Escaping The Blind (Reopening)

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Sep 3, 2015
The Cosmos~!

Hundreds of Millions of people have become 'mindlessly aggressive' ever since the chemical attacks on every major US city. Countless people have been seen attacking civilians and they have only gotten stronger over the years. A little over 15 years have passed since that event and now the nation is nearly engulfed by the zombie-like actions of 'The Blind Ones' and it looks like they are only growing in numbers and power. The only safe place on the nation is near Portland, Oregon; however, the entire city has been barricaded. Outside the city, safe spots are the tops of buildings and apartment. Many try to reach Portland but almost all die trying to get there. Will you be one of the lucky few to arrive in the city or become one with the Blind Ones?​

It's a basic apocalyptic zombie scenario but with a twist. Not all the Blinders will be what you expect and all are very dangerous to humans. Evolution and adaptation to the environment consumed these Blind Ones. Not only are they hard to kill but some have adapted quickly to their surroundings, being even more lethal than a common Blinder. Due to the chemical, laws are dead and anarchy is supreme. Thanks to the terror of the Blinders and lack of authority, some people have taken the law into their own hands while others have a proposal for the continuation and preservation of the American name in their own vision. How will you make it to the safety of Portland Oregon?​

Yup yup! Just make sure it sticks with the rules but I'm pretty sure your characters were good from the start. So go for it!
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