El Vórtice – Los Demonios

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Sep 5, 2015
El Vórtice – Los Demonios




Also known as The Vortex, this seemingly old and graffiti-filled building is one of the most well-known nightclub Los Demonios can provide. Despite the look on the outside, the interior is well cared-for and decorated nicely. The nightclub, which is owned by Mrs. Franco (a.k.a The Mistress), is the typical hang out place for some of the most dangerous criminals in the city. El Vórtice is the liveliest between 6 pm and 5 am, when the light-show starts. However, the reason it is famous among the criminals of the city is the subterranean area.
Locations of Interest

Anillo del Infierno


Those with the correct password are allowed to enter the sub-level of the nightclub, where they are greeted with a wild scene: People cheering and shouting, surrounding a large properly covered arena, watching two fighters battling for their amusement. What make the fights more exciting is that most of the fighters possess superhuman abilities, or aren’t even human themselves. They are often kidnapped by the people running the arena or forced into fighting for various reasons. The fighting ring is covered with strong material, able to withstand extreme temperatures and heavy blows.  One may place their bets and win a fortune for every fight out-come predicted right. One may also register themselves to be a fighter, if they wish to try taking down those on  the leading-board.

Strong fighters are usually bought by wealthy bosses who will pay them to maintain their spot on the Leader Board.

Tonight's Fights


Leader Board

Strongest fighters (their owner) - win counts - loss counts

Ironback (The Mistress) – 345 - 85

Thurinbi (Sr. Maestro) – 300 - 154

Bonesmasher (Sr. Luthor) – 289 - 164

Bets placed

Grand prize: ???


Revenge of the Francos
Quest giver: The Mistress
Reward: $100,000 at the least
To accept this quest one must defeat Ironback in a ring fight.

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