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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
A fun thread I saw on the Thrawn's Revenge forums.

If you were in Star Wars, what military command would you be?


Name: Ordo Stellaris
Affiliation: Imperial Remnant
Rank: Captain
Command: Victory 2 Star Destroyer "The Right to Rule", 2-M Saber Tank Squadron "Night Squadron"
Era: Galactic Civil War
Backstory: An Impperial general who fought against the Rebels before Endor, and retired after Palpatine's death. Joined up with Admiral Daala due to the change in Imperial culture.
I know I don't know much about star Wars but I'll give this is a shot.

Name: Kobra
Affiliation: Don't know any so I'll leave this blank. I'd say he's neutral if that counts for anything.
Rank: Does Rouge/bounty hunter count?
Command: KOBRA COMMANDER (jk, I don't know any real commands so I'll leave this blank too.)
Era: Modern?
Backstory: Not much is known about Kobra but he only hunts for the best and most valuable items. He's not a good guy or a bad guy. He often gets hired by others but he's only in it for the money.
Z is so bad at this I cringe so hard...

Name: Rakk'kall'nuruodo (Rakalln)
Affiliation: Empire Of The Hand
Rank: Captain
Command: Nuruodo Broadside Frigate 'The Right Hook' , EOTH mechanized artillery division 'Stratus neurolizers'
Era: Imperial Civil War
Backstory: Rakalln began in the EoTH forces as a PO (petty officer) in the mechanized artillery division. The division officer's MMT (Megamazer Tank) was caught in a hostile bombing run, placing Rakalln into command of the division from his RGT (Gilzean Rail Gun Tank) from which he led the forces on careful approach and methodical strategy through the planetary surface. This approach was cought by the eye of the Grand Admiral himself, who decided to promote Rakalln to a position where he could put his strategies to better use aboard a Nuruodo Broadside Frigate
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