Dragon Ball: Galactic Pass

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Sep 4, 2015
The Galaxy is full of stars, and many of those stars have planets all their own, and though the chances of finding life on other worlds is one in a million... that's still at least a hundred-million planets with life in our galaxy alone. Some of these planets have Space-faring races, like the Saiyans, The Frezyan (What I like to call Frieza's species), The Namekians, Humans (As of recently), The Durakuni (Anthro dragonfolk), And many others.

As time rolled on, the Frezyan tried to rule the universe- Nay, the galaxy, and might have succeeded if not for many a powerful warrior standing up to them... and a Virus that wiped out most of their kind. The Saiyans met a similar fate as they tried to take over the universe, leading many to believe that all who tried to conquer the Universe would be doomed to fail spectacularly and face certain doom

It is the Year 2430, and now the story can begin on a small planet, one almost wiped clean of its original ecosystem ages ago. While it does not have any intelligent life of its own, many species live there in colony domes, while others live just outside of them in small, private domes. But there are rumors of an ancient teacher who lives in the vast wasteland that covers the planet. A wise sage who will teach his ways to those with great Courage and Willpower. It is believed that, once upon a time, the planet even had its own Dragon Balls, but they have long since gone inert. The planet now has a problem with Crime, and those who travel the wastes must be wary of those criminals, as well as the sparse wildlife. Welcome to Planet Calryss.


1. No Godmodding or Power Playing
2. Please keep swearing to a minimum
3. No sex scenes. Your characters can have kids, but let's not see the details.
4. No power levels over 4000 to begin- If you MUST have one more powerful, take it up with me in PM
5. No Canon characters from DB/DBZ/DBGT/DBS/whatever. I want to see Creativity in this RP, not leeching off of Canon.
6. Er... I think that about does it...

Anyone interested?

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