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Sep 3, 2015
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Planning thread with summary info there:
There is a bit of reading to do before you register characters, however, so do take a look-see!

×*× CREW ×*×

The crew as a whole is referred to as just Porates, so it doesn't matter what you exactly do with your life or are. The crew is all mostly humanoid creatures. But in a world ruled by Neptune's home, his (figurative) children of course are bound to roam.

Most pirates are typically human. Pirates, as they don't typically seem to be educated or have been in higher education systems, generally are unable to use magic. They can, however, utilize items that can weaken their effects. Such items are typically created by an Enchanter [Taken by Nick]. Humans/Pirates have a better ability to use pistols, cannons, or other weapons the best.

Enchanter is a very small class, as hardly any are available. This class generally learn from previous generations how to create potions and enchant items. Enchanters are rare to come by, but are usually given large rewards by those they assist. They are a reclusive type of people given that they pose a threat to the Guild's numbers.

Mermaids (are not gender exclusive): 
The fabled beautiful creatures of the sea, these people are often held accountable for many crashings and sinkings of ships. Many humans have begun to hunt them for their beautiful tough scales as a sort of trophy or proof. Additionally mermaids are often killed by those of the Dragon's Eye Guild to "protect sailors from those abominatioms". Their numbers have been reduced as a result. 
There are full and half mermaids. 
Full mermaids have the ability to shift forms between land and sea, but are notably identified by patches of scales on various parts of their body and gills by their ribcages in their Land Form. In their Aquaeous Form, the legs fuse into one long scaly tail (with fins) for swimming great distances at fast speeds.
Half-mermaids have no "form shifting"; they have limbs of humans, but retain scales and gills clustered by the ribcage along with membranous tissues between fingers and toes that extend when in the water. These individuals don't have the same max swimming speeds as their full-blooded counterparts, yet still possess the ability to spend extended amounts of time underwater. 
Both types of Mermaids, however, need to be constantly hydrated-- be it taking water in through the skin or drinking clean water. Dehydration for mermaids after a time can lead to dizziness, rapid heartbeat and breathing, scales cracking/falling off, and in extreme cases, unconsciousness and "the sleep with Death". On a lighter note, these people have scales of either one color or various colors that have a beautiful glimmer in the sea that reflect the light of the sun and moon. Scales are tough, and can double as a quick defense from blunt objects or help make a harder hit. The weapons Mermaids could possibly carry on them are usually made from sharpened bone plates or shells.

Sea Sprites
Sea Fairies or Sprites, they're mischievous creatures that wander in and out of the gazes of humans and seen as effects of the Sea Madness (no, you aren't going crazy, we're real). They know the seas better than the sailors, and can enchant you with protection runes or assist you in escaping trouble. Just one catch; you must offer them something in return for their aid. It could be just about anything, but Sea Sprites don't ask for a lot for they have no use for man-made materials.

Other Sea Creatures
Also originating from the ocean waters, but are a bit more different than mermaids. They're generally humanoid in appearance with animalistic features pertaining to their species. They are lesser in number than mermaids, however.

××Dragon's Eye Guild××

The Dragon's Eye Guild is a kind of mercenary guild that protect civilians and sailors from the violence of the sea. They arrest Pirates most often, but have been known to hunt Mermaids for extra rewards. The Guild headquarters usually occupy areas by the docks for quick access to land or sea patrols. Mercenaries are made up of 2 classes. Under oath, they are forbidden from collateral damage to mainland properties. Magicians are more physically vulnerable than swordsmen, and their magical energy can be quickly drained out if not careful. Some are rather greedy, but most have the responsibility of maintaining public order & doing public services.

Much of the Guild is comprised of skilled swordsmen. Their side arm is often a pistol.

This class tends to use black magic and hexes [aided by spellbooks] to apprehend their targets. The magic can also lay traps. Enchanters, however, can weaken or circumvent their magic altogether. These people are rather frail behind their magical arsenal.


-Everyone on the Crew starts with one weapon. Keep in mind that this is set in the ~1700s where Pirates were most common. So choose your weapons/designs with this in mind.
-Any Dragon Eye Members cannot have magical powers belonging to another member. Avoid having magic abilities overlap with others' characters and potentially OP powers that pirates cannot counter.
-Despite this being based off Pirates, all characters must be Original and not based off an existing franchise.
-Limit to 2 characters minimum. You may register more if you believe you can handle it but no more than 4. If a character dies, they may be replaced. It'd be cool if you made a Dragon Eye member too. Jus' sayin.
-All characters must be at least 18 or up. Younger will not be accepted.

Crew/Default Template:​


Dragon's Eye Guild Template:​

Species: Human​
Class: (Magician or Swordsman)​

My characters so you get a good idea on how to use the template​


Name: Roger Goodwin
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Class: Pirate Captain
Weapon/Item: Cutlass
yes that's Spain from Hetalia. I'm rly bad at drawing men ok​

Personality: He's motivated largely by the riches of the fabled Deadman's Grotto. Roger's greed is typical of any pirate, but his rags-to-riches dream has his heart mostly in the right place. The thirst for adventure is different, given that he is a wanted criminal.
Background: Roger was in a previous crew, but the ship had been captured by Dragon's Eye. He was the only one to escape from them, and is considered a Wanted Criminal on the run.​

Name: Zora Evergreen
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Class: Pirate
Weapons/Items: Hand Telescope and a dagger.
Appearance: Olive skin and scruffy black hair that ends at the top of her neck, buried under a baggy hat. Her clothes are a ragged dark orange shirt with torn up green pants.
Personality: Enjoys naps a bit too much, Zora has an excitable and easily irritable personality if she doesn't get enough sleep or doesn't like the person. Free time is spent alone. Also a bit sarcastic and defiant personality. Zora has a lot of bad luck too.​
Background: Is driven mainly by the will to defy. Zora seeks adventure in her life that she can't find ay current satisfaction with.

Name: Marina 
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Full Mermaid
Class: "Pirate"
Appearance: she has long wavy black hair with tan skin. She usually wears flowers or shells in her hair. In land form, her legs are covered with blue, purple,and pink scales. Her arms have a lesser amount, but Marina's ribcage is covered in pink scales near the gills. In Aquaeous Form, her tail looks like this. On land, she wears a torn up green dress. Oftentimes, she is barefoot.
Personality: Marina both fears and dislikes humans. She is more comfortable with other Mermaids and sea creatures. Marina however is very good at hiding. 
Background: Marina's family was hunted by sailors and pirates for their scales to award them money. After the remainder of her family began to fight back, Dragon Eye set to capture them and arrest them. Marina is the only survivor of her family. Her elder sister escaped with her, but ended up caught in the net of a ship. She herself ended up jailed.​
Blood Mermaid Crew Member

Name: Bleck Blackford
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Class: Swordsman
Weapon/Item: Worn down cutlass
Appearance: A man of English decent, wearing a tattered black coat with a white shirt and worn brown pants, and brown shoes. Is clean shaven, nicely kept hair, green eyes and black hair, coupled with pale skin.
Personality: Bleck mostly cares about riches and fortune. But he will look out for other people, so long as it bugs his conscience or he needs them. He's entirely open and only lies when he needs to.
Background: Son of the wealthy Michael Blackford, he is the second oldest, right behind Mecha. He's a wanted criminal for several accounts of assault and robbery.

Dragon's Eye Guild Member

Name: "Blackford", Michael Blackford
Age: 50
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Class: Magician
Weapon/Item: The ability to create a weak black material dubbed "Blackford Magic". Strong enough that a bridge could general hold up to 200 IBL without collapsing, weak enough any good punch will break it into pieces.
Appearance: An old Englishman in a black coat with a dragon on the back, wearing a somewhat-water resistant white shirt, thick black pants, and water resistant boots. Green eyes, and aged short cut black hair.
Personality: Blackford is a humble man who works with the Dragon Eye for the sake of public service. He cares for people unless they have personally wronged him.
Background: Blackford is a failed politician and former business man who joined the Dragon Eye to pay back the world in public service the success he had gained. Instead of merely providing funds, he provided his own talents and magic.

Also, tfw you forget to register the Leader of the DE Guild's Caribbean Division

Name: Florence Klain 
Age: 32
Gender: Female 
Species: Human
Class: Swordswoman
Weapon/Item: Cutlass and Saber
Appearance: Short brown hair and dark olive skin. She stands at 5'6". Her clothing is a lot like this.
Personality: meticulous and organized with a serious demeanor. Considered rather ruthless.
Background: She is the leader of the Guild at the Caribbean Division. Florence knows of Roger's previous crew well; she can recognize him at a glance. They have history together, but nobody is quite sure how deep it runs. Florence's father used to serve under the Guild and is highly revered.
Crew/Default Template:

Name: Thomas "Salty Tom" Camauli
Age: 28
Gender: M
Species: Mako Shark anthro
Class: Pirate Musician
Weapon/Item: A sword and a flintlock pistol for weapons... and an accordian
Appearance: Tall and lanky with geen eyes, a longer-than-normal tail, and a near-perpetual smile on his face. He wears a worn suit of cotton colored tan and full of holes. He also sometimes wears a white tee with tan shorts- just cuz they're comfy and easy to wear. He needs to keep a wet towel wrapped around his neck to keep his gills working on land.
Personality: Silly and pretty friendly, he's not really all the competent in battle or really at most things. He is, however, INCREDIBLY lucky and will often end up bumbling through a battle and taking down an enemy through sheer dumb luck. He is also a good musician despite everything. Rumor has it that there's a darker side to him that knows how to use his amazing luck to his advantage- weather or not this is true is... debatable. He hates the idea of killing anyone despite being a freakin' shark.
Background: Was originally going to be tried for gambling and petty theft, but managed to escape with his ridiculous luck and stowed away on the bloody mermaid where he was discovered by the crew. He played them a tune on his accordion and they decided they could use a musician. Since then, he's helped them through many a bind with his crazy luck, but has yet to kill anyone.
Name: Zytaveon "Finny"  Ryker (Nickname is Zyon)

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human-Mermaid Hybrid

Class: Pirate-Thief

Weapon/Item: A large curved knife-like dagger and a small bag wrapped around his waist that contains small fresh water packets.

Appearance: He has vibrant and colorful scales near and around his eyes which he keeps hidden using a mask he tied around his eyes. He's fairly tall (About 5'11) and has a very dark blue hair. It's short and somewhat spiky all around but has a very long braid that reaches up to the lowest part of his back. It is tied up with what looks like a red ribbon with  pearls on it. He has a large, retractable fin on his back but is kept hidden thanks to his vest. He also has the same colorful scales on his shoulders but it is also kept hidden by his short sleeved open vest. He has no shirt under his vest and he also has a large scar over his bare chest. He has loose pants that has his little bag with fresh water packets. His pants are just a little over his knees and has low cut shoes that can easily be taken off or placed back on. He has webbed feet but he keeps it hidden using his shoes. It's obvious he's trying to hide his mermaid attributes. (I will provide a drawing as soon as possible!)

Personality: He's a little bit of a womanizer but doesn't go too overboard (lol pun). He's greedy and known to backstab some people for the sake of gold or any other riches. He's got a smart mouth and loves to play pranks on people to swindle them from their gold. He also loves to eat and has a very large appetite. He is prone to eat almost anything but loves to eat apples above anything else. He has a somewhat big ego but it is easily deflated when women don't accept his flirtation manners. Overall, he's a fairly kind person but he seems vain and looks as if something is troubling him. Despite being a womanizer, he's actually quite the gentleman.

Background: Zytaveon was growing up with his parents in a little town when he was separated from them due to the fact that his mother was a mermaid and his father a human that married her. He never found out what happened to his parents but he assumed they died. He eventually was taken to an orphanage where he met a girl named Lya (Lee-Ah). They were the best of friends and pulled pranks of both the children in the orphanage and the people who took care of them. As time rolled on, they grew older and Zyon began to practice his thieving skills and have feelings for Lya but it was only a one-sided relationship. Lya did not return the same feelings but despite being heartbroken, they both remained as very close friends. They were finally separated for good after a pirate raid and to this day, Zyon searches for Lya. The only thing he has left to remember her by is a pearl-shell necklace with a small diamond in the middle.

(I'll make a DE member later, I have to think him over a bit.)
Name: John Barkly

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Class: (Magician or Swordsman): Swordsman

Weapon/Item: A rather large sword

Appearance: Clean and proper looking. Looks very well mannered and educated. Short brownish-blonde hair and blue eyes. Has a bit of a beard but keeps it evenly shaved. Looks very mature despite his age but he does have a hint of young adult. Fair skin and a odd birthmark on his neck which looks like a bullet wound or a hickey depending on how you look at it. Has a very good build to him and can look intimidating when on his job. 

Personality: He's got a heart of gold and is willing to protect the citizens with his life but he is somewhat clumsy and a bit of an airhead at times. He lets his job get the best of him but the citizens don't seem to have a problem with him whatsoever. He is very willing to help out any and all civilians but will always try to capture and arrest any and all pirates. He loves to write about his daily activities and enjoys a good drink at the bar. Despite having a bit of hate to pirates, he doesn't want them to die but rather learn from their mistakes (behind bars), he just has a hard time showing it to pirates and thieves but his heart is in the right place.

Background: He's had a fairly normal childhood with no bad events coming into his life. He got a fairly decent education and knows the people he grew up with. When he joined the Dragon Eye Guild, he got expert training, he was introduced to the harshness and distastefulness of pirates. He doesn't hate them but rather keep them away from the citizens. He believes that they are mostly barbaric. His view changed more about pirate since he saw a raid in his first years of being a Dragon Eye and was convinced that almost all pirates are bad. He specifically has a small rivalry with Zyon since he's been chasing him for a couple of years after Zyon stole a ring that was given to him by his father. This also made him have a small dislike for thieves. He vows to capture Zyon and bring him to justice. John fights for justice and does not like mindless killing or pointless deaths. He's got a very sweet heart despite him being a little hard on both himself and pirates. He doesn't have much problem with mermaids but he thinks that their scales are rather beautiful. He doesn't hunt them but kindly asks for a scale that he can keep as a souvenir. He's gathered many scales over time and it gives away a mixed message: The Dragon Eye assume he's the top Mermaid hunter while Mermaids assume him to be the deadliest in the guild. John seems oblivious to both.
Name: Jericho
Age: 24
Gender: male
Species: Human
Class: Magician(Enchanter)
Weapon/Item: Black-Iron Blade-staff  [A black-iron hull and blade with silver wood core], Mana core  [Makes non-blackmagic stronger}
Appearance:  Black button up sweater, Green and white padded robe. He keeps a pair of nobleman's glasses he found on a corpse slightly dropping down his nose.
Personality: A team player, he can hold his own but not well. He likes shiny things but refuses to steal from the living (if they're there).
Background: He grew up in a college, not a student, but as a experiment piece. Due to local laws they had to have him be able to wander around the property and participate in events. He spent time watching lecturers and reading books, he made a few friends out of the students and was mostly happy. The experiments had been to see if injecting liquid mana would make magics more powerful against him, if failed, he was then able to master illusion magics and use powerful area spells. The country was raided and the college was destroyed, Jericho was one of few survivors and used the materials he had salvaged from the area to make his temporary living. He eventually decided to try out sea life...
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