Games that made you cry

Shine put me through the suffering that is Dragon Dragoon, dude

The first game is a Feel Trip and a good portion of the sequel is too (too bad I'm caught up in finding the plot)
Dragonkgard (however its spelled, too lazy right now) when...

Caim and Angelis die. Omfg it's so tragic.
The ending credits of Pokemon HG/SS.

It's not sad, it's just so much nostalgia from my part, the mere song is enough to send me into straight tears.
I just got around to finishing Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.. and I did get teary eyed at the end. You get so used to the cast and story and then it gets hard to say goodbye .. :kattears:
It was such a solid game man I'm so glad I gave it a try!
There was one part in Valkyria Chronicles that made me super sad. But I don't think I've actually ever cried because of a game.
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