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Blue Jacket
Sep 5, 2015
in the trash can
here's an introduction;

remember when I thought I was a poet and I had all these poems I wrote? guess what.

I'm gonna do it again. I probably am not very good
with words, and sure free verse is my favorite style of poetry
because you have all these fucking run-on lines you can just write on and on and on

neat isn't it

who says you need to rhyme 
or be sublime 
in your little craft; I mean pish, anyone can be a poet if they want to

like all forms of writing, all you need 
is your mind and your heart. 

see, isn't it that fucking easy. 

welcome to freeverse; 
(yes, the apostrophe included, to hell with your grammar rules) 

a thread where Syn fancies themselves to be a poet and writes literally EVERYTHING in the free verse. They only have one favorite poet: Philip Larkin, and BOY can that man write poems. Their personal favorite? "This Be the Verse". Some of their old poems somehow made it to their school magazine on their final year. They don't know why they thought it was a good idea.

Syn hopes you appreciate the gritty freeverse poems in this thread, and any critique is always appreciated.
once upon a time there was a kid called redha;

when all the other girls wanted to be princesses, she wanted to be a superhero​

once upon a time this kid had dreams​
dreams of becoming everyone's favorite​
she'd be in the spotlight and everyone would love her ​
and praise her​
and would want to be her friend​

except the other girls thought she was too rough,​
said when she laughs, she sounds like the devil​
and the boys thought her being boyish was weird as hell,​
said girls don't read Dragon Ball or whatever​

she only had 3 close friends and even then it lasted 2 years ​
and she was always so afraid she'd lose them three​
she lost them anyway when she flew over the sea to a new home​
and she got a little cautious making friends ever since​

she became a bully, a wimp, a pleaser​
whatever she can do to keep the friends that come and go and never stayed​
because every time she thought she had it covered​
they run away chasing after a shinier item to call "BFF"​

then, 20 years later, the kid grew up ​
decided not to be a hypocrite​
and she learned you don't have to be a star or​
act a certain way just to make friends​
screw whoever can't accept you as you are​
you're always your best self.​
come and find me. 

I am everywhere you find yourself most calm in,
the waves of the sea lapping around your legs while
the sleeping sun kisses your hair.

                  come and find me.

                  I am in your deepest dreams,
                  when the nights are at their darkest, moonless and starless
                  and you lay awake thinking of 
                  everything and nothing. 

come and find me.

             I am everywhere you are.

             But you'll have to come
             and find me.
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