Destiny's Fall

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Grey Star

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate

A moderately sized village in Paradise, located on a coast north of the Brother / Sisterhoods of Black / White Magic, almost exclusively populated by humanoids that look almost identical to humans, but are actually aliens who rely on a seperate, genetic, system of magic to fuel their lives. Having arrived ages ago, some faintly remember the original exploration landing from over 600 ages ago. Sometimes they trade with other members of Paradise, but prefer to keep on their own. Occasionally members return with human brides, but few others due to biological incapability.

The village mostly relies on fish caught from the sea, and alien plants for vegetables, lumber, and strange crystalline weapons.

Places of Interest
  • Picture Perfect Beach - A well maintained beach with several sailing boats that fish the nearby waters, forming a mini port.
  • Weapon Shop - There's a weapon shop that primarily sells a limited stock of exotic weaponry, including crystal magic swords that can deflect energy blasts and amplify magic that runs through them, crystaline energy guns that can be converted (with seperate purchase) into laser weapons that utilize most commerical power sources for non Withereds, and extremely rare anti magic bullets offically named "mana burn bullets", which explode violently when they hit most forms of stored energy and mana.
  • Trading Post - Raw goods are exchanged here in exchange for currency, or vice versa. Some refined goods are also aviable, along with raw energy storing crystals that compose the majority of the weapons.
  • Grey Star's Parish - A place of worship is here, an open and sun lit building that watches the cosmos and facilitates the local religion. Named after one of the three ruling gods of the Withered's ancestors. The building is treated with much reverance, and any disrespect towards it will not be tolerated.
  • Extragalatic Transmitter - There's a building with tight security that contains some sort of antenna, and a chamber inside that allows weak projection of the mind of the Withered inside to journey back to their original planet, but consumes a vast amount of energy to amplify the broadcast that far. It's alleged that a magic used could use it to temporarily super charge their abilities, but only the closest friends of the village are allowed inside.
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