DBZ: The Shadow of Revan [Registration]

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Sep 4, 2015

[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]DBZ: The Shadow of Revan[/font]
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[font='Lucida Grande', 'Trebuchet MS', Verdana, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]Peace across the multiverse has instilled a new order of prosperity for life itself, now that the Masters have come to terms with their own reincarnations. Life moves ever forward from its own negativity, attempting to truly expand from its roots in both fear and chaos. With new alliances being formed with gods of destruction, fighters learning the essence of ki itself, and strengthen bonds with old foes, the Z-Fighters' powerbase has risen to a height not seen before in centuries.

However, the peaceful state of existence comes to a close yet again. Originating in the decimated and ruined universe that spawned the Dread Saiyan, a dark presence of energy has emerged, radiating with the signature of the Masters themselves.

Dread Master Raptus has called for the Z-Fighters to assemble on the sacred land of the Kais, intent on directing a team to investigate the planets. A routine mission, a routine enemy, neutralizing a threat towards existence on a scale smaller than the Masters' threat.

Will the Z-Fighters answer the call to destroy this dark presence? Or is there more to be uncovered in the fringes of space simply known as "The Unknown Regions"?
Find out in another exciting installment of Dragon Ball Z!!

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A new presence to the multiverse has returned, casting a dark shroud over the entire universe belonging to the Future counterparts. Most concerning was the nature of the energy, having caused no damage to the universe itself and rapidly moving to a plane of existence that bridges the universe to the current timeline as quickly as it appeared.
Dread Master Raptus initially discovered the new existence in creation, the disturbance causing great concern from its ominous and foreboding presence by creating new worlds. The presence's power rises each day, radiating with the energy signature of the Dread Masters themselves. The Master has called for a team of special forces amongst the Z-Fighters to investigate, hoping to uncover the force behind such creation.

Character Registration
Any OC character or even existing characters from other works of fiction are allowed in this game, as long as they are able to respect the DBZ universe's laws on energy such as ki. However, be advised that extensive power gaps between characters will undoubtedly exist, and boss battles will be tailored to either stronger characters in the cast or weaker characters based upon their unique talents being needed to defeat a boss over raw power. And of course, I will be denying characters that are potentially godmodded or contradictory in nature. Villains may possess extensive advantages over the heroes, but I will be very scarce in approving villains. In order to gain approval for an antagonist, the character and attempted plot they plan to inject into this story will need to be very intriguing.
Each character introduced can play virtually any alignment, which I will want you to detail in the registration post. Here is the outline I'd like you to follow:

Ability to use ki?:
Power Level (Compare to the Saiyan transformations if known. If not, briefly describe feat capability):
Special Powers (Type N/A if none):
Preferred Placement in Post Order (First, Middle, Last):[/font]
For easy reference, I'm pasting Mioi back in and making one adjustment to her powers section.

Name: Mioi
Ability to use ki?: No but she's training to use the FORCE!!! *Darth Vader voice*
Power Level (Compare to the Saiyan transformations if known. If not, briefly describe feat capability): Given her power, I'd say she's a low to mid Street Buster (if you can call it that).
Appearance: Click here. She does have teeth, but no lips, so she has to unlock her jaw in a very grotesque manner to detract her set of jagged teeth for eating or last resort fighting (the flesh torn up heals up relatively quickly so it isn't a recommended battling style)
Alignment: True Neutral
Backstory: Xer original home planet was taken over and seized around the same time frame after the sacking of Coruscant took place due to the chaos that erupted within the public from the discourse. Currently, she serves as a student with the Jedi to put her sorrow from loss into honing herself to at least be of use. On top of that, Mioi herself wants answers for all that the society was launched into.
Special Powers (Type N/A if none): Mioi has the ability to fire concentrated laser/energy beams from her eye (short bursts or longer streams), but if used extensively in long streams repeatedly, she will exhaust herself and be ridden with migraine and poor vision. Additionally, Mioi possesses telepathy and prefers using that to communicate for her general lack of 'mouth'. Her teeth are retractable but are rarely seen because of it. Due to the process it involves for Mioi to open her "mouth", she has low level skin regeneration (this only goes for minor wounds and relatively superficial lacerations. Anything beyond that cannot be resolved with skin regeneration).
Preferred Placement in Post Order (First, Middle, Last): I'll go last, but I don't mind being given a different post placement if necessary.
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