Draveel Archipelago


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Sep 4, 2015
  • Location: Island
  • Name: Draveel Archipelago
  • Image: see attachment
  • Lore: A volcanic island chain that gets a new island roughly every hundred years. The eldest isles have mostly sunken or become atolls, but the main island is both old and enormous, partially because it is actually a conglomerate of several volcanoes, several of which are tall enough to possess snow-caps.  Shrouded in lush jungles and rich in food, stone, and other commodities. Sometime before or during the crisis area, a large group of dragons left Draken in search of a more peaceful place to live away from greedy humans and other beings that could endanger them and found Draveel. They quickly established a Monarchy and have lived there since, training for war in case they were found. They built cities all over the isles, many of which are highly fortified.
  • Locations of Interest: Savertia (Capital), Castle Savertia, Civella (Port city), Proketh (Mountain citadel), Isle Carbeth (Training grounds), Isle Erzzle (newest island, still erupting), Kyerth (highly defensive city), Kobella (Farming community)


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