Dragons - The Rise of a New Age Planning Thread

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Sep 4, 2015
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Several centuries ago, a curse was placed on select human clans from across the globe; their descendants would be born to be half man half dragon, after they had carelessly slain the last of the dragons still on Earth. The clan leaders ignored this, but when they saw truth in the form of a dragon raiding their village 50 years later, they began to take this warning more seriously and now they knew that dragons were hiding among them. After about a decade later, dragons were spotted again and again, each of them being slain; after that time had passed, though, dragons had ceased to begin appearing and as centuries would pass, technology would increase in ease of hunting down any survivors.

Circa 2016, and the sightings of these mysterious "weredragons" have ceased to happen; for almost 200 years now, not even a single dragon had ever been spotted or caught on photograph by humanity. It takes a single photograph of a flying animal in the air, breathing fire, to catch the attention of the modern humans. With none of the original clansmen alive, no human to this day is truly aware of where these dragons are coming from. With only a few select individuals having been confirmed to have been spotted in nearby neighborhoods or cities, some have also noted that these dragons can easily roam the entire planet freely.

Now that the legendary beasts have been showing signs of resurfacing in the modern day world, it is unknown as to what would happen next now that individual humans with the power of mighty beasts such as dragons are living among the planet's population, effectively unbound by the law because of their secondary dragon form; they can fly to anywhere they want, they can survive any climate on Earth, they can heal wounds and breath dangerous substances, and most importantly, they are very intelligent to where they can navigate their way out of nearly any situation. What will happen when humans and dragons first confront each other again for the first time in centuries...?

  • Standard roleplaying rules.
  • All of the Dragon forms are Western Dragons.
  • The characters are between late High School and early College age.
  • Only human characters have a weapon because of their lack of any special attribute.
  • Dragon Elements can utilize some variation of Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal.
  • When roleplaying in Dragon form, remember a key fact that regardless of the picture chosen, a Dragon stands primarily on two legs.
  • Another note is that a Dragon form only is about 1.5 to 1.75 times the size of the human form in height.
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