Blue Jacket
Sep 4, 2015

Welcome to heaven. Built by Angels, for Angels. This place serves as the "homeworld" of Angels and God (Oriko Hikamura) alike. Although, if you have the means to, anybody is allowed to visit here and buy goods for their adventures! Although, don't expect to be welcomed if you have ANY tint of Demonic Energy on you. There are VERY few exceptions to this, and those exceptions are discriminated upon heavily, even if they are Angels.

Map Guide:
B2: Monster storage. Archangel clearance only.
B1: Prison complex. Archangel clearance only.
G: Portals to different parts of the Earth. No clearance required.
1: Social Center. Hotels and parks are here. No clearance required.
2: Shopping Center. Buy weapons, food, potions here. Low level clearance required.
3: Embassies from different religions and Churches are here. Mid level clearance with an escort is required unless you are a staff member at an embassy.
4: War Room. High level clearance required.
5: Surveillance Center. High level Security clearance required. 
6: The Throne. Archangel clearance only.

Clearance can be obtained from within the Churches. Low level comes from the separate Churches, mid level comes from higher officials like Bishops and high level clearance comes from the leaders of the religion. Archangel clearance is obviously only obtained by talking to an Archangel. Every angel has mid-level clearance.

"What to do, what to do.. Oriko's out there doing whatever he's doing and the others are busy with their own stuff, as well..." Maki walked around the Social Center, the other Angels backing away as she walked by. She was used to this, however, since they were afraid of her due to her being part-Fallen Angel.
"I would think there would be more to report on their end, but on the other hand that means there haven't been a lot of issues with the gate recently which in turn means there is not too much to worry about there.. for now at the very least." Celestine said to herself, having just departed away from the gate after a report from some of the guard angels surrounding both the inside and outside and was now currently headed towards the Social Centers.
Maki was walking in Celestine's direction when a ball of light appeared in front of her, causing her to jump back.

"Hello... mother." A voice spoke through the light. The guards showed up and surrounded it.

"Not again.. Maki thought to herself as she approached the light slowly. "Who are you?" It was then that the light dissipated and revealed a young girl, at least age 22.

"I'm Yutsuko Hikamura, and I'm your daughter from the future." The girl spoke. "If you need proof..." Yutsuko handed Maki a sheet which showed DNA results. It clearly showed that Yutsuko was, indeed, the child of Oriko and Maki.

"What the..." Maki and the guards stared in shock. How the hell did she get here? WHY was she here?
The sound of a commotion that was not too far off from her caused Celestine to turn her attention towards it and her eyes widened in surprise. "What is that... someone got in here through that light?!" She called out, seeming rather surprised as she rushed herself over to the scene to get a better idea as to what was going on; her guard on high alert while being ready to reach for her weapon if needed.
A woman with snow white hair walked out of a portal from Earth, dressed in a blue mask, white shirt, and blue jeans. Wounds were over her body, frozen over with melting ice. She collapsed after walking a shirt distance into Heaven.
"What the..?" Maki saw the woman collapse. "Ok, get the new girl somewhere for DNA testing. I need to investigate this..." The guards then took Yutsuko away, whose comments were ignored. Maki went over to the woman. "Are you alright?"
"Healing?! I'm not too good at healing magic, but I'll try." Maki opened her hands and set them near the woman's wounds. A bright light shone out of her palms which slowly healed the wounds.
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