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DBZ: The Fall of Ragnaroknt

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Blue Jacket
Time: Shortly after the conclusion of Shadow of Revan..

The Z-Fighters were enjoying a nice vacation on Earth following their victory against Revan. However, that vacation would be cut short by the appearance of an unlikely opponent...

Haribu was relaxing on the beach with the others when his head began to ache. He tried to walk it off, but it only got worse with an accompanying stomach pain. He quickly realized what was going on and addressed the issue to the others; he was about to go off like a bomb, one that can't be defused. He quickly issued his goodbyes and went off to an uninhabited galaxy, where he safely detonated himself, destroying the galaxy. However, another consequence arose from this incident.
skip to 19:42-the end.

"He has returned..."
Not open for further replies.