DBZ: The Lone Warrior's Path [Preview/Planning]

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Sep 4, 2015
"The child thought he escaped from me, my people destroyed, entire cultures ruined..."

"He. Was. Wrong."

"You may have powerful allies, Tenno, but without Natah to help you, your fellow warriors..."

"You will DIE."

Sentient Hunhow and his allies have been waiting in the shadows, keeping their involvement to a near-minimum, but the seeming reemergence of their enemies, a warrior culture known as the Tenno, Hunhow must now take action, not only to put down a power that poses a dangerous risk to him, but to also satisfy the needs of one of his earliest supporters, the Stalker, who holds a grudge against the Tenno for their actions in the past.

This reemergence, however, isn't big. As a matter of fact, it only comes in the form of one lone Tenno as of now, the Warframe named Limbo, who had been lost in space ever since his universe, no, his multiverse, had been destroyed, leaving him in the void with no means to get out for many billions of years. This lone Tenno now seeks help in his time of need, a time where his guide and his friends are no longer there to help him, stranded in a new universe he doesn't know anything about.

Prologue: The Unnamed Fugitive
"Your survival wont be left unchecked, Tenno." Stalker muttered through comms to the fleeing Limbo, who was jumping and dashing through people.​

"Seriously, why does Stalker of all people have to be around to hunt me?"   the boy thought to himself as he started gliding off the roof of a building he had climbed up, shooting a few bullets at the Stalker. He didn't want to hurt any civilians, but there might be some necessary casualties for him to get away from the assassin. Unfortunately, Stalker deflected the swords with his massive sword, the War, before proceeding to jump in front of Limbo. Limbo kept on going, dashing into an alternate dimension, the Rift, to get past Stalker. That didn't deter the Tenno killer, however, as he waved his hand, releasing a small amount of energy that violently erupted under Limbo, forcing him out of the void.​

"Your abilities won't keep you safe from me, Tenno." Stalker spoke as he walked up to the vulnerable Warframe, who was crawling back for his life. In a few short moments, it was over, the blade was shoved through Limbo's neck, severing his head from his body and abruptly cutting off the boy's connection with the suit of armor..​

"Damnit!" A boy yelled out on the Liset as he got off the chair that allowed him to transfer himself to Limbo. ​

"Operator?" A digitized voice rang throughout the room the boy was in. It was Ordis, his personal ship Cephalon that kept the Liset running in his "absence", "Did Hunhow find you again?"​

"Yes he did, Ordis. I just can't shake him off!" The boy spoke, his brows flared as a sign of obvious frustration. "Every day, they find me faster! What if they eventually trace the transferrence link back to us? What will happen then?"​

"I don't know, Operator, maybe -- We'll shoot the hell out of them -- er, run away." In typical Ordis fashion, he glitched out and said something completely violent and illogical. The boy chuckled a little at that before he returned to his previous demeanor. "On the bright side, Operator, I have done some research on this strange new universe's network, the -- ancient and idiotic-- convenient technology available here shows news reports indicating that these "Z-Fighters" may be able to assist you in your struggle. Hmm, I'm not sure, though. They had a strange person that looked like... a Sentient beating up bad guys -- er... yeah, a sentient doing good things, not subverting technology. I don't understand this, Operator, how could that happen?" The boy looked over the news reports and saw the pictures of the Z-Fighters, including the mysterious figure Ordis pointed out. That was right, it was definitely a Sentient, but why? What did he have to gain from doing that? Was he doing the same thing to them that he had done with Lotus and the Tenno themselves? Manipulating them? He didn't know, but he needed to find them and not only ask them for help, but also warn them.​

"Who knows, maybe he has some sort of bug going on in his brain like you have a bug yourself, Ordis. By the way, do you know where these Z-Fighters are?" The boy questioned his Cephalon companion.​

"The latest news reports talk about the Z-Fighters being on Earth, Operator. However, you may not know it as the Earth you know.." Ordis showed the boy another picture, this one of Earth. It looked severely different from the Earth he knew. It wasn't grand, golden or covered in dense, artificial vegetation. Instead, it was sprawling with plain towers, perhaps not even a tenth the height that the skyscrapers the Orokin had built were. If anything, it seemed to be more reminiscent of how his Earth was before the Orokin.​

"That's great, Ordis. Pilot a course for this Earth now, if you can find it." The boy sat back in his chair, slowly drifting off to sleep in his current body as we woke up in another one, a new Limbo Warframe.​

"Aye-aye, captain -- oh, excuse me Operator. Setting a course for Earth now." The Liset's engines roared as it initiated a void jump, the cloaked craft cutting through the empty space as it ended up near Earth, their destination.​
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