Dragonball Xenoverse 2: Universal Chaos


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Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands
After a long time of inner debating, and with the Tournament of Skills RP I initially started going nowhere inspiration-wise (I might redo/revamp that one entirely once I've got that sorted, or continue that at a later time), I've decided to try my hand at a RP story based around Dragonball Xenoverse 2.

Summary: With their efforts to try and gain enough kili to revive the Demon Realm in the regular DBZ Timelines failing time after time, the Time Breakers, for now led by Dabura and Towa, have set their sights on targeting a different DBZ Timeline, which so happens to be Brachi's timeline. What begins for the Time Patrol as what they believe to be probing attacks, they soon get embroiled in a difficult fight against all the major AND minor fighters of Brachi's universe as a whole. But what Towa and Dabura do not realize is that their efforts stir up something within the Demon Realm of Brachi's universe as a whole, something that has taken a particular interest in Dabura and Towa and sees in them an opportunity to stoke things up even further, something that will threaten the very heart of the Time Patrol itself...

For now, my main character will be Godel, the Partner of Time Patrol Trunks as well as Fygg, a female Human Time Patroller whom hails from Brachi's universe. Brachi and her friends will appear later on when the enemies' main attack is launched. Chronoa, the Elder Kai and Time Patrol Trunks also make their appearances, as well as a certain someone else whose motives may appear ambiguous, but will prove quite useful in the fights to come...

If you wish to join in, just subscribe here and let me know whom you will be registering as a character you want to play as.
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