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Sep 4, 2015
virtua mall 3xxx
hi, i'm alzoru's friend

my name is vapor and i'm a non-binary dude that loves aesthetic and shitposting

i'm majoring in computer information systems and i have no justification at all when i say that my favorite os is vista, she's my virtual daughter

on the side i like to do graphic design stuff and i'm really interested in lgbt+ topics so if you're ever confused about yourself or others, please please please don't feel shy at all and just come to me, i've helped a couple of people out before

i like movies and games and anime and stuff but i have no motivation to play/watch/read anything anymore, all i have time for really is music

lastly for like, miscellaneous things, i like practicing witchcraft and i'm deeply involved in weirder spiritual things so if you ever wanna hit me up for a chat about stuff like that, i'm all ears

yea, so uh, hey guys if you have any questions i'm free to answer, i'll answer just about anything as long as you don't come across as rude

(btw i love typing in this color but if it bothers anyone i'll change my color so please don't be afraid to speak up, i don't wanna bother anyone)
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