Gravel Wars II

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate

I remember the end of the second Gravel Wars. How it felt. Mecha was gone. Knowing wherever he was, he was working with the enemy. Next thing we know RED and BLU are dissolved. Gray Mann thought he could stop us. While the main team RED and BLU defended Mann Co, where were we? Stopping Mecha and preventing them from screwing us over. Then team Blackford years. Working as a PMC for the highest bidder or Blackford himself. Those were the days. Then retirement happened, old age. Can't shoot a gun forever. I go into hiding, fake name, fancy stuff. One day Mecha breaks into my party and kills a spy look a like trying to kill me. I guess we're back.


Premise: In this world there are two important changes. First is that Australia has developed teleportation and cloaking technologies, being a futuristic world in the 1950s. Second is that there is a corporation operating in London known as Blackford Industries, and has dominated grade a weapons technologies for the past 400 years. A less important change is that in the Western part of the U.S.A. there was a decades long war between three teams of men. A war between two British business men. Redmon and Blutarch Mann. Operating through team RED and BLU respectively, these two fought for years over lands, until being murdered by their brother Gray Mann. Team RED and BLU bounded together, killed Gray Mann and destroyed his army of robots. Afterwords a small faction of team RED became team Blackford, and did operations to the point of becoming a legendary mercenary team in their own right. A new mercenary team has been developed. Team GLD (or Team Gold), lead by a legendary mercenary known as Mecha Sanguis. Mecha was a WW2 veteran robot continually rebuilt and upgraded throughout the Gravel Wars (the conflict between RED and BLU). He requires fresh blood for team GLD to be trained in order to combat a new team BLK, a mercenary group attempting to acquire enough technology and fire power to suit the needs of an unknown menace.

Enter a world of betrayal and lust, where the survival of a mercenary team will depend on their virtues, and their desires.



1. Don't god mod, Mary Sue, infinite gun bag, etc.
2. Don't make the plot too convenient.
3. Please, for the love of God, don't make it sexual. Kids, fine. Any specifics, no.
4. Playable characters can be aliens or robots with human level abilities, but can't be above human. My characters are exempt for providing a challenge to the hero cast.
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