FTL: Faster Then Light: Pirate Moon

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
Between Jaxter and Grey.


5 Years After the Kestral destroyed the Rebel Flagship at the last Rebel victory over the Federation.

A man in blue with googles and a hat looked at a Nesasio Class Stealth Cruiser.

"Has it been upgraded to my specifications?" He asked. A Federation man flipped through a clipboard.

"Added mind control, hacking, shielding." The man replied. "Had to sell most of the reactor though."

The man in blue scoffed. "We'll make it. All we have to do now is get a crew. A crew to deliver an important package to a Federation Fleet and make it through pirate infested space. Ever since we won the war, this section of sectors, covered in bloody pirates. In fact, my first mate should be arriving any moment now. For the maiden voyage of the Bird of Prey."

"Sir, it sounds like you don't like that name." The Federation man replied.

"I've had, other ships I named after a person dear to me." The man in blue answered.
(Name: Jet Race: AI )

Jet walks up, his hardlight body just translucent enough to where you can see through his head. Hello capn'
The man looked at Jet.

"Only two crew members? You'll die quickly." The Federation man said. The man in blue waved him off.

"Oh shut up, if people can survive with only one engi on a ship I can do with an A.I. Name's Doctor Star. You are Jet right?"
"Got a few things to do before we take off. Might want to get comfortable." Star said walking to and boarding the ship. He made his way to the piloting and turned it on, before slipping a certain computer card inside. The lights of the ship flickered on as the engines purred.
Jet followed close behind "I sense another AI within this vessel sir"
"Understood captain, may I have remote control over internal nano-bot construction equipment to assist in system management?"
"Actually, I'll let you in on a secret. I do have a massive AI built into this ship, running all systems at maximum efficiency." Star admitted. "But it's top secret, I stole it while the Kestral Cruiser was fighting the Rebel Flagship. A little bit of hacking. Almost got me killed but, do not talk to it."
"Weaponry will only get so far. I need someone capable of helping me negotiate with locals and ensure that the ship say, doesn't go hay wire." Star said. "You can try to convince people to not blow us up right?"
"A zoltan might have been a much better choice then sir"
Jet stood a bit offset for a moment before fixing his posture.
The ship's engines roared to life as they departed from the moon base out into open space before preforming an FTL Jump.

"Another reason I brought you out here is incase I don't make it." Star said. "Talk to the ship A.I. if I die. She'll finish the job."
"Well of life and death, yeah." Star said. "Got to deliver an important package to the Federation Fleet stationed a couple of Sectors deep into pirate space. Ever since the war, this has been one of the few places that peace didn't return to. Mostly thanks to the Dread Pirate Tuco's successor, the Mantis named Menace. His fleet controls the sectors after this one"
"Im posotive that we can make it to our destination with rouphly 20% surenes, my most recent update would suggest that there is a 90% chance of failure so i think we are good. I mean really, it was a 99% chance of failure for the first S-class starship to emerge from its first warp beacon so we got a good shot!"
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