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Sep 4, 2015
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Arc 1: Walker High​

This is the character submission thread for my high school themed roleplay. This game takes place in a modern day high school that exists in a world where super heroes are existent. Any other details are left to be discovered. Currently accepting high-school personas, with canon Marvel characters currently not open for registration. Please take a look through the rules before uploading a character sheet. Any questions or concerns, contact me through this thread, a PM, or on Discord.

Character List
Player Characters
  • Draven Mercer
  • Imani Mariana Santos
  • Jodryn Mitchell
  • None discovered
Supporting NPCs
  • None active

Persona Character Submissions

The characters of this game are average high school students. Despite existing in an universe with super heroes, these are fairly normal people. As such, realism but creativity is encouraged.
  1. All players get one character. End of.
  2. All characters are high school students of the age range of 15-17.
  3. All characters attend Walker Specialty High School, located in the Brooklyn borough of New York City, in New York.
  4. Any other details not enforced in these rules are open to creative usage, within reasonable limits.
  5. Character replacements will be difficult to nigh-impossible to acquire, so put effort into the persona.
  6. On the inverse, player characters will be able to die at the player's choosing, with no intentional GM kill offs.
  7. Please use the "Persona" character sheet when uploading characters.
Canon Characters
Canon characters are having their role in the story worked on, and won't be a part of the game initially, and possibly for the entirety of the first chapter, depending on how I feel the story should go. There will come a chance to play one, but it won't be soon.

Character Sheets


Hey, so you opened this, huh?

You really would rather want to just close that bar. Don't worry, nothing's interesting here.

Really though, go back. Unless you're someone I've talked to on Discord and really have an idea for where things are going, the following stuff is just spoilers and confusing. If you're someone who knows a bit more than what's stated, then sure, take a look below and do some further work. If you don't know, don't worry. Everything will come, in it's own time.

Last chance.

Power Origin:
Other Powers:

Use the Spider Suit Sheet as well

Suit Name:
Carrying Capacity:
Other Benefits:

Suits similar to the classic Spider-Man suit would be weightless, while the Spider Armor Mk1 would be super heavy, weight primarily affects the user's speed and agility
Durability refers to how resistant the suit is to damage, the classic suit for example takes a lot of beatings and tears in the more serious battles, while stuff like the Mk1 and Mk2 or "Big Time" Spider Armors are (somehow) bullet immune
The classic Spider-Man suit could carry spare clothes, web cartridges, the Spider-Symbol, a camera, while the replacement suit was a lot tighter and couldn't carry spare clothes
Things like the Scarlet Spider suits had enlarged web shooters that carried more cartridges and different firing modes, while the 2099 suit had a built in web foil and anti-gravity generator that allowed gliding in Nueva York

Original Source:
Other Powers:

Use the same suit sheet as for the Spider-Sonas

Variation of:
Backstory/What If scenario:

Other Powers:

Use the same suit sheet as for the Spider-Sonas
Name: Draven Mercer Grey
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Class: Junior
Appearance: An unkempt look, suggesting a disregard for maintaining a neat look beyond what's necessary. Tanned skin is indicative of sea-side ancestry more so than any excessive exposure to sunlight. Grey hair is kept short spikes, which occasionally becomes thick and overgrown. Blue eyes have a washed out color, resembling that of still evening ocean waters. Generally seen in a blue shirt, with black pants and silver shoes. Outfit is often completed with black gloves on a lot of the time, a black coat that's never too far away, and a black fedora that's often in arm's reach.
Personality: Draven tries to be respectful, but sometimes slips up. Analytical and sequential in nature, often thinks things out in the forms of sequences and lists. Has a penchant for the darker parts of art, often drawn to paintings of night, and especially fond of stargazing and the moon.
Backstory: Born to a normal family, Draven was never found of other individuals until entering high school, and thus spent a lot of time in libraries when he was younger, preferring fiction to reality.

Spider-Sona Power Addendum

Origin: Genetically Altered Spider

Physical Traits
Strength: 2 - Super human but weaker than the original Spider-Man.
Speed: 4 - Faster than the original, capable of almost leaving behind after images but not quite fast enough.
Agility: 3
Durability: 3

Spider Traits
Wall-Crawling: 3
Equilibrium: 3
Organic Webbing: 1
Spider-Sense: 4 - Spider-Sense is enhanced to be able to feel light levels around him, but otherwise only as powerful as the original Spider-Man's in terms of early detection warning and situational awareness.
Other Traits: Shadow Meld - Capable of disappearing into shadows, becoming nearly invisible in the dark, as long as he stays immobile or slowly moving for prolonged times and distances.
Shades - A variation on the trick used by Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099, Draven can make a quick burst of speed which leaves behind a temporary after image he calls his "Shades" but is nullified in bright lights.
Name: Imani Mariana Santos

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Class: Sophmore

Appearance: Imani is a short, skinny, slightly tan-skinned girl. Her hair is short, black, and wavy. There is always something on her hair, like a hair clip or headband, usually something small and/or cute. She has large hazel eyes that are very expressive. Her outfit consists of black leggings with a cute top (Either pink or having cute designs on it like flowers. This also varies with her leggings.) Wears pastel colored Converse shoes of many colors, primarily blue.

Personality: Imani is mostly shy and keeps most of her thoughts to herself. She is a huge comic book fan and loves to keep up with her favorite heroes. She tries to keep this personality hidden, fearing people might bully her. When she does find someone she trusts, she will slow to open up to them but will consider them a true friend. Whenever she's not hiding her interests, she likes to tend to a small garden she has hidden close to a comic shop she ventures to.

Backstory: Imani lived a normal life for the most part. She lives with her father after her parents divorced 4 years ago. Her father worked very hard to bring Imani to New York and give her a better future. The father knows of Imani's low self-esteem after the divorce and makes sure to keep her spirits high so she can make friends.

Spider-Sona Powers:

Origin: Genetically Altered Spider

Physical Traits

-Strength: 1
-Speed: 3
-Agility: 4
-Durability: 2

Spider Traits

-Wall-crawling: 2
-Equilibrium: 3
-Organic Webbing: 4
-Spider-Sense: 3
-Other Traits: (I don't have names for the attacks yet) Imani is able to spit out an acid-like venom that can melt through steel (Or most metal surfaces) Imani also has enhanced vision, being able to see things very far away or magnified in extreme detail when close. Lastly, her organic webbing has an electrical current that flows within them and with the help of a special device (which will probably be later in the story) conducts electricity through her opponents. Due to her electrical webs, she is immune to getting hurt from powerlines. (Anything with a stronger surge will hurt her)
Name: Jordyn Mitchell
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Class: Junior

Appearance: Jordyn has wavy, brown hair that sticks up in all directions. She parts it to one side and it ends barely up tp the halfway point of her neck. Her complexion is on the lighter end of the olive shade with her eyes sporting a honey-brown color. She wears a black bomber jacket over a light blue knitted longsleeve, although she sometimes wears plain shirts with the occasional concert tee. She wears dark-blue jeggings for the most part with black boots that make the sound of her steps more pronounced.

Personality: She always looks like she's bored or annoyed at something but she's mainly indifferent to most things. But she is very much an outspoken and opinionated girl who always has something to fire back with. Sometimes with a cynical wit. She has the personality of a jock mixed with a goth kid. The tone of her voice is usually flat unless you do something to push her buttons, in which case she sounds more animated than before. In an angry way.

Backstory: Jordyn lives with just her mom, but they often struggle with money, so she juggles school with a part-time job working at one of the bakeries around Brooklyn. She's almost always running late because she works on helping make and deliver goods around the city just before school starts. Which means she's usually too tired to pay attention in class during the morning if she doesn't have enough time to steal a cup of coffee from the shop on her way out.

[size=small]When she's by herself, she likes to practice her singing and watches film versions of musicals that were on Broadway at some point or another. Her singing is pretty average at best, so she doesn't fit in well with the music theatre kids but her lyrics are more solid than her voice. Sometimes you can catch her trying to write something down on sheet music or just plain lined paper, but try not to let her notice you're peeping in on her music composition. On certain weekends she can be seen attending local music concerts or battle of the bands, mostly as part of the crowd.[/size]

[size=small]Spider-sona Addendum[/size]

[size=small]Origin: Mystic Spider[/size]

[size=small]Physical Traits
Strength: 2

Speed: 2

Agility: 3

Durability: 2

Spider Traits

Wall-Crawling: 4

Equilibrium: 3

Organic Webbing: 4

Spider-Sense: 3
[size=small]Other Traits:[/size]
[size=small]-Freeze-dry webbing: The ability to freeze solid a webbing that has been shot out on mental command.[/size]
[size=small]-Super hearing: Jordyn will have enhanced hearing that can let her hear the quietest of sounds at a distance based on vibrations (provided the space is closed or allows for such vibrations to carry), most likely will be used as a stealth skill.[/size]
Hey everyone. Spider-Man's made his first real appearance in the RP! Only took, 4 pages for the Spider-Man Roleplay game to actually bring in Spider-Man. Huh. Anyways, one thing about this RP that's an open secret is that there will be Spider-powers involved. So, we've gotten far enough that I feel comfortable putting up this guide explaining choices about power origin and power scale. It's not a perfect guide, but any questions can be directed to me for clarification on Discord. Or help with coming up with ideas for powers.

The real important thing in this thread is coming up with a general idea for your sona in terms of their powers, choosing one of the four origins below and posting it in the thread, and then working on filling out the other details. In a few posts, roughly 2-3 more rounds of posting (or longer depending on how I feel), I will need to know the origin of your sona's Spider powers. If the deadline comes up before everyone's chosen one, I'll say it here. Although, there is no rush to make concrete decisions about Spider-Powers yet. Don't worry.

Power Origin
What kind of spider origin is the source of your Sona's Spider abilities? This is an important choice, but it is not an all defining choice. Not a make it or break it scenario, and I can help discuss which anyone would like over Discord. Besides, there's always the chance of something happening and powers switching, if the story goes on long enough. Hint hint.

Going to break the following four options into distinct categories.

Flavor text
Level of Spider Expression

  • Radioactive Spider
    "Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker's life was forever changed as his physiology was altered as a result of the radioactive isotopes in his blood, granting him the proportionate abilities of a spider."
    An irradiated spider is the origin of your powers. The spider's venom has combined with radioactive isotopes, which reside in your blood and are the source of your powers. This venom turned radioactive triggered the mutation of spider based abilities in your body. There are dangers associated with this radioactivity, such as blood that can be lethal when given to others and a weakness to anti-radioactive abilities, but the power associated is great.
    Level of Spider Expression: Low
  • Genetically Altered Spider
    "Bitten by a genetically altered spider, Peter Parker's life was forever changed as his DNA was rewritten thanks to the spider's venom, granting him the proportionate abilities of a spider."
    A genetically altered spider is the origin of your powers. The spider's venom has caused your DNA to become partially rewritten, which is the source of your powers. The mutagenic nature of the spider's venom is an unintended result of the genetic alteration of the spider, and have triggered spider based abilities and superpowers. These powers are extraordinarily safe, but notably result is severe bodily alterations as a result of changes in genetic expression. The power resulting from these alterations is great, but somewhat limited in nature.
    Level of Spider Expression: Medium
  • Mystic Spider
    "Bitten by an illegally imported, highly venomous spider, Peter Parker's life was forever changed when a spider god granted him the curse of power, transforming him from novice reporter into vigilante super hero / altered by the spider inside of himself, Peter Parker's once radioactive abilities manifested in new forms, making him more of a spider than he's ever been."
    A highly venomous spider is the origin of your powers. The spider's venom inside your body has connected you to a larger, supernatural existence, which is the source of your powers. The mutagenic result of the spider's venom is because of that larger, super natural existence. These powers are both limited and wild, understood yet strange. These powers are as limited as a genetically altered spider, yet much more bizarre. The power is high, but comes at a cost of a much more unusual body.
    Level of Spider Expression: Medium-High
  • Gene Splice
    "Under strange circumstances, Miguel O'Hara accidentally replaced half of his DNA with that of a spider's, granting him unique abilities and turning him into Spider-Man 2099."
    An event has spliced your DNA with that of a spider's, resulting in the creation of a mostly human partially spider genetic hybrid. Your rewritten genetics are the source of your powers. The gene replacements has caused the development of extreme spider based abilities and super powers. The changes are outwardly physical and immense, your body is still human but yet also highly spider in nature. This power is extreme, your body is enhanced to a massive degree. As a cost to this power, your body is also extremely different to than before the gene splice, making both control and life difficult.
    Level of Spider Expression: High
Spider-Sona Powers Addendum
You can save this part for later if you want, but it'll come after the origin. Every Spider has their super powers. For this game, I'm using the classic version of Peter Parker's abilities as a baseline. Miguel O'Hara's telepathy or Mile Morales' invisibility are not thing I'm going to say are innate to every Spider. I'm going to set a baseline, but there will be options for unique spins and alternate abilities (hint: ice spider). First, I'm going to provide a scale that explains the relative level of abilities, and then provide a list of abilities that Spider-Man possesses.

  1. Baseline Human - Attribute is at normal human levels.
  2. Sub-par - Attribute is weaker compared to the 616 version of Peter Parker, but still super human.
  3. Average - Attribute is roughly comparable to the 616 version of Peter Parker.
  4. Enhanced - Attribute is stronger compared to the 616 version of Peter Parker.
  5. Super - Attribute dwarfs the comparison to the 616 version of Peter Parker.

Physical Traits
Determines the level of your super strength, including physical capabilities, weight lifting power.
Determines the level of your super speed, including running speed, and the capabilities of your body to physically react.
Determines the level of your super human acrobatics and athletics, including maneuvers, parkour, gymnastics, and bodily coordination.
Determines the level of your super human durability, which includes how long you can operate before getting tired, and how much damage is required to hurt you.

Spider Traits
Every version of Spider-Man in some form can attach themselves to surfaces much like a spider can. The normal version of Peter Parker can only attach himself via his hands and feet, a 3 on the scale. Miguel O'Hara has talons on his hands and feet which dig into surfaces, useful in a fight but not as powerful as pure attachment, a 2. Spider-Man after being enhanced by the Other could attach any part of his skin to a surface, a 4.
Nearly every version of Spider-Man that I'm aware of is innately capable of achieving a state of perfect equilibrium in any position possible, such as upside down or on the side of a building, dangling from a web, etc. Uniquely this trait only goes from 1 to 3, because 616 Peter Parker has achieved a level that is impossible to go beyond. Nothing could be more balanced than perfect equilibrium, right?
-Organic Webbing
Another bit of a weird one, as the 616 version of Peter Parker has a 0 on this scale as he lacks organic webbing. But organic webbing was a big part of the Sam Raimi adaptation of Spider-Man, a reoccurring plot point in some of the animated adaptations, and had a few arcs dedicated to it in the comics. In light of this, a 1 on the scale would be normal for most Spiders. A 2 would be some form of weakened organic webbing, I'm honestly not sure. A 3 would be something like the Sam Raimi movies of being able to spin and shoot out webbing from the wrists. Lastly, a 4 would be an enhanced version of organic webbing. Something unusual or very strong. As an example that I thought of while brainstorming for someone's character, organic webbing that's near frozen when shot out would be an example of a 4.
I only know of one version of Spider-Man who has an unusual version of Spider-Sense. Literally every other version has a variation of the same basic template. Anyways, Spider-Sense is a precognitive ability to sense the relative direction direction and threat level of something dangerous directed at Spider-Man. Some Spiders have stronger Spider-Senses, others have weaker ones. A 2 would be a manifestation of Spider-Sense that does not warn of danger and instead provides some other mental ability, such as telepathy. A 3 would be a Spider-Sense that warns of things the person considers extremely dangerous, such as physical attacks or the exposure of their secret identity, but only provides a general warning. A 4 would either be a Spider-Sense that provides direct information on the direction and source of a danger, or provides general information of something dangerous and also an additional ability, creativity encouraged.
-Other Traits
Miles Morales had a "venom strike" that could electrify opponents and turn invisible. Miguel O'Hara had talons, the ability to move so fast he left behind an after image, and a healing factor like Wolverine. The Amazing Spider-Man (Sony) could detect vibrations on a web like a real spider. Kaine Parker could sense actual spiders around him. Include any other powers that you would like, within reason. I can provide advice or give refinement instructions. Just keep it reasonable is my only rule.
I have updated Draven's character submission with the Spider-Sona Powers Addendum.

One thing of note is that I recommend making Equilibrium for your characters a 3 because it would be difficult to act like Spider-Man without that.

In addition, the powers added as a part of the addendum can be changed later on if you feel it would improve the character's identity in the roleplay. I myself am not entirely certain with Draven's power set so I feel it would be a good idea to keep the powers malleable if need be, rather than locked down.
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