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Sep 4, 2015

[align=center]A man can have anything...
If he is willing to sacrifice.


More details to come, officially takes place after the SoR arc! Stay tuned for a registration thread!
Prelude: The Solemn Vow


"More troops over there!!"


The two boys collapsed onto the ground in unison, laughing at their banter in the midst of turning to face one another. They sat still in the calm grass, both turning their attention to the evening sky above with smiles.

"This is great, isn't it? Training starts tomorrow: this is the last night we'll ever be stuck at home doing nothing!"

The boy in the black outfit nodded once, his smile fading slightly.

"I'm gonna miss it a bit."

The boy in white raised his eyebrow slightly, still keeping a half hearted smile.

"Really? All we do are those chores mother assigns us, always cleaning this or fixing that. We're going to learn how to fight tomorrow!!"

The boy in black let out a small sigh.

"Yeah, but it's nice work. Fighting's fun and all, but I'm still gonna miss those evenings with mom and Vaylin."

The boy in white scoffed, turning away.

"Pfft, and that's why I'll beat you Thexan! You're far too soft to be a great warrior!"

The boy in black smirked back in response, both sharing a small laugh before Thexan spoke.

"Maybe. But you gotta promise me one thing, Arcann."

Arcann raised an eyebrow again.

"And what's that?"

Thexan rolled slightly onto his side, pulling his middle finger back with his thumb before lightly flicking the boy in white on the forehead.

"You still remember to spend time with your brother when you become the strongest fighter on Zakuul!"

Arcann rubbed his forehead lightly, chuckling with a small smile.

"I'll consider it, peasant. I may be able to play video games with you after I'm done signing autographs and having statues erected in my honor!"

Both boys broke out into a laugh, rolling back towards the sky. Thexan grinned slightly, pointing up as a shooting star passed over.

"See that brother? A shooting star."

Arcann nodded his head once.

"Yeah, I saw it."

Thexan turned slightly.

"So, you gonna make a wish?"

Arcann nodded once more.

"I don't need to."

Thexan raised an eyebrow slightly in confusion, staring at the extended fist of Arcann in front of him.

"As long as I have you for a brother, I won't need anything out there."

Thexan smiled in response, bumping his fist with Arcann's as the two relaxed in the grass.
Prelude: You will have nothing


Kneeling down onto his knees, Arcann hacked heavily as he kept his head bowed. His chest rose and fell steadily, the clash of wood and metal ringing out faintly in his ears.

It's too much...why does he keep sending more...

He lifted his chin, his peripheral vision catching the black cloth covered arm in front of him. His muscles trembled, shaking heavily before firmly clasping onto Thexan's own arm. A small smile formed on his lips, his arm now stiff and shaking-free with the dust from the arena blasting out from the collision of their arms.

Arcan's smile soon retreated, however, slowly turning towards the balcony from which his father stood. The shame was clear in his expression, watching the man turn on his heel and silently exit through the opening. The flames burned brightly atop the father's head, the darkening of the area indicating he had departed completely.

Arcann dropped his head, keeping a heavy a frown. His attention remained on the dirt, despite Thexan playfully knocking his left shoulder.

"Hey bro, what happened to dominating me in the trials?! Think I took that last wave all on my own!"

Arcann's voice came out timid, his expression remaining grim.

"That's not funny Thexan."

Thexan's smirk immediately morphed into a frown, furrowing his brows.

"Hey...I was only kidding. You did good today, don't worry about it."

Arcann cringed, shutting his eyes tightly.

"No I didn't! I got beat up...humiliated! I couldn't handle what father threw at us...I'm just weak..."

Thexan lifted his lips into a small smile.

"No you're not. You're a strong warrior Prince, and father knows it! He's just pushing you to be stronger is all."

Arcann kept his head bowed, the tears slightly dripping from the edges.

"You saw the way he looks at us. Ever since he got that new body...ever since we've started this training, he's done nothing but bully and put us in near death situations. Ones I would've died in if it wasn't for you. Everytime you save me...he gets upset. You can see it..."

He lifted his left arm, wiping his eyes with the dirty white cloth.

"He doesn't care about me Thexan. You're the strong one..."

His shoulders dropped.

"You've always been the strong one."

Thexan kept a frown, sighing lightly.

"Well, I guess I can't really argue with you on that right now. But hey..."

Arcann glanced up slightly, turning to meet Thexan's eyes.

"He walked out on me too. So if he doesn't like you, then he doesn't like me either."

The boy in white watched on as Thexan held out his fist, holding it at Arcann's chest level.

"We're in this together, no matter which one of us is stronger. Doesn't matter what he throws at us; he tries to kill you, he has to go through me to do it!"

Arcann nodded his head once, a small half smile returning.

"Thanks brother."

Thexan chuckled, breaking out into a smirk.

"Of course, there's a price for my generosity. You'll need to share all the glory when we win the war."

Arcann hacked once more, spitting out into the dirt to his right.

"You can handle all of the day to day busy work when we take over Zakuul."

Thexan chuckled again.

"That's the Arcann I know. C'mon, let's go get something to eat."
Prelude: Brotherhood


The oaths you swear, the promises you make. They are yours, alone...


Arcann stood with his back turned, staring at the man looking out into the distance across the way next to his throne. The flame burned brightly inside of the throne room, capturing Arcann's attention for a moment. He then scoffed, turning back towards his brother in black with a confident smirk.


Thexan stifled a small chuckle.

"A bit colder in his attitude today, isn't he?"

Arcann let out another mocking scoff.

"Asshole thinks we're just gonna roll over and die out there. Sends us off on a 'you probably won't come back'? After spending all those years trying to kill me himself?"

Thexan nodded once.

"Yeah, I doubt it's any worse out there. Speaking of that though-"

Arcann blinked, swaying lightly from the jab at his ribs from Thexan.

"You've really come into your own brother. Those last few trials...how many Knights did you take down?"

Arcann smirked.

"One hundred and seventy four, all wielding father's own specialized lightsabers. I barely broke a sweat."

Thexan chuckled.

"That's better than mine, I only did a hundred and seventy."

Arcan nodded once keeping his smirk.

"Yes, at long last, I'm finally stronger than you brother."

He brazenly gestured to the ceiling.

"Bow before your prince!"

Both brothers erupted into a hearty laugh, playfully elbowing one another before reaching the shuttle inside the hangar.

"All kidding aside...I'm really proud of you Arcann."

Arcann bowed his head sligtly, smiling warmly as the two stepped onto the shuttle's main loading deck. Each one grasped onto a handle to steady themselves on the side, Thexan still facing towards Arcann.

"This is just further proof: it's not a matter of destiny. The ones who survive aren't always the ones gifted with power; it's the ones who make their own destinies that truly shape the universe."

Arcann nodded once, his smile widening a bit.

"Is that why you never gave up on me? Even when father had written me off as another failure?"

Thexan nodded his head once.

"Yeah, but it was mostly because you're my brother Arcann. It's like I told you when we were kids...."

He held out his fist.

"We're in this together."

Arcann kept a smile, reaching out and tapping Thexan's fist with his own before the shuttle lifted off the ground, departing from the hangar bay and into the depths of space.
Prelude: Birthright


Your freedom will be the wars you wage. Your birthright, the losses you suffer...


The two brothers knelt down together on opposite knees, facing towards the small cylinder. The bodies of the fallen enemies and friendlies alike littered the scene, crashed ships still burning brightly despite the artic terrain. Arcann's head was dipped further than Thexan, who was the first to lock eyes with the holoimage of the man now looking down upon them.

The flames still glowed brightly, despite the image's failure to incorporate much of his face. His cape billowed slightly from the left, indicating he was outside as he spoke with a familiar voice.

"What is it?"

Thexan breathed in heavily, pausing.

"We've experienced some setbacks, father. We've lost over half our fleet in the invasion of Mars, we've retreated to a nearby ice world."

The man kept the same expression.

"Did you conquer the civilization?"

Thexan's face cringed slightly, his head bowing.


"Did you lead the charge of the forces on the ground?"

"No...father. Commander Akorm led the Knights into battle; they were defeated by Martian allies. We've yet to uncover their names...but..."

Thexan slowly dived into his back pouch, pulling out a silver cylinder. Within seconds, a blue recreation of an image depicting Jitto appeared.

"This woman led the assault. A Saiyan...stronger than we anticipated."

The man kept the same expression, his voice monotone.

"Then you know what you have to do. The woman resides on the planet Earth in our universe, an ally of the False Emperor."

Thexan's eyes widened.

"You....you want us to attack Earth? But that's suicide!"

The man nodded.

"Your life has never been my concern, but your power is. You will go to Earth, and you will make an example out of the Saiyans who live there. Do not return until it is done."

The man turned on his heel, the image of the holo cutting out to leave Thexan and Arcann alone. Arcan's expression quickly twisted into anger, suddenly bolting up to his feet and blasting the silver cylinder into hundreds of pieces. Thexan turned his head to Arcann, rising up to his feet as snow and metal dropped around him.

"Look...it's not your fault..."

Arcann's chest continued to rise.

"Of course it is! We only failed in that invasion because we didn't lead the charge! Because I said we didn't have to!"

Thexan kept a frown, moving up to Arcann's side.

"Just a small mistake, that's all. We were doing so well with the Core Worlds...it was fair to have that judgement."

Arcann whirled around, facing towards Thexan.

"But you wouldn't have stayed on the ship. You would've led the Knights into battle, and we would've torn those ships from the sky!"

The brother in white suddenly gripped his head with both hands.

"Why do you force this job onto me?! Why do I have to make all of these decisions?!"

Thexan reached up, grasping onto Arcann's shoulder tightly. The brother in white snarled, preparing to shrug off Thexan's grip but stopping at his words.

"My mistake, I shouldn't have let you make the call on your own there."

Thexan broke out into a smile, chuckling slightly.

"After all, it's my job to handle the day to day busy work, right?"

Arcann kept his angered stare, huffing a bit before breaking out into a heavy sigh.

"Let's just go to Earth and be done with this."

Thexan nodded, dropping his arm back to his side as he walked towards the shuttle parked a few meters away.

"Last stop of the journey, then we'll finally earn father's acceptance."
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Prelude: The Fallen


Your entitlement: The pain you endure.


"Reports are coming in-"

"An extraterrestrial invasion on Earth has begun-"

"Thousands lay dead in Russia, leadership has fallen to a colony located-"

"Hundreds of soldiers in golden armor, wielding energy swords-"

"The entire world is on the brink of collapse in the face of this overwhelming threat. How can we possibly hope to defeat-"

"What you're seeing now is live footage of the possibly the most intense combat of the war occurring in the ruins of the Big Apple. Mysterious warriors have managed to drive back the invading army, dealing a devastating blow to one of their commanding officers in white. Perhaps the first sign of hope, these defenders have been the only force able to repel the invading aliens to date-"

"My fellow countrymen. Today...we are united not as nations or individuals. But as one planet, weakened by deception, yet made strong in will. We will persevere, we will endure..."

"Earth shall not fall!"


Bulma bit into her nails as she stood outside of Capsule Corp, staring up into the sky. She did her best to keep her eyes diverted away from the massive explosions already erupting across West City, hurriedly glancing around.

"C'mon....c'mon. We need the others here..."

She gasped in shock, the sudden "fzzt" ringing out right behind her. She quickly whirled around, gasping with relief at the sight of an exhausted Goku and Vegeta.

"Oh thank Kami you came back!!"

Goku narrowed his eyes, taking his arm off Vegeta once the small prince had propped himself up. The larger Saiyan soon pulled out a little brown cloth bag, digging inside for a small green bean as he spoke.

"What's going on here, Bulma? I could sense the huge energy from out there."

Bulma turned her head towards the shockwaves erupting a few miles away, having to speak over the rubble of skyscrapers collapsing in the distance.

"I don't know...Jitto and the others were here, telling us the Big Apple had been nearly destroyed a few minutes ago and then suddenly, an entire fleet of invading aliens landed in West City. The whole world is in chaos Goku; they're destroying everything across the planet!"

Vegeta narrowed his eyes as well, turning towards the shockwaves.

"The fighting just stopped...Jitto's energy signature just disappeared. Broly, Blaze, Goggie...I can't sense any of them."

The small prince glanced down, taking the bean offered to him from Goku as the larger Saiyan turned his gaze towards where the shockwaves originated from.

"Glad we got here in time. We need to hold them off until the others deal with Revan."

Vegeta nodded, both Saiyans rapidly ascending into their Dread Saiyan forms, blasting upwards into the sky and snaking towards the two energy signatures left in purple dashes.


And when darkness finds you....you will face it. Alone....


30 minutes later....

Thexan?! Thexan!!

Arcann's eye glanced around frantically, his breathing intensifying once his back had hit the solid wall of the ruins behind him. With no where to back up, he kept his one good eye trained on the Saiyan prince advancing towards him with clenched fists. The brother in white whirled his saber in front of him, summoning his last bit of courage while Vegeta kept a strong glare.

"No where to run."

Arcann grunted.

"This isn't where I fall, Saiyan scum."

Vegeta quickly bolted forward, arriving at Arcann in mere seconds with an outstretched arm and fist buried into his stomach. The warrior in white let out a pained gasp, attempting to swing his yellow blade down.

The small Saiyan prince scoffed, lazily slapping the metal cylinder out of Arcann's hands. The metal bounced along the pavement to his left, slowly rolling to a halt at the edge of the street. Vegeta latched onto Arcann's neck next, tightly squeezing onto his throat and lifting the warrior up into the air.

Arcann struggled to breath in the chokehold, his black metal arm digging its grip into Vegeta's tense muscles with no avail. The white gloved hand began to radiate with a dark purple energy, the ominous whir rising steadily in pitch.

"Once you're dead, your brother is next. And your army along with it."

Arcann continued to struggle, his vision blurring in the grip he could not break. His frantic stare turned quickly to the metal cylinder a few meters away, outstretching his arm. The cylinder suddenly bolted upwards, propelled by the energy Arcann had erupted at its base to send it flying towards the two.

Vegeta blinked, whirling around to see the hilt cleanly land in Arcann's grasp, the blade suddenly igniting. Arcann let out a small roar, the blade slicing down cleanly through the Saiyan prince's neck in a single swipe.

The brother in white collapsed to the ground in an exhausted heap, sucking in air graciously as Vegeta's decapitated body crumpled to the ground shortly after, the energy having disappeared. His eye quickly glanced around, his rage rising in his expression.

He abandoned me! Why....why did he-


Arcann immediately turned at the sound of Thexan's voice, locking onto his brother approaching with a drawn saber. He kept his glare trained on Thexan, following his brother's attention on the body at Arcann's feet.

"You left me alone to fight him!"

Thexan frowned.

"I'm sorry...they split us up. I was hoping to fight the stronger one...but they were smarter and tried to take advantage of it."

Arcann roared in frustration, rising up to his feet.

"You left me to die! If it wasn't for father's swords, I would've been killed!"

Thexan sighed lightly, turning his attention down to the body.

"Well...you saw it for yourself. These were the Dread Saiyans...like him. The power behind our swords in one being...and now we killed not one, but two of them."

Arcann continued to pant, Thexan gesturing towards the body.

"We did it, brother. They may be dead...but their power still lingers a bit. Just one siphon away...and you'll be as strong as father."

Arcann glanced down for a moment, before turning back to Thexan.

"I can't...I can't sense you. I thought you died back there...leaving me alone on this forsaken planet..."

Thexan stifled a small chuckle, nodding his head once.

"I know...I think it has to do with the side effect of the siphoning. The power somehow dwarfs our energy signature...I'm not sure why. But you'll definitely feel stronger, and more like father."

Arcann nodded his head once, kneeling down and gently touching on the blue gi. His eye widened a bit, the black lightning surging around his mechanical arm as he jolted a bit in the shock, letting out a pained grunt. Thexan kept his eyes trained on Arcann, tensely watching on through the entire process before stepping back a bit. Arcann slowly rose to his feet, his eye narrowed while his visor glowed a bit in the sunlight.

"Yeah...I...I can feel it. We're....we're just like father now."

Thexan nodded once, breaking out into a frown.

"Right...but listen brother. We need to stay calm...I know how you feel about father..."

Arcann kept his attention on the sky, remaining silent in Thexan's pause. The brother in black stared on with an awkward stare, continuing on without the expected response from Arcann.

"And I know you want to kill him. But we need to bide our time...grow our power a bit before we strike. Alright?"

Arcann remained silent, keeping his arms at his side while the two brothers began to walk side by side towards the shuttle parked a block away. Thexan raised his eyebrow, glancing over to Arcann as they approached the shuttle.

"Alright brother?"

The disfigured brother in white offered only silence in response, stepping onto the deck of the shuttle and grasping onto the side handle while Thexan one above his head. The shuttle slowly rose into the air, departing upwards into the blue sky after the fleet as it began to retreat away. Leaving behind a ruined planet Earth, now fully erupted into chaos in the wreckage left in the brothers' wake.
Prelude: Destiny


The tattered gi remains of Goku and Vegeta laid out on the metal ground before the father.

The father's smirk.

The father turns.

Arcann's head turns up.

All the pain suffered for his command.

All the torment endured.

Only to be rewarded with apathy.

The rage.

The concerned brother.

The lunge.

The pull.

The severed vow.


Important Story Information:

Information regarding Arcann's age

- Arcann and Thexan were 14 years old when they began training for their father, specifically in Prelude: You Will Have Nothing
-By the time Arcann and Thexan had set out to wage war against the Republic, the Empire, Mars and Earth, both boys had grown up to the age of 16. This is the same age Arcann will be when the hero cast begins the Fallen Empire, despite his clearly older age in the trailer.
-The time in between those preludes is the same gap in time the hero cast in SoR experienced while Vegetto's Empire took control of the war.

Information regarding Valkorian:

-Valkorian is NOT the same man you see in the trailers. His character will be the same, but his overall appearance is completely different to that of the trailer. It is hinted at in the preludes what his appearance is.
-The Sith Emperor is composed of three separate entities. The first is regarded as Vitiate, the most known rendition of the Emperor that was recently resurrected on Ziost and extinguished all life across the planet using the same technique as Goku's Spirit Bomb. Only, Vitiate directly siphoned the energy without the need for willing sacrifice like the Spirit Bomb.
-The second had mysteriously disappeared 20 years ago, being forgotten by all except for the most educated of the Empire in its history.
-The third was stated to have been killed in a ritual similar to the awakening of Ziost, where it's implied the power up from the millions of lives taken was too much for the third entity to handle.

Information regarding gameplay

-There will be multiple areas in the story that involve mind games, identical in nature to when Vitiate talked to each individual hero that was caught in the two year time gap in SoR. As having multiple characters creates a very difficult time with this type of play, I am limiting all players to two characters maximum in experiencing the mind games. There will be a plot device in FE that will occur after the opening, and if the character has not been designated to take part in it, then they will have to play out as not being involved with it. This is going to be CRITICAL in knowledge once the game is underway and another big surprise is revealed, so keep this in mind!

These points here are crucial pieces of information that should be known OOCly heading into the Fallen Empire story! Will update when I think of more points that are needed to understand OOCly.
The Battle of Earth:

I know I didn't really include this information in the prelude, but to clarify, this is the full scope of what happened.

-The initial invasion begins similar to the Korriban introduction, where the leading defense is by Jitto and the Saiyan cast not fighting against Revan on Ziost. They are successful in dealing a significant blow to the Zakuul forces, blowing off Arcann's left side in the same fashion. Thexan and Arcann retreat further into the planet, the attack on hold while Arcann recuperates and is repaired through cyborg enhancements.

-Arcann, in his extensive anger and frustration, leads the charge with Thexan on a second attack, this time successfully defeating all of the Saiyans and slaughtering them in laying siege to the Big Apple.

-Following their deaths, Goku and Vegeta shortly arrive onto the planet, managing to track down and defeat most of the occupying Zakuul forces on planet before engaging in a two vs two match up with Arcann and Thexan.

-The prelude demonstrates Arcann's battle with Vegeta, who was able to overcome him with relative ease. Despite the power gap, Arcann manages to kill off Vegeta using ingenuity with his lightsaber and Thexan returns to reveal that he killed Goku, the two then taking the opportunity to harness the "godly ki" from their slain bodies (To clarify again, Dread Saiyan is essentially the same concept as SSGSS).

-The entire final scene when Thexan and Arcann return to Valkorian to report their success is exactly the same, except the Republic and Imperial flags are replaced with Goku and Vegeta's tattered gi.
For inspirition for chapter 2 currently going on, here's a link to the original story chapter for the game:

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