DB FE: Launching Anarchy


Green Jacket
Sep 4, 2015

DB FE: Launching Anarchy


Chapter 1: A Wonderful World

Zakuul, Present Day

In a run down section of building deep within the downtown sectors of Zakuul, an elevator rocked along as it shot upwards in its ascension. The rickety shaking of the elevator did little to throw the single man standing in the center off balance, his body swaying a bit as he hummed a small tune to himself along with the little bit of elevator music coming from the monitor barely hanging up in the right hand corner. His eyes were shut, his humming a bit off from the actual melody that the monitor played, only stopping to occasionally sing lyrics.

"I see trees of green..."

The images in the man's mind flashed in his closed eyes, featuring a typical oak wood forest of trees being decimated by a wildfire. The images had no sound in the man's mind, and his swaying continued as he happily sung the words despite the image in his head.

"Red roses too..."

His mind switched scenery, the trees that had been alight now a burning city in familiar Earth fashion. Unidentifiable bodies lined the street, streams of blood flowing freely into the gutters as his perky voice continued.

"I see them bloom..."

The man's mind shifted again, his eyes turning down and his hands lifting up with a woman's corpse in his arms. His voice dropped a bit, losing a bit of enjoyment in the next line.

"For me and you..."

His voice returned, his peppy humming ringing out as if nothing had happened a few moments ago. His smile lifted slightly at the final bit, the elevator rocking violently as he slowly turned his head towards the monitor.

"And I think to myself..."

The melody from the monitor shut off entirely, leaving the man to complete his singing to his own devices. An image of two humans, one male and one female, sitting at a desk fro a news station appeared on the monitor. Both smiled brightly into the camera, nearly matching the man's enthusiasm despite lacking his narrowed eyebrows that accented his glare at the monitor.

"What a wonderful world."

The man in the elevator stopped his motion, brushing his short black hair on the left a bit before the male news caster on the monitor spoke up.

"Gooooood morning, Zakuul! It's another beautiful day here in the metropolis, sun is shining and temperatures set to sit in the 70s all decade long! Our first breaking story of the day features Emperor Arcann himself, paying a tribute to the local veterans facility."

The man stifled a small chuckle, staring up at the video footage of Arcann helping an elderly man walk through the busy hallway of the facility before lightly flinging his wrist up, firing off a small blast of golden energy that vaporized the screen.

"Typical. Can't ever report the negative without big boy's approval."

The elevator doors shot open, the man stepping into the lavish penthouse that contrasted the rickety elevator he just departed. He yawned and stretched his arms above his head, frowning a bit as he glanced around.

"C'mon Scorpio, I trusted you to get that anthrax through ZNN's firewall. If only twelve people die, they'll just cover it up! We've been over this: sixty seven is the magic number!"

A robotic feminine voice rung out in the house, coming from no where in particular.

"My apologies, sir. Overwatch got to the mail first: you know how administrator Tayvor is."

The man dismissively waved his hand.

"Yeah yeah. He won't ever let us have real fun around here."

Scorpio's voice came out flat again, the meaning sarcastic but her tone empty of emotion.

"Might I suggest outlining your specific kill list to the administrator next time, Lapis?"

The man scoffed, dropping his arms.

"Firebrand. Don't mention that name again unless you want me to turn you off for another year, hun."

He lept up, landing butt first into a large chair sitting in front of a large, yet intangible monitor. He rubbed his chin for a moment, sighing to himself.

"Hmmm...that was the best idea I've had in a long time. I spent months digging up that old virus from Earth...and it doesn't even make the headlines in the news."

He lifted his chin up.

"Scorpio, how relevant do you think I am to the population nowadays?"

There was a small pause, the mechanical voice ringing out.

"You are currently maintaining your five percent population influence, sir."

The man perked his eyebrows, resting back in his chair.

"Oh, it's not as bad as I thought."

"Sir, might I suggest taking on the lucrative seven percent plan that you drew up three months ago? Now would be a perfect time to expand your influence on the citizens."

The man waved his hand.

"Naw..we don't need to go that far yet. We probably have at least 90% of the population knowing my name. I don't wanna put too much fear into them."

He perked his lips.

"How about another manifesto? Those kids will eat up another essay about the shackles of authority, don't you think?"

Scorpio didn't reply for a few seconds, prompting Android 17 to raise an eyebrow at the screen.

"Uh? Scorpio?"

Android 17 blinked hard, retreating back in his seat as a sudden wall of text flashed onto his screen. He barely registered what was flooding onto his computer screen, only focusing in once the big bold letters flashed across the center reading:

C͔̳̤͍O̴̮̲͚̹̙D̴E B̹̖͇̭L̷̼̳͖A͙C̯̖̩͎̱K͏̤͓̬ͅ

17 blinked hard once more, frowning a bit.

"A code black?"

Scorpio's voice soon followed.

"This was just issued from Overwatch HQ. An anonymous tipped just circulated through, warning of a potential break-in to a facility located within the inner city."

17 touched the screen, pulling up an image of the skyscraper. The building blended in well with the rest of Zakuul's city skyline, 17 raising an eyebrow while he studied the outside image.

"A code black though? They've never issued one of those before...what is this building? An armory?"

Scorpio's voice remained flat.

"The information records require a clearance beyond even Adminstrator Tayvor's credentials. According to the permit records, this building technically does not exist."

17 narrowed his eyes, studying the image for a brief moment in confusion. His body shook, however, at the sudden explosive rumble of the city nearby. A flash of smoke, fire, and debris caught his peripheral vision, prompting him to slide across the floor with his chair to the nearby window. The debris of glass and stone continued to rain down, no indication of a source nearby. His eyes shifted up after a few minutes, watching on as three Zakuul gunships descended down from the sky above to surround the small hole left in the building.

What the hell?

17 gasped, the sound of the nearby elevator doors instantly slamming shut. He glanced around, watching most of the doors in the penthouse leading to an exit in the building locking tightly without his input or control, prompting him to lift his head up.

"Scorpio, what are you doing?"

"This is not my action, sir. Overwatch has just initiated the Safeguard protocol."

17's head stayed turned up, listening on as a firm, militaristic voice rung out over the intercom in his apartment.

Attention, Citizens of Zakuul, this is not a drill. Operation Safeguard is now in effect: all pedestrians are to report to designated safe shelters and avoid contact with any unknown individuals. Please do not tamper with locks to your homes and wait for a Knight to lift the safeguards once the emergency has passed: any damage found to electronic safeguards will warrant immediate execution. Thank you for your cooperation.

17 rubbed his chin, his eyes staring out the window to the ruined building across the way.

"Scorpio, how long will it take you to break through this lockdown?"

"The code is primitive, estimated completion time is four hours."

17 rose out of his seat, turning on his heel with a small smile.

"Perfect. It'll give me enough time to pick out an outfit for my first evening out on the town."

He chuckled to himself, momentarily humming the melody he sung earlier yet stringing the words in a simple sentence while he walked towards his bedroom.

"What a wonderful world."

Chapter 2: The Day Zakuul Stood Still

A few hours later


The loud glaring of sirens nearly shook the city streets below, the same repeated intercom message the only thing louder than the ominous blaring noise.

This is not a drill. All pedestrians, please report to the nearest safety shelter for processing. Do not interfere with security operations.

Hugging the corner of a skyscraper, Android 17 peered around the side. His eyes narrowed a bit, watching a swarm of civilians all clumped together in front of an unmarked building. Most of the men and women held fearful expressions, standing around with two poised golden armor clad Knights that stood on opposite sides of the entrance while a third stood in the center, checking through papers presented by the civilians moving through the line.

Android 17 lifted his right hand, touching his earpiece with a finger.

"Scorpio...do you have an info on these...safety shelters?"

"Negative, sir. Security footage indicates twelve unmarked buildings with extensive Knight presence, including this facility. None of the buildings have any official records."

Android 17 raised an eyebrow.

"None? Or just ones we can't access?"


Android 17 scoffed lightly, shrugging his shoulders.

"Hmph...weird. Anyway, what's our latest update? Have you found anything for us to move on?"

He glanced around for a moment, pulling back a bit from the corner and watching small groups of people all converging in different directions towards the nearby safety center while Scorpio's mechanical voice rung out.

"Nothing yet. The initial explosion from the building seems to be contained: reports indicate the High Justice herself is now investigating the matter."

Android 17's eyes widened, his eyes turning forward.

"The High Justice?"

"Yes sir. Knight patrols are also following different protocols than traditional disaster regiments. Each sector covered is only watched by two Knights instead of four, and all major traffic seems to be focused on guarding the building. Knights have been given permission to kill any non military personnel that appear suspicious."

Android 17 paused for a moment, soon shaking his head.

"Kami...what a mess. A Code Black...cutting down patrols, kill orders...nothing's ever been this bad before."

There was a long pause, before Scorpio's mechanical voice returned with a slightly ominous tone.

"Perhaps it is best that we return to the nest. This is not a time to be active."

Android 17 frowned, turning his head around the corner. He glanced down slowly to the street, taking his off the hustling civilians all crowding around the Knights nearby and slowly turned on his heel.

"Yeah...yeah I think you're right."

His head turned slowly as well, but his eyes soon caught something out of the corner of his eye. He narrowed them quickly, noticing a small hunched over figure near a power generator through alleyway leading into the opposite street. He paused, trying to make sense of the figure, but was brought back to reality at the sound of a firm, commanding voice not even a few feet from him.

"Comb these streets-"

Android 17 gasped, quickly bolting from around the corner of the skyscraper into the same alleyway as three Knights of Zakuul promptly marched past where he had been seconds ago, heading away from the alleyway.

"The Emperor will be checking helmet cams personally. I want every piece of litter searched, nothing is left unchecked in these buildings. Kill anything our database doesn't recognize."

As the soldiers passed, Android 17 sat up against the wall with his arms pressed to it, his eyes still wide and his chest rising and falling dramatically with each quick breath. His panting slowed a bit, his finger reaching up to his ear after a second and his panic stricken voice ringing out in a harsh whisper.


"I am detecting high levels of stress and extensive paranoia in your vitals. Do you need an injection of nerve suppressant?"

Android 17 shook his head.

"I just...give me a minute, ok?"

"With all due respect, sir...is this not what you wanted?"

Android 17 blinked in confusion, his eyebrow raised once more.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"You are showing extensive remorse and fear for the current situation, yet your end goal has been realized. The entire planet has been plunged into chaos...this-"

Android 17 turned his head up, holding onto his earpiece as Scorpio continued.

"-is true anarchy."

Android 17 kept his frown, his head turned to the side.

"Yeah but...not like this. It doesn't feel right."

Android 17 paused for a moment, glancing in the opposite direction. He sat still for a moment, his eyes turning around and soon landing on the figure off a few meters away. The cloaked person reached up with both hands, pulling a few wires from the center of the large circular piece and pulled them out of sight, sparks cracking in front of them with their back turned to where 17 sat in the alleyway. Crouching low, he quietly moved up from behind and slowly approached the figure.

His eyes peered over the figure's hunched back, narrowing his eyes at the sight of the figure tooling and fiddling with wiring in their petite hands. He turned his head up, almost gasping at the realization of the massive structure in front of him.

That's the Spire...

Android 17 inched closer, preparing to speak until a massive shockwave suddenly erupted from beneath their feet. He crashed onto the floor with a hard thud, his feet played out in front of the figure that landed at his side. The robes fell off as her head crashed onto the hard floor, grimacing in frustration as she quickly sat upright. Android 17 blinked at the sight of the woman, both quickly tensing in caution of the other party only for a moment before a thunderous, strong voice tore through the air next. The words themselves seemed to shake the planet, and the voice grew louder as the invisible shockwave blasted their ears. The first wave was mostly incoherent, the sound of a man screaming crackling the foundation of the concrete beneath them a bit. Android 17 panted lightly, the wave stopping just as quickly as it began, but soon felt another quake approaching from the same direction. His eyes turned, having attempted to shield himself a bit but froze his eyes on the sight of a group of civlians all huddling down together. The wind shook their bodies considerably, a woman in the group toppling forward until a pair of Zakuul Knights rushed up from the corner of the street. Both soldiers had elevated her back up onto her knees, but the entire group swayed forward against the force of another thunderous roar that tore through the city. Android 17 braced himself, his ears starting to pop a bit at the sound of a somewhat more coherent word being uttered.

"T̯̼͜I̢̟͔͔̥̰͍̭̤͍͢M͉̲̞͉̰͇E̶̛̘͚̖ͅS҉̤͓̪̟̣̻̻͠ ̵̡̺̩Ţ̴̼̟͍͉̖̘̦͖͢Ẉ̨̢̣̯͜E̳̹͖͘͞N͈̤͉̗̘̘̗̲͜N̢̫̮͍̦͞Á̜͎̺͙̟̝Ì̦̺̮̤̺͓̹͕I̙̫̘͕͍̳̗͇̕͢Ì͖͉̪͔̘̳̣͘͠ͅI̵̧͎̙̼͚͙͈̝ͅI̷̹̰̜̝̟͚̥I҉̛̪̩̜̤͉̱I̹̭"

Android 17 yelped finally, panicking at the roar of the near demonic voice tearing through the street again as he tumbled backward, crashing into the side of the building with a pained gasp. He turned his eyes up, attempting to recollect himself. He braced once more, a final torrent of wind and sound slamming into him. He blinked hard, the voice losing a bit of its thundering ominous roar into a coherent, raw shout of a dual voice he did not recognize.

"K̷̯̫͎̤̟A̭̰͓̘͍͜ͅI͉̲͖O̦̣͈̥͞K̳͓͖̬̱͠E͕͈͈͈͡Ǹ̹̻̪̮̞̹̻ ̴̱̳̲T̮̬̗̼̖I̵ͅM͈͚̜̘̟̗̱E͏̜̘̫S̪ ̵͖̜T̮̼̱̺̫̟ͅẀ̹̱E̛̦Ṇ̲͉́T͔̪͚̻̗̹͞Y͏̘̪͕͓!̤͍̩͡!̻̞̣̠"

The torrent of wind blasted him for a few seconds, roaring through the streets like a tornado as debris and litter flew through the streets of Zakuul for the first time. He collected himself slowly once the torrents slowly started to die, rolling to his side and scrambling on the ground.

Fuck this!! I gotta get-

His slow crawl was immediately interrupted by a single arm swinging him up by the back of his jacket, flinging him off the ground and hurling him into the nearby structure. The human looking woman quickly moved in after him, a crimson energy blade igniting from her saber hilt and poised to stab into his throat. Her short, combed over side mullet flung to the side, having flicked her head to move the hair out of her eyes to see. The stern stare she held seconds ago dissipated slightly, her tone flat.

"You...you're not with the Knights."

Android 17 panted heavily, the fear clear in his eyes as he stared down at the blade inches from his neck. The woman's glare soon returned, but was accompanied by a small smirk.

"You're the one called Firebrand, aren't you?"

Android 17 blinked, his voice weak and meager.

"Wh-what do you want with me?"

She nodded to her side, slightly waving her blade to the exposed wiring sticking out of the Spire's structure.

"You know how to hack into the system. Get me access to every TV and processor in Zakuul."

Android 17 tensed, his scared and wild stare turning a bit to the console.

"Ok sure...just...don't hurt me, please."

The woman only scoffed lightly in response, watching on as Android 17 crawled his way over to the exposed wiring. He reached out and took hold of the small wirings, tucking them back into the panel opening that the woman had pulled them out from. The woman narrowed her eyes, watching on with caution as he reached over to the left, tapping onto a small glass screen next to it.

"What are you doing?"

The screen's glow illuminated Android 17's face, his fingers dancing along the pad as he simply input a coded username and password into the console. The window's dispersed after a small, "Welcome, Administrator Tayvor" cascaded down from the center. He turned his head back to the woman, keeping a small frown and a timid voice.

"There...now what?"

The woman kept her blade ignited, holding it close but pulling it back slightly as she kept her smirk.

"Now we wait. One more bright explosion to scare the masses, and Zakuul will be ready to hear my message."

"Ok...can I go now then?"

The woman kept her narrowed eyed stare on the reserved and frightened Android 17, her smirk lifting a bit as she stifled a small condescending chuckle.

"I don't know. You've already seen too much, might be easier to just put you down. Can't have you running your mouth in a manifesto about the Sith Empress walking the streets of Zakuul."

Android 17 blinked, barely registering the title and quickly panicking as he crawled up to his feet.

"No no! Please, I won't say a word to anyone!! Don't kill me!"

The woman scoffed lightly, pulling her blade back.

"Hmph, you didn't even hear that title, did you? Imagine that: the big bad anarchist of Zakuul...a coward. Doesn't even care about what's happening, only about staying alive. What a disgrace."

The woman's eyes suddenly widened though, a bright red flash of energy eclipsing her entire peripheral vision. Both her and Android 17 turned their eyes back to the exposed sky, bracing against the strong waves of wind blasting through streets once more. The scorching winds blazed through with deafening roar typical in a tornadic thunderstorm, the steam wrapping around the side of the skyscrapers. Android 17's eyes widened even more at the sight of a massive red dragon made of entirely pure energy suddenly emerging from the tiny spec rising into the sky, the massive creature's roar reaching even their position and shaking the very ground beneath them. It shot through the sky for only a mere moment, heading towards the distant outline of the Eternal Fleet in the background only to suddenly curl back around and shoot down towards the ground.

Android 17 let out a final scream once a second red dragon suddenly emerged from the same tiny spec, both colliding head on and erupting into a massive explosion that blocked out the entire sky, the light engulfing the skyscrapers first before blasting through and taking both the woman and Android 17 next. The raging winds and deafening roar of the explosion rocked the entire planet for a few minutes, slowly dying down and dissipating almost as quickly as it began.
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