Death Knight Detective

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
A work in progress.

Particular other concepts include: a teenage super hero dealing with being half eldritch horror, a werewolf monster hunter seeking to carve out a bloody peace for himself, and the tales of a wandering alien soldier fighting for honor and justice on a galactic scale.

Advertisement Blurb:​
For some, death is not an absolute, final destination. It is merely a temporary inconvenience whose bypass is facilitated by evil energies and intense dark emotions. Those who are lucky enough to benefit from both getting around dying and being around these energies find themselves in a one and a half stage of life, they are the undead. Some of the most powerful, notable undead are fallen warriors whose quests ended with their death, who had either lost their grace, never had any grace, or lost it in their final moments, and return as the infamous Death Knights. For a small sect of Death Knights however, their mission is not to facilitate undeath, but instead to bring peace to death. For our hero, solving murders is just training for bringing peace to the dead. But when your magical powers are all about death and your side job is being a homicide detective, it certainly gets a lot easier.

“I’m just saying, I don’t think you need better armor.” Said the calm voice of a pale skinned man, blue eyes burrowing into the gaze of his companion. A red glass was raised in his hand, the light translucent color of the drink contrasting with the messy, opaque black hair, which was barely visible against the darkened interior of the tavern. He gave a unenthused smile, to which his companion rolled her silver eyes.

“Said the one wearing the heavy armor adorned with expensive, useless markings.” She replied in dismissal, dark skin standing out against the shadowed black of the tavern. A red glass was standing by the back of her had, resting on the table, matching the one in her companion’s hand. Her black hair was a trait shared by the larger community the two shared, even as it blended in with the interior of the tavern, it was visibly disheveled.

“My armor is religious in nature, your’s is for protection.” He rebutted. “And it protected you well enough from the wolves on the way here.”

“Those wolves were a centimeter from cutting through my armor with their claws, I’m lucky they didn’t manage to hurt me.”

“See? The armor protected you just well enough, and from here to Therodan there’s only wolves.”

“Just well enough doesn’t leave for much room for error in fighting.” She countered, both of them leaning in forward they became more invested in the conversation, blue to silver eyes.

Meanwhile, the bartender was dressed in a saturated brown, making him visible behind the counter polishing a glass, eyes starting to close. He took a breath, closed his ends, leaned forward to a missing patron, and then slammed his head on the counter, falling behind it as the glass fell from his hand, breaking on the ground. The two embroiled in conversation suddenly paused and turned to see the bar tender’s fall, both getting up and walking over.

“Jacen, go to him.” The woman replied, as the man ran over and jumped the counter, kneeling by the man and placed a hand on his chest, suddenly seeing the man’s body lit in red light, rapidly turning blue.

“No use, he’s dead.”

“Respiratory failure?” She asked, peering over the counter. Jacen’s eyes looked up, blue eyes cutting through the shadow.

“No, murder.”


The Death Knights of the Pale Moon handle cases of undead surfacing, and train their members by investigating unexplained deaths. This is one of their trainee’s stories.
It sounds like an interesting plot, but its making me think something like Danny phantom or murdered soul suspect... Or maybe even Dexter actually... Im not sure it will stand out where it needs to.
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