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Sep 18, 2015
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IName: Allein (Alone in German)
Age: 43 1/2
Gender: Female
Height: 5' exact
Weight: 138 lbs
Species: Demon
Appearance: http://www.indiedb.com/groups/anime-fans-of-moddb/images/random-demons2
Personality: cunning and cruel she is usually heartless to those around her.
Abilities: Transforming: she can change her shape at will.
Demon blasts: red demon energy blasts fired through a point in her hand ranging from destructive Palm blasts to quick finger sized ones.
Blood sword: She summons a blood red sword that absorbs her enemies blood to get stronger.
Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Allein is called the lonely one due to her cold attitude that no one wants to be around her. She tends to belittle others and get in their heads while teasing them about their tragedies. She is a bully pretty much but if she finds something that interests her, then she will keep after it till she either finds it or another that interests her. She has been trying to change her attitude but it became a habit.
Name: Merlia
Age: 120
Gender: Female
Height: 4'10
Weight: 156 lbs
Species: Dragon

Personality: Strong, she never thinks about her problems and head fast
Abilities: Elemental breath: A breath attack consisting of an element like Earth, fire water and such.
Flight: Using her wings she can fly a short distance.
enhanced strength and speed: Being a dragon has given her enhanced strength to where she can pick up a boulder with ease and her size gives her a speed boost to where she is faster
Enhanced Durability: Her skin is tough so it is hard, but not impossible, to kill her.
Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): She was born from the fires of a volcano. She came into this world alone, hoping to eventually find some like her. Her powers are derived from her blood given gifts and her inherited traits.
[font=Times New Roman, serif]Name: Selene Slayer
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5
Weight: 132 lbs
Species: Genetically modified human
[font=Times New Roman, serif]
Personality: Shy and sweet at first, unless her friends get seriously hurt, then she turns cold.
[font=Times New Roman, serif]Weapon:
Abilities: Chaos Manipulation: Due to her genetic modifications, she is able to utilize the chaotic forces of the world to a degree
Chaotic lance: A rain of yellow chaos energy rains down from the sky for a short time.
Chaotic Vortex: She uses her chaotic energy to manipulate the winds and create a vortex to defend her, but it is not perfect.
Super speed: Able to move at the speed of sound for a short time period due to the fact that her body can get ripped apart by the G-forces
Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Selene always admired the dark, brooding characters of anime, and since her parents team had found a new gem recently that had unknown properties they decided to test it on her. So, one day she went to her parents and said she'd be the perfect candidate for their project, Project Eclipse Knight. The project splicing her genes in order to add the gem's living components to it and allow her to adapt with the powers she gets. She knew the risks and the dangers, but still went through with it. She came out an even stronger woman that was able to absorb small amounts of chaotic energy and turn it into Neutral energy to make it usable for her.
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 4' exact
Weight: 90 lbs
Species: Mage/Witch

Personality: Calm as the sea, but hot tempered as a flame.
Abilities [Detailed Attacks can be included]:

  • Elemental magic: Able to use Earth, fire, water and wind magic in creative ways.
    Earth Spells: Stone blast: a blast of small stones from underneath the opponent
    Water Spells: Aqua laser: A water spell that fires a beam of water magic in a straight path.
    Fire magic: Fireball: Sends three fireballs at an opponent.
    Wind magic: Flight: Ability to fly using wind magic; Air blast: Small currents of air, blasting the opponent.
    Non-elemental: Heal: A healing magic to patch up small wounds. Magic manipulation: Her magic allows her to manipulate the objects around her.
    Magic weapon creation: She can create a Scythe made of pure magic energy, but cannot use any other magic while it is out, since it takes all her power to create one.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): She was born with a large magical potential, but was shunned when she couldnt perform the most basic of spells. The only ones she master were the fire and earth. She had a harder time with the others, but to this day tries to find a teacher.
Name: Chi Majo
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Species: Blood Witch

Personality: Dark, morbid and loves anything to do with death or blood
Abilities [Detailed Attacks can be included]:
Blood rain: causes a large area to be covered in blood for blood magic, area of effect depends on casters magic power in total, higher it is larger the area.
Bloody saucer: Similar to the kienzan only they use blood and have different effects based on the amount of blood used.
Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history): Chi was barely 7 when she discovered her abilities for blood magic. You see she had anger problems and this last tantrum caused her magic to unleash and attack her parents. They died and their daughter passed out from the strain of accidental magic. She woke up and trained to control her powers with a teacher named Xian Fi Long. Eventually Xian told Chi she was done with training her since Chi had killed an innocent with her gift. Chi, filled with rage, killed her former mentor and left her there. She took the book her teacher had on blood magic and went to become a mercenary.
- Name: Yelysa
 - Age: 20
 - Gender: Female
 - Height: 5'
 - Weight: 136.59lbs
 - Species: demon
 - Appearance:
 - Personality: calm, but quick to anger.
 - Weapon: scythe
 - Abilities/Magic:  Yelysa has three crescent dance, or scythe techniques that have to be executed in order to kill, or seriously wound. crescent dance of the Moon 1: fallen angel: she spins her scythe in front of her and then disappears be for appearing behind her opponent and slashing their shoulder blades. 
Crescent dance of the Moon 2: Queens fall: this one is where she does like the first technique but slashes the legs instead. Crescent dance of the Moon 3: Off with their heads: the technique does as it's name intends, if used after the other two. It latches onto the opponents head and then Yelysa pulls her scythe backbas she kicks them forwards, cutting their head off or leaving a heavy cut along their abdomen if not used after the first two techniques.
 - Biography: Yelysa is Allein's older sister. She is sealed within Allein due to an unforeseen circumstance in their past. A technique gone wrong or perhaps a mistake in a ritual that lead to the sealing. No one knows for certain but Allein has been trying ever since to find a way to free Yelysa.
Name: Sarah 'songbird'

Age: 10

Gender: Female 

Height: 3'4

Weight: 96lbs.

Spieces : Witch 


Personality: Sweet, kind, kiddish, and a little bit of trust issues.

Weapon: twin swords and a song book
Abilities/Magic: magical songs: she sings to fight and boost her allies Abilities

Biography: Sarah was only 7 when she discovered she was a witch. She was also a singer so that is where she uses her powers. She had a rough childhood, abusive parents, and never understood friendship very well.
 - Name: Lossengwene

- Age: 28

 - Gender: Female

 - Height: 5'3

 - Weight: 148lbs.

 - Species: Elf (High Elf, if you want specific)

 - Appearance:

 - Personality: She has a kind personality to all of nature's creatures, but when she see's someone destroying a part of nature she loses her peaceful nature and becomes a vengeful destroyer, aiming only to defeat those who damage nature

 - Weapon: a standard bow and quiver of arrows and two hunting knives

 - Abilities/Magic: frost bolt: an ice spell.
Nature's Gift: a healing spell that allows for continuous healing after use as long as the cater can expend the mana

 - Biography:
Lossengwene is the last of her kind. She comes from a desolate area, trying to find someone to help her try to get her people the rest they deserve, as they had been turned into demons by an unknown force. (This info will be important later as it pertains to a story idea I have) The only thing keeping her going is her will to see her daughters again. Her precious Allein and Yelysa.
Name: Derendal Fortuna 
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6'11
Weight: 238 lbs
Species: Monster
Personality: Isolated and neutral
Abilities: Drain punch: Allows the user to drain a small amount of vitality from a character
Dragon claw: Strike with the claws of a Dragon and damage the foe
Draco Meteor: Building up with the power of a dragon, Durendal unleashes a powerful blast attack that flies at his target and if it hits, will be very powerful.
Dragon Ascent: Durendal's strongest move when it hits, but not really using it that often as it tires him out.
Martial arts master: Even though he was self taught, He has become a master of martial arts.

Biography (1-2 paragraphs explaining your character's history):  Durendal was named after the legendary blade but was mutated by Chaotic energy to be more like a dragon than a human that he once was. He was able to remain in control of himself and learned to survive on his own, not needing anyone. He has been self-taught on all his fighting and martial arts.
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