DBZ: Anomalous Past for the Future

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Sep 4, 2015
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The events of this roleplay take place after A Demon's Demons and Shadow of Revan.

Summary: Peace was never meant to last within Brachi's universe, no matter how much they wanted it to happen. What was thought to be a well-earned vacation, turned into nothing short of hell, all because of enemies from the past. After taking care of skirmishes within the technological planet known as Deliani and emerging victorious from fierce battles on the more hospitable planet known as Savara, the fight was taken to the enemy on Gyges, a planet which consisted entirely of organic matter. However, it was there that the battle took a dark turn. Although the enemy forces were stopped, a chain-reaction was inadvertedly triggered which obliterated the entire planet and Brachi and all of her closest family, friends and allies went missing right as the planet exploded. With no resident ki-signatures or physical traces remaining, the entire group was believed to have been killed when the planet was destroyed. But when Shenron reveals that they are no longer among the universe itself, the search for their bodies begins, visiting those planets the group had been helping out before disaster on Gyges. The whole situation escalates when then the remaining group, led by Future Brachi and Future Xenest, are forced to make a trip into the LAST places they wanted to visit... the Anomaly...

You are part of a small group, led by Future Brachi and Future Xenest, tasked with the search of the missing group. It will lead across multiple planets and even cross the fabric of space-time to (re)visit worlds which had once inhabited Universe 912, Brachi's home universe. 

There will be conflicts with old races, encounters with new and plenty of adventures/misadventures as the tour progresses.

Important locations and planets will soon be revealed in the next posts, registering and rules will follow in the Registration topic.
Scenic Guide to the Universe: Deliani

Travel Tip:

Though most areas of the planet are restricted and guards are often ordered to shoot unidentified personnel on sight, if you stay in the Light Green Zone you should have no problems avoiding personal injury and death.  Be sure to avoid the Blue-Green and Turquoise Zones as well as the Stix Zone.  The Red and Yellow Zones are safe for travel, though the Yellow is often confused with the Off-White and Peach Deadly Areas.  Many a color-blind traveller has been killed by accident.


Deliani provides the most technically advanced cooking systems in the known universe.  Dishes that simply aren't palatable anywhere else still won't be very good here, but Chef Yo of Deliani's motto is:  If it's matter, we can make you eat it.  A unique experience you'll never be able to repeat!


One word: Robotics.  Anyone's fetish for robotics can be satisfied here. Androbots, Lobots, Robots, Androids, Redroids, Droid Droids, and many other varieties of metallic life forms are welcome here, as long as they stay in the Burnt Sienna or Brick Red Zones.

Deliani is the home of such Fluxnet 21 favorites as Honey, I Shorted-Out the Kidforms - Almo and Zik-Nar X3 - My Mother the Lobot.


Gencore always has a number of exciting entertainment opportunities available for tourists.  Any number of military drills, parades, and barbaric information torture drills can be found here.  A must for military buffs.
Scenic guide to the universe: Savara


Come and visit the interstellar dining halls in the underwater city of Ploo.  Dozens of aquatic fish swim about the domed windows, and you can simply point to the fish of your desire and it will be captured and cooked for you in under 30 seconds!

Also remarkable is the bewildering variety of ethnic restauraunts located on the surface.  Many also cater to the more exotic tastes by serving the patrons of competing restauraunts, literally!  Anything edible [and some things that aren't] can be purchased here at a competitive price.


Savara is the eclectic hub of the sector, where many varied cultures live together in apparent peace and harmony, though you'll want to avoid these areas since few tourists leave them alive.  However, you can sit behind glass enclosures as you watch the race of your choice go about their daily tasks, unable to stop you from prying into their private affairs.

Also available is the Bring it to You service, where for a small fee the locals will run out and round up a few ethnic groups of your choice who will be forced to act as if they enjoy your presence.  A must for the self-conscious traveller!


Savara is the merchant center of the sector, where just about anything you want and everything you don't want can be found at an agressive price.  Price fixing and Mob control have seen that no individual merchants will ever charge anything that isn't fair.

Also, you will definitely want to visit the Interstellar House of Gruel wherein you will see the fascinating history and story behind the
great world of Gruel.  A fun affair for the whole family!
Scenic guide to the universe: Gyges


This planet is the home to the largest mass of organic creatures ever seen. What breeds down in the pits of the planet is unknown and unrecognizable, but can be purchased for a low price at Wobbo: Land O' Meat.

The crayball surprise is a most elegant delectible, served with fresh Zimbles or your choice of Tokkies.  Wobbo's fine assortment of Gyganian delicacies are not to be matched by any other proprietor on Gyges.  For parties, order an entire Garmon Platter.  The size of a large scout ship, this massive crustacean serves over 500 human-sized patrons!

Vegetarians should avoid this planet at all costs, as the local creatures view such people as the lowest on the food chain.  As far as this planet is concerned, vegetarians are free game.  Many a hapless veggie has dared to avoid the local food and has been subsequently eaten.

A common saying on Gyges:  "If you don't want to eat my friends, then I'll eat YOU!"


Most of the slimy inhabitants of this weird place don't speak any sort ofrecognizable language.  For those who simply must take an excursion down below, bring a star destroyer along with you, or else some vegetarians to serve as bait.  If the denziens are not too hungry that day, you can probably slip by with only throwing a few vegetarians to the masses.  Just remember that you'll want to leave again.

If you're fortunate enough to be allowed to visit the great Stomach to pay homage to him, you will find your stay well rewarded.  Only a few are allowed to visit this special creature, and he has it in his power to make those he trusts quite lucrative deals.  Authorities claim he is often in violation of intergalactic law with his enterprises, but so far none of the police have been able to arrest the entire planet.


Gyges boasts some rather wonderfully seedy nightclubs and is only rivaled in despair and general piracy to Torm.  You can be sure if you visit this planet that it will open up a whole new world of fun and excitement.  Just make sure you sample the local food... or else.
This sounds quite fun. Count me in! Unfortunately, Haribu's gonna have to miss out on this one.
That's alright, I think it can add to the suspense to have specific characters left out due to different circumstances.

The premise will settle on Future Xenest and Future Brachi sending out an emergency broadcast for assistance...
Scenic guide to the universe: Junil IV

Junil IV is an ice world which is located at a distant part of the Tabula Rasa, a region of space where planets unknown to the universe are located and is home to two ancient races. One of the races is known to be incredibly hostile and attack any intruders without provocation, while the other race is more reclusive and will only react upon approached by outside forces. Its distant location and nigh-inhospitable climate holds no true form of entertainment, dining or culture; as such, the conditions of the planet make it ideal for the settlement of a penal colony.

Surprisingly, Junil IV is also rich in raw mineral fields which can be mined and processed into usable materials by those who possess the tools needed to extract such minerals. It possesses a decent quantity of a total of six mineral types: Raw Dilithium, Talgonite, Silicon, Kelbonite, Magnesite Ore and Dolamide. Below is a schematic for the processed result and what purpose it will have:

- Raw Dilithium -> Dilithium: Used for powering vehicle, weapon and colony systems.
- Talgonite -> Polycomposite: Used for vehicle chassis and structural casing.
- Silicon -> Thermoconcrete: Used for structural foundations.
- Kelbonite -> Transparent Aluminum: Used for vehicle and colony systems.
- Magnesite Ore -> Nitrium: Used in Photon Shell production
- Dolamide -> Duranium: used in vehicle and structural casing.
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