Do people still like Fairy Tail?


Blue Jacket
Oct 10, 2018
Hello everyone, I know the Fairy Tail manga has ended last year, but a spinoff story and the last season of the anime are now ongoing.

But I would like to know, are there still people out there who like Fairy Tail? Just curious.
I haven't watched FT since 2014 due to being unable to catch up after Funimation stopped dubbing past a certain point of the episodes (and I got tired of watching filler arcs in between everything else). After that, I struggled with reading the manga because I either got too impatient or the manga sites that had the chapters had terrible fan translation upkeep (terrible grammar, etc) on top of being chock-full of redirect popups I couldn't avoid on mobile.

I still proudly own my Gray keychain though! I should have bought one of Lucy's gate keys with him, but I haven't seen it since. 

Funny enough I still check Mashima's twitter to save any ship art he does because I like a lot of the pairings :3
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