DBZ: A Demon's Demons

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Sep 4, 2015
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Summary: It was only a month after the resurface of Siber, the most powerful Arcrosian to have ever lived among the universe, empowered by an artifact given to him by inhabitants of the Demon Realm. The Z-Fighters were able to put a stop to Siber's plans, but this went at a great cost. While the damage was repaired to a degree as the foremost victims were brought back to life, the trauma and the memories remain. Coupled with the apparent 'betrayal' by a few of their foremost allies, Brachi and her family and friends are still trying to recover from the whole chain of events, especially Brachi as she's one of the worst affected of the group. But when the group receives two visitors from the most unlikely place with a warning, it appears that not everyone is exactly happy with how the conflict has come to an end. It is only a matter of time for the group to enter the battlefield once more... especially as Brachi herself is taken by one of those people whom had a major role behind the curtains of the whole affair...

Greetings everyone, this is Z-Fighter again with yet another RP.

This RP is meant to be a sequel to the 'Rebirth of an Old Evil' roleplay story arc, dealing with most of the aftermath and a threat that is looming once more, caused by those who are connected to the whole debacle with Siber himself. You can register here to partake in the roleplay if you wish. 

- Brachi
- Tempest
- Xeno
- Xenest
- Sheila
- Celicia
- Judy
- Gina
- Anne
- Dielec
- Lea
- Piccolo
- Tatsu
- Yango
- Shonfu
- Tamar
- Rabi
- Majin Bara
- Dread Master Bestia

- Haribu (Freak)
- Oriko (Freak)
- Future Godfrey (Grey Star)
- Solaris (Grey Star)

- Busa
- Abaddon
- Malia
- The Martian Race
- Shonfu's Forces

- Lucifer (Freak)

- Demons
- Planet Trade Soldiers
- Ruthas the Demon Lord

Characters with a username between brackets are characters that are being controlled by those players. The characters which do not have this will be controlled by me.
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