Haven City


Green Jacket
Sep 7, 2015

Haven City was started in secret by an abstract group of entrepreneurs, who never got to see its completion. Its construction was then taken up by the workers building it as a labor of love. They took to living on site within the structure before finding themselves lost at sea when a storm had destroyed its pier. The workers survived due to the city’s status as self sustaining. The city has been lost to sea for an unknown length of time, so long that several generations having passed aboard. Few people on shore know of the city’s existence and attempts to find the city from above have failed to pinpoint it anywhere on the map.

The city generally does not allow visitors beyond the dry-dock but some may be allowed in under special circumstances. Contact to the outside world is kept to a minimal and systems aboard do not support long range communications equipment.

Some lower sections of the structure have been damaged and flooded, but generally don't spread to other floors. These sections are reinforced and barred off.

The internal government system aboard Haven is a true democracy, all decisions are made by the majority vote of the populace, and no positions of power are held for too long. Outsiders however cannot vote in these systems.

The city was recently found by Huey Ditrucius, whom claimed to be with the Hero Association. He took a large group of citizens from the city claiming that they would be joining the Hero Association to help the world. They were Then subjected to slavery and human trafficking before crashing on PEI.

Every so often people from Haven will leave the city and find travel to the mainland, usually by hailing mainland fishing vessels from the dry-dock. Similarly some mainland vessels may happen upon the dry-dock and attempt trade or receive repairs to their vessel (it is a dry-dock after all) and some may join the city in such cases as their vessels being destroyed. While it is impossible to pinpoint the City most of the time, it has a few points in its travel where it does pass by reliably, just not on any consistent schedule.
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