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Sep 4, 2015
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  • Standard roleplaying rules.
  • All of the Dragon forms are Western Dragons.
  • The characters are between late High School and early College age.
  • Only human characters have a weapon because of their lack of any special attribute.
  • Dragon Elements can utilize some variation of Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Metal.
  • When roleplaying in Dragon form, remember a key fact that regardless of the picture chosen, a Dragon stands primarily on two legs.
  • Another note is that a Dragon form only is about 1.5 to 1.75 times the size of the human form in height.
  • Only five of the Elder Dragons exist; I control all of them for story purposes. The main difference between the two Dragon types being the general size and the amount of power, but much of that relates more to age if anything.

Profile Skeleton:

Race (Human or Dragon):
Dragon Form (if a Dragon):
Breath Element (if a Dragon):
Weaponry (if a Human):

My Characters:

Name: Maxwell
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Dragon

Dragon Form:

Personality: Calm, collected, a bit on the cocky side of things, but otherwise goodhearted in intent. Also has a bit of a naivety to him even if he knows right from wrong.
Breath Element: Napalm (Fire)
Having lived among other humans in secret of his own abilities, he didn't discover his own powers as a Dragon until two years of bullying from others had put him over the edge and caused him to transform in front of them, scaring them off. Months later, Maxwell would save his classmates from a tornado which would expose himself as a Dragon to his whole school, but none of the students even dare mention his secret because of how much they now respect him for his efforts. Although, even then, that's still not getting him a free pass on his grades.
Crush: TBA

Name: Marvin
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Elder Dragon

Dragon Form: 

Personality: Well mannered, takes things seriously, often a bit of a goof when he's just in the company of his own minions, and generally keeps his composure well. Has a tendency of getting bored and being lazy.
Breath Element: Solar Flame (Metal)
As one of the Elder Dragons, one would expect him to be very wise, very nice, and very helpful; he is those things by all means, but not towards good, but to evil. He admits he didn't want for this to be the conclusion of his development over the years, but after having spent over 200 years of being absolutely bored out of his mind and fast asleep, he wakes up to the modern day to see that not much has changed, so he believes spicy things up with an evil plan would finally get him doing something that wouldn't just bore him to death considering his age at this point.
Crush: N/A
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