Gheera Rainforest

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Sep 5, 2015
Gheera Rainforest


The Gheera Rainforest is one of the places where the Moyasu alma Disease hadn’t reached. It is located far from civilization and is a great place for those who wish to study wildlife. The rainforest contain a large amount of faunas and floras. The rivers running through the rainforest is famous for the clever river dolphins.

Legend says the Ghana, a ghostly, white mysterious deer with red eyes sometimes show up to help lost wanderers and punish hunters with malicious intent (say, torture animals) by creating illusions to trick them into getting lost in the deep forest.

Over 300 years ago, a race of alien escaping from their own planet landed near the rainforest, believing it is similar to the environment of their old planet. They call themselves the Torians. They have a cat like appearance, having evolved from different types of saber-tooth feline. Their color/skin pattern varies but never escaping the blue & green palette. They are nature loving and claimed themselves the guardian of Gheera. Everyone with good intention is welcomed to visit their tribe. Their current pride leader is Shirgan.

Locations of Interest

Tijaana is the name of the area where the Torians live, meaning “home” in their language. Travelers may visit and stay in the village to learn about the lifestyle of the Torians. The Torians live in tree houses that are connected to each other with wooden hang-bridges and vine ladders. Their plumping system utilizes rain water. Despite looking wild on the outside, their guest houses have enough for one’s needs… except for beds. The Torians prefers to sleep on hammocks or nets made of vines, branches and leaves, all of which hangs close together on a large tree.

The Cavern of Illumination
Among the system of caves in the Gheera rainforest, there is one that stood out from the rest. The cave of Illumination is filled with mushrooms of all shapes & sizes. Should one wanders too deep inside the cave though, they would easily lose their way, for every corners look the same. The animals living in the cave includes bats, small rodents, and some peculiar species of mushroom carrying lizards. However, what made the cave so beautiful and strangely bright are the tiny floating, glowing jellyfishes that live under the mushroom caps. The jellyfishes can be caught and used to light the way. However, they evaporate into nothingness if they are touched by direct sunlight, so handle with care.

Sadhaelk Swamp

The Sadhaelk is also known as the Swamp of the Rotten Flesh. The swamp is filled with semi-sentient flesh eating plants. Careless travelers may find themselves outnumbered by deadly vines if they don’t pay enough attention to their surroundings. Corpses of unfortunate human and animals entrapped in the plants can be seen all around. The digestion speed of these plants is quite slow. Some of the corpses actually began to rot before they are digested. If one manages to survive to go deep enough, they may come across a type of yellow berries that can be used for a healing medicine.

Currently Available Quests

You even jelly?

: The Cavern of Illumination

Quest Giver:  Smuggler – Can be found near the cave entrance. He claims to be a merchant and asked you/your group if you would like to help him catch as many of the glowing jellies as you can. It didn’t sound so legal, but he did offer some money…

Reward if accept quest: Easy money but gain bad reputation
Reward if decline: None
Reward if “report shady activity”:  Good reputation + a glowing jelly pet in a jar

Local Healing Juice

: Sadhaelk Swamp

Quest Giver:  Tichakka – Can be found in Tijaana. You visit the tribe of the Torians in time to see some of their warriors gearing up. If you ask a female in the group, she will tell you they were getting ready to travel to Sadhaelk Swamp to collect healing berries. The trip may take up to two days. You can join them if you wish to help.

Reward: 3 bottles of Healing potion + good reputation

A Message

(Only available after completing Quest #2)

: Tijaana

Quest Giver:  Chief Shirgan

Reward: None

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