Crystarium Matrimony


Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
cyberia cafe
For Drago and Loopy only!

*in Omni Tales style of RPing.

Summary: Drago and Loopy with their adorable baby Gregia live their life in the forest, with the company of old friends.

Where they left off-- Genome and his Wife slur bring Faltzer to the home for a playdate. Drago and Genome try their hardest to get along, while the babies play patty cake.
Where were we again? ouo *pokes Gregia's tummy*
*coos* o3o *wiggles arms and legs* X3
Okay! I'll cook dinner once you finish up. nun *nuzzles his tummy*
*patting my cheeks* X3 "Papa!"
*turns on tv* ouo *places Gregia in my lap*
*coos* ouo *tail wagging*
*hands him a controller* nun
ouo ? *noms it* o3o
Stop that. ouo; *squishes his cheeks to pop it out*
*hugging controller* :3
Hmm...guess I need to find a smaller one for you. ouo;
*coos* :3 *reaching up*
That's so cute! >u< *rubs his tummy*
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