.

Personality: Has a serious and judgmental attitude, often speaking her mind as she sees fit. Rather aggressive in her demeanor, but to traveling humans, she will speak in a very heavy tone with her words. Very protective of her territory, and won't hesitate to fight. Doesn't help others unless given a reward in exchange. Avoids speaking more than is necessary.

Weapons: A dagger and a spear, but these tend to be used outside of battle. She may also be seen carrying an elongated hatchet.

Special Ability:
-Beast Mimicry: although she appears mostly human, Celeste is a monster capable of imitating the forms of many different animals (provided she has seen them and knows about them). Taking on the form of an animal allows her to use their unique abilities. But her stamina will match the certain animal to compensate. Her 'true' form is that of a rather large black wolf and grey eyes. The ability for her to appear mostly human comes as part of her power as a shapeshifter.

-Beast Mimicry grants her the general attack set seen in feral wolves: long claws and ferocious fangs to inflict serious bite power.
-Hunter claw: Her nails grow long and illuminate with energy before she slashes through her opponent.
-Soul Purge: Celeste performs a ritual dance where she swings a ceremonial tool. It won't cause physical damage, but can feel like she is directly attacking your life energy/soul. Being hit with it will gradually cut down stamina or disrupt the flow of energy such that attacks cannot be smoothly executed.

Magical buffs/debuffs/Status:
-Divine Salvation: Celeste performs a ritual dance that encases a certain radius of the area in a bright purifying light. Standing in this circle heals wounds and restores harmony of the energies. It also prevents creatures with impure hearts or dark energy from entering the area. Often used to purify spaces.

Current place of residence is within Shina Ania. She was separated from her shapeshifter brethren after they were overtaken by an outsider territorial pack, and has wandered as a rogue from then on. Often scavenges through previously inhabited human towns, but tends to do so solely out of boredom or to find old weapons hidden away. Has been sighted wearing her mask from afar, often on cliff or hilltops, but is gone in a moment. Oftentimes she is mistaken for the spirit of a village elder or a human more than a monster if she is seen in her human form.
[*]Name: Eleanor

[*]Age: 21

[*]Gender: F

[*]Birthplace: Remoras, Desolate Lands (a fishing hamlet)

[*]Position: Ex-Convict/Beast Slayers

[*]Height: 5'5"

[*]Weight: 127 lbs

[*]Species: Human


[*]Personality: She is loud, boisterous, and an all-around magnet for trouble. The concept of tact and nuance is pretty much nonexistant with her and she likes to answer her problems with her fists. Eleanor outwardly sounds and behaves like an idiot in mostly every social situation thanks to her behavior. She doesn't understand the ideas of femininity or proper 'ladylike behavior' either, which makes her act like she's one of the guys. Because of her previous lifestyle of crime and isolation in a run-down jail with other criminals, she has a poor grasp on empathy and compassion so interpersonal skills isn't a strong suit but she can still be sympathetic to others' plights at times. The only time her brain seems to actually be on is when she's fighting though. The best way to describe her is a punk with a penchant of brawn over brain.

[*]Special Ability: To drastically increase her body strength, she has two tattoo sleeves that normally can't be seen by the naked eye. It's made of some type of magical ink that when activated, become visibly bright and circulate additional energy directly into her body. It can only be used once a day and leaves her completely exhausted after the effect fades. 

[*]Weapon/Items: 2 kukri blades sheathed in the belt she wears. Locked away among her possessions is a spear that can collapse into a series of rods and chains as a blunt force weapon. The spear has the head resemblant to that of a harpoon. Less commonly, she uses a chain-sickle but prefers the spear as it is far easier to carry.

[*]General punches and uppercuts you'd expect to see in a street brawler but her moves aim to deliver crushing blows to quickly incapacitate the opponent by targeting weak spots (i.e. kneecaps, back of legs, ribs, etc)
[*]Bludgeoner: The spear she carries collapses into rods and chains which she wields akin to a whip sword. She swings hard so that the segmented parts of the spear can deliver forceful blunt blows. Can also be used to forcibly restrict limbs or disarm an opponent.
[*]Umbra sweep: Eleanor strikes from under the cover of darkness: the shadow itself makes a striking jab with a cold, solid touch. It has short range.
[*]Eleanor can use both of her blades to deliver a series of slashing cuts in a short burst. Can be used to make shallow cuts until pain overwhelms or cause enough bleeding to slow the opponent to a stop.

Magical Buffs/Debuffs/Status:
[*]Shadow step: If there are sufficient shadows around her, she can use the essence of darkness to increase her speed and evasion.

[*]Biography: Belonged to a criminal group that operated between the regions of Paradice and Desolate Lands some years ago that is now disbanded, engaged in theft and acts of general violence (and accused of several accounts of murder). Was arrested for her crimes by a Guild head named Valerie for the bounty on her head. Originally she should've been stuck there for as long as they'd allow considering the crimes she was headhunted for. But thankfully Eleanor was able to negotiate her sentence in exchange for probationary observation and demonstration she could fall in line with what little society there is. It landed her with the Beast Slayers Guild to her chagrin.
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