DBZ: Legacy Of The Future

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Jan 6, 2016
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10 years in the future

Silence filled the muggy air, the skies filled with black clouds. West city was turned into a dark graveyard, along with the entire world. And in the in the middle of the once beautiful city was a Palace. A dark castle with the black clouds circling. Humans are now scarce and our heroes could not stop the evil tyrant that now watched over the land with her minions following her every command. But the Z-fighters still fought, regardless of the friends they lost.
And it seemed their efforts had not gone to waste, for the queen had forseen her defeat.

Four figures walked down the large corridor, leading to a door that seemed larger than the others. One figure casually pushed it opened, revealing the four to be three saiyans and a namekian in purple and black, almost saiyan-like, armor. All four made their way into the massive throne room before kneeling before a woman in beautiful black and purple clothing.

“You wanted to see us, you majesty?” The tallest saiyan asked as he gazed at the floor.

“Yes my children… It seems my time with you will be cut short soon, for I will be vanquished on this day,” The woman said, not waiting for a reaction from them. “ So I won't waste any time with details. I am sending you into the past in order to keep this from happening. On the table to the left of you, I have, for you all, trackers with a list of all the people that need to be eliminated in order to prevent my death and some capsules designed for capturing life energy, so their power wont go to waste after you've defeated them.”

The four walked over to the table as she explained this. The other male grabbed one of the trackers and turned it on to see projection of Vegeta and his information. He then flipped through the tracker to see profiles of Gohan, Tien Shinhan and various other targets on the list before turning it off as The woman continued her explination.

“In other words, I plan on making you all new brothers and sisters with them, so that could be something to motivate you.”

“I will not considered them siblings.” the tall saiyan replied as he gathered his gear.

“Oh my dear Vocado, no need to be upset.” the woman chuckled. “They will just be simple tools.”

Vocado remained silent after the tyrant’s explination.

“Awww are you scared mama’s gonna love them more than you?” the female saiyan smirked as she prepared herself.

“Jealousy isn't the problem, Celera.” Vocado huffed, then turned to the tyrant. “Would you like us to destroy them all?”

The namekian and other male saiyan simply watched the two as the grabbed their things as well.

"As many as you like. Just make sure that the ones with a red star are absolutely obliterated." The woman emphasizes. "And there are also other items there that will assist you if the fighters somehow... gain the upperhand."

"As you wish, Mistress." Vocado nodded.

Soon a soldier arrived in the throne room short of breath.
“My lady! It's the rebels! They're here!”

Explosions were set off as a machine began to light up brightly, revealing a portal within it.

As the four had started for the portal, another explosion hit the throne doors, destroying them.

“Goliad!! Your time is up! This is where you will die.” A glaring Vegeta snarled, a giant gun over his shoulder. Other warriors could be seen right behind him, some the four recognized.

“Go my children!” Goliad called.

“Lets go!” Vocado said as he passed through the time portal.

“Right.” The namekian and Celera followed Vocado.

But the shorter male seemed paralyzed at the sight of the rebels in front of he and Goliad. The tyrant saw this and glared, “what are you doing!? Go!”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” The saiyan jumped at Goliad’s yell and hurried for the portal.

“Get him!!” Vegeta shouted.

“I got it!” Gohan called before throwing a metal boomerang at the saiyan, watching it slam into the back of his head, followed by a large explosion right in his ear. The saiyan’s vision blurred as his mind was in a daze and fell through the portal. All he could hear was Goliad’s muffled voice calling his name.

As some may have noticed, this RP is a "Revised" version of my oc's story! And hopefully I'll have quite a few friends joining  :D

Information and rules about RP:
-This is set between the three years before the Android Saga (since the main character will be in this timeline), so if you have a character that was not with the Z-fighters during this time, fill free to bring them into this time as time travelers from different timelines.
-Cannon characters will allowed to be used by others (and for all the characters not taken i will simply fill in until someone wants them) and if i miss any you would like to be then simply ask for them! And you can twist up their story if you want! Don't be shy!  :maybe:
-God-modding will only be done by the Villains, for a specific time in the RP. So don't worry too much about them being "indestructible"; Besides, no villain ever is.
-If you would like a future counterpart of the character to be in the rp as it gets to its climax, just let me know (Note that future counterparts from the evil timeline will not be seen til i give the okay)
- no auto-killing, follow the basic Boogaloo rules and have fun!! 

and fill free to express your comments and concerns for the rp in here, The Registration Thread, or to me personally!  :nod:
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