Red Jacket
Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands
Some time after Brachi, her family and friends recovered from the Gyges Disaster, it appeared that peace reigned in their home universe. But as usual, peaceful moment aren't meant to last.

Martian Intelligence, which had settled in an orbital base in close proximity of Planet Frieza 68, the main base of Operations for Shonfu, Tamar and the former members of the Cold Prime Strike Fleet, has reported unusual activity in the more distant planets of the galaxy, notably the planets whom either are or were in control of the Planet Trade Organization as well as the very planets they had fought enemy forces before, including a desert planet known as Ixmucane. 

When a renegade Arcrosian seeks contact with the Z-Fighters, he reveals that a powerful organization known as Microsol, which hails from the planet Ixmucane, has made an alliance with the hardcore branch of the Planet Trade Organization, unified with a single goal; total domination of the universe. 

This could be seen as the potential last stand of what was once a feared organization, whom had either conquered or destroyed countless planets during their years of uprising, wiping out or even absorbing many civilizations in their wake, now nothing more than the laughing stock of the galaxy, unable to hold their grasp on what remains of the planets under their control due to revolts of the local populace, reclaiming independence, or otherwise being faced with rivalries from divisions whom had successfully defected from the main organization, seeking their own path in life. 

With the new alliance in place, various worlds whom had regained their independence have once again fallen under the thumb of the Planet Traders and they plan to take over the worlds held by the Earthling-Martian Federation. Not wanting to let them be subjected under their rule, the Earthling-Martian Federation have no choice but to prepare for war... which could be a costly one...

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- Brachi
- Tempest
- Xeno
- Xenest
- Sheila
- Lea
- Celicia
- Judy
- Dielec
- Anne
- Majin Bara
- Tatsu
- Yango
- Shonfu
- Tamar
- Rabi
- Busa
- Abaddon
- Malia
- Deramas

- Piccolo
- Atama Buster (Grey Star)
- Memora Oblivion (Grey Star)
- Lily Prescott (Grey Star)
- Oriko (Freak)
- Maki (Freak)
- Oralie (Freak)
- Yutsuko (Freak)
- Panich (Panich)
- Zibarica (Panich)

- Phantom (Freak)
- Dread Master Bestia
- Jum Sum (Panich)
- Illuac (Panich)

- Planet Trade Soldiers
- Microsol Soldiers
- Unknown Parties
- Demons

- Lucifer (Freak)
- Hunhow and his Sentient Forces, Shadow Stalker (Freak)
- Sir Isaac Pelham Westcott (Freak)
- Malefor (Grey Star)
I'll register Oriko, Maki, Oralie, Yutsuko, Lucifer, Hunhow and Sir Isaac Pelham Westcott.
Oh shoot, I forgot that. XD

Oriko, Maki, Oralie and Yutsuko are all good. The rest belong to the Villains side (or rather, they're their own little faction that opposes both sides, led by Hunhow.)

Alternatively, I'd like to add the "Sentient Forces" to the villains under Hunhow's faction and Phantom as a neutral character.
Oh, forgive me, but I remembered there was one more.

I would lije to register the "Shadow Stalker" as a Villain, once again under Hunhow's faction.
Oh darn! I'll change it and add Piccolo as one of the heroes. Piccolo is a guy who stands alone sometimes but as time went on, he became part of the Z-fighters(heroes).
I'll also add my OC Rad'sha. Rad'sha used to be a good person until one day she grew tired of being a miss goody two shoes. She felt that being to nice only led to others taking advantage of her so later down the line, she met up with some of the girls that used to be her enemies. Now shes joined with them and became a villian.
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