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Sep 4, 2015
1. No Godmodding or Power Playing
2. Please keep swearing to a minimum
3. No sex scenes. Your characters can have kids, but let's not see the details.
4. No power levels over 4000 to begin- If you MUST have one more powerful, take it up with me in PM
5. No Canon characters from DB/DBZ/DBGT/DBS/whatever. I want to see Creativity in this RP, not leeching off of Canon.
6. Er... I think that about does it...

Char sheet:

Character Name:
Species (Feel free to make something up! I love seeing Creativity):
Appearance: Picture or typed description. PLEASE DO NOT USE OTHER PEEPS FANART WITHOUT THE ARTIST'S EXPLICIT PERMISSION. I Would prefer no stupid recolors, either.
Home Planet: What planet is your character from? Feel free to make one up.
Height/Legnth: Whichever is more appropriate. Feel free to use Imperial or metric measurements.
Weight: Feel free to use imperial or metric measurements
Personality: How do they behave? What kind of person are they? Please be thorough. If you are not sure yet, you may put "Will Play out"
Attacks: How do they fight?
Abilities: Can they do any cool stuff that doesn't hurt their enemies?
Items: Do they carry anything with them? Try not to overdo this.
Power Level: A number, preferrably between 200 and 4000
History: At least a whole Paragraph telling us their backstory so they aren't a stranger.
Other: Anything else we should know? Fun facts, a silly phobia, something else that doesn't fit in the above?

-My Chars-

Character Name: Kaloraan
Gender: Male
Species (Feel free to make something up! I love seeing Creativity): Kurima
Age: Over 300
Appearance: An anthropomorphic Bird-Man with yellow eyes, teal feathers, a crest of blue feathers that stand like a mohawk. He has a a jagged beak that looks almost like a Crustacean's claw and is full of small-but-sharp teeth. He has pretty scary eyebrows, too. He wears very heavy green robes with blue labyrinthine patterns on them, which conceal an incredibly chiseled body. His lower arms and legs are coated with green scales ending in very dark blue (almost black) talons. He also has a thin but long dinosaur-like tail. He has large, rabbit-like ears that give him amazing hearing.
Home Planet: Calryss
Height/Legnth: 2.5 Meters tall (Eight feet, 2.4 inches)
Weight: 117.9 KG (260 pounds... what? he's a bird! Birds are hella light due to hollow bones.)
Personality: Wise, laid back but seems dead serious at first, has a very odd sense of humor, Has a huge love for so-bad-it's-good media, Has a strange obsession with pie, and prone to making really bad puns on accident.
Attacks: Practices a Martial art focusing on one's feet, so most of his non-ki attacks involve kicking. A variety of Ki attacks including: Ki barrage (throwing a bunch of ki attacks at the enemy), Ki-power Kick (surrounds his feet with Ki and kicks the hell out of you), Ki breath, Eyes of the Guardian (spreads his arms and screeches, two beams appearing under his arms and blasting at a 25 degree angle towards each other, eventually meeting to form a single beam. Depending on how close/far away the enemy is, the could be hit with two weaker beams, or one stronger beam) , Radiant burst (Gathers and releases all of his power in a huge pulse of Ki, a last-resort move that leaves him VERY Tired.)
Abilities: He can also sense the courage and Willpower in anyone he meets.
Items: His clothes, one of the planet's ancient Dragon Balls
Power Level: 7000*
History: One of the few Kurima left on Calryss, he was born during the age when the Kurima practically ruled the planet. He was taught a bunch of different martial arts by his father growing up, and like his father before him, developed his own unique fighting style by the time he grew up. As per family tradition, he went into the ever-more-harsh wilderness to live on his own, fighting every day to survive. When the genocide of his species began at the hands of a Frezyan, he fought with all his might to help stop him, and with help from some fellow Kurima, finally beat him. He and the others stayed together for a long while as sparring partners, helping each other grow and grow in power. Eventually, they split up with the others going off to find other worlds to live on.

Since then, he has lived alone in the wasteland, protecting people from criminals and teaching worthy souls his techniques. He is a legend among the people of Calryss, and many seek him out for his teachings, but the old bird-man got tired of so many clearly unworthy students coming to his place, so he packed up and moved into the mountains where he had to fight harder than ever to survive the harsh conditions, and he expects anyone who wishes to train with him to brave those conditions as well.
Other: Hates loud noises, Is really good at checkers, and has an unexplained fear of needles. Despite his past, he harbors no animosity towards Frezyans.

*As a legendary mentor figure who mostly likely won't appear until later, his power level is higher than most.

Character Name: Kailro
Gender: Female
Species (Feel free to make something up! I love seeing Creativity): Frezyan
Age: probably a few hundred
Appearance: Red skin with blue jewels, currently has two forms. First form is very short and stout, with four curvy pairs of horns and rather thick limbs. She lacks a tail in this form, and this is the weaker of the two. In her second and true form, she looks a lot like final form Frieza, but retains her two pairs of curvy horns, which are now longer, and her tail is very long and whiplike. She also has an amazing butt.
Home planet: Calryss
Height/Legnth: Form one: 1m (a little over 3 feet) Form 2: 2m (About six feet four)
Weight: Form one: 105 pounds Form Two: 210 pounds
Personality: Kind, sweet, slightly bratty, extremely motherly if you can get her to like you, brave in the face of danger.
Attacks: Mostly punches things or in form two, attacks with her tail. Ki Attacks: Ki Barrage, Death Beam, Ki Breath, "Death Breath" (A combination of her Death Beam and Ki breath, shoots a more powerful Ki breath from her mouth)
Abilities: Good Jumper, immune to certain venoms
Items: None at this moment
Power Level: First form: 500, Second form: 2900
History: She was raised on Calryss by humans, and while she quickly surpassed them in power, she still holds close the morals and other lessons she learned from them. Because of this, she loves humans and for a time thought she was one. But of course, she eventually started to realize that she wasn't, and found out what she really was. She left her parents' home and lived long enough to see them die, which made her very sad. She herself then adopted a human child, who she loved deeply and cared for with all she had, but she outlived them, too. Since then, she has avoided making ties with humans and other short-lived races, knowing she'd just outlive them anyway.

She mostly keeps to herself, but she loves company and will treat anyone who visits her with great respect and hospitality. She often feels secondhand embarrassment when people talk about the Frezyan race and their attempted power grab, and whenever she meets one she is often wary of them. She has considered conquering Calryss so that she could make everyone's lives better, but decided that she wouldn't want to risk that kind of power going to her head.
Other: Loves spiders and snakes, Has a love of musical theater

Possibly more to come, but not likely.
Character Name: Sunris
Gender: Male
Species: Solarian-Saiyan Hybrid
Age: 24
Appearance: A Saiyan with glowing silver veins, that do affect his tail. Hair color dyed silver and kept in shoulder length backwards spikes. His eyes are an orange coloration. Wears a black robe with a white cloth underneath.
Home Planet: Sola.
Height: 5"5"ft
Weight: 300 pounds
Personality: A bit untested warrior who seeks to get stronger, but approaches life like a fire. Bravo enough to enjoy himself, polite enough to not screw himself.
Attacks: Ki Blast- A basic blue energy ball.
Blast Fist- Sunris rushes at his opponent before hitting them with a punch made extra strong by ki and heat concentration.
Star's Fury- Sunris creates multiple ki balls and brings them down ontop of his opponent's head or around them.
Abilities: Capable of surviving in space thanks to Solarian genetics. Capable of flight due to ki.
Items: A sun sailing craft of Solarian make, know as a "Solar Sailor." It's a mere wooden boat with sails designed to enhance sun based movement.
Power Level: 350
History: Sunris was risen by his grandfather, Solaris. He didn't know his parents much as had Solaris as a father figure. However, Solaris left him most days of the week when he reached being older then a toddler, in order to train. The two hybrids shared a similar spirit and love of strength. One day however, Solaris disappeared. Sunris walked to the fighting arena he was a regular at and saw his armor up for auction. He slaughtered every last criminal in the town that day, but had reason to believe Solaris had faked his own death. From there he took his Solar Sailor and drifted among the stars before arrive on Calyrss a few months back.
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