Ends of the Earth RP Proposal

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate

"Alright, let's do this one more time, for old time's sake. My name is ___, and I was bitten by a radioactive spider."​

Arc 1: Walker High​

Welcome to Walker Specialty, returning or new student. This pamphlet contains all the information you'll need to start a successful year at this public institution for the schooling of students with unusual and complex lives. First established by Pr- [flips from boring background info to something of more interest, a picture of a small orb.] To kick off the year properly, at the end of the first week Principle Walker has invited a close friend of his to demonstrate an energy redirection prototype, renowned scientist Ash Petronov's "solar reflector."

Huh, would be a shame if something bad would happen this year. But what are the chances of that happening?

Game World
This RPG takes place in a realistic, current day fictional universe with the added elements of super heroes. Though the RP is grounded in realistic actions and characters, it also will have the standard rule of cool elements involved in super hero comics. However, this story starts out in a high school and all super hero elements will need to be discovered, other than that they exist and are common knowledge of everyone, in the same manner everyone knows the police but not the specifics.


  1. The GM, by nature of the game, is exempt from character limits
  2. Fun is paramount: The point of playing games is to have fun, and this RP, while story focused, is more about fun than anything else
  3. Don't stress details: Minor issues don't matter too much, characters don't need to be too complex, etc
  4. Keep characters reasonable: No one's successfully handling three jobs, school, and an acting career
  5. Creativity is encouraged: Most adaptations of Spider-Man tell the same old story with slight variations that range from making them very memorable to making them very forgettable, but here there's no corporate restrictions so anyone can go beyond the norm
  6. Death is possible: By no means am I a killer GM, but this is a Spider-Man story, and Spider-Man isn't complete without the risk of death. Your character won't die unless you choose to have that happen (Spider-Man's survived a lot of really bad injuries), but they will be thrown into perilous situations
  7. Meta-gaming is forbidden: Don't meta-game, don't mix IC knowledge with OCC knowledge, ask someone if you don't know what those words mean
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