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Should i post of my more poems?

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thank you all I will put more up then I have 6 of them for now:)


what is power what is it truly?
is power something in the heart or physical?
is power all body or does it come from the soul?
what does power truly represent?
all i know is that power comes at a price
what price will you pay for power?
My lifes pain

Lifes Pain

life has given me much tears and suffering.
life crushes my dreams and hopes i feel so empty inside.
hope and happiness has become alien to me.
at night i cry as i mourn the dead dreams.
i remember my old hope with bittersweet pain.
and at night my pillow is covered with tears of sorrow.
and all the time i am awake i always feel the pain of the past ever burning me for eternity.

(I have 3 more available to put up my most powerful poems so far)
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